How to create a virtual shop on Facebook

negozio virtuale su Facebook

Facebook is certainly one of the most suitable social networks to sell products or services online as, through a series of tools made available by the social network, it is possible to transform a Facebook page into a virtual shop.

The virtual activity will be characterized by the display of the main products offered by the company, last minute promotions and a series of extra services essential to collect orders and any customer requests.

Virtual shop on Facebook: create a company page

The first step to open a virtual shop on Facebook is to create a company page and customize it with one of the predefined layouts offered by Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

At the moment, the themes in the templates and tabs section are:

  • Standard;
  • Company;
  • Services;
  • Non-profit organization;
  • Local;
  • Politics;
  • Restaurants and bars;
  • Shopping;
  • Video Page;

Some of these themes, or those most closely connected with the business world, are characterized by some tabs that allow you to enhance the products and services offered.

Facebook tabs are nothing more than landing pages where you can find more information about that particular business, and with which you can do business marketing (find out how to do marketing with Facebook tabs)

Some tabs, such as photos and videos, cannot be deleted by the administrators who manage the company page, while others, such as the Facebook showcase tab, can be hidden in the templates and tab section.

Virtual shop on Facebook: take advantage of the tab shop

With the tab shop you can set up a virtual shop on Facebook and sell the related products directly on the social network.

The creation of this small virtual shop is very simple and intuitive.

Once the company page is created, we can immediately customize our digital showcase.

First we must accept the conditions and regulations of the seller proposed by Facebook, and choose one of the two methods of sale provided for the businesses that are based in Europe.

Currently the two options are:

  1. Send a message to buy;
  2. Buy from another website;

Instead for all companies based in the States United, there is the possibility to sell directly on Facebook.

Once we have identified the sales method that best suits our tax needs, we must indicate the currency that will be applied to the products offered in the digital store.

Once the window creation phase is over, we can finally set it up with the products and services offered by our business.

By clicking on add product, Facebook will allow us to upload:

  • A series of photos or videos of the goods offered on the market;
  • The name and description of the product;
  • The selling price;
  • The possible purchase url if we had chosen the buy option from another website;

Once all our products have been published, we must enter a brief description of our showcase and create one or more collections to categorize the related products. Each collection can be given a name and one or more assets.

Collections are very useful for meeting the criteria of breadth and depth of assortment that characterize every business.

In fact we can create a collection for a product x and one for product y. In this way, each user will have the opportunity to view in detail the characteristics of the goods offered.

Once we have created our virtual shop on Facebook, we can launch our first exclusive offer.

Launch an exclusive offer on a Facebook page with the offer tab

The second essential tool for organizing a virtual shop on Facebook is certainly the offer tab.

In fact, all business company pages have the possibility to create an exclusive promotion for their users through this tab.

To create an offer on Facebook it is necessary to indicate: the description of the product, the photo of the property, the expiry date of the offer, any discount code and where to take advantage of the promotion.

In the latter case, there are two options:

  • Online offers;
  • At the point of sale;

In the first case, the user can purchase the product directly from the ecommerce dell company, while in the second case the promotional offer will be valid only in the points of sale of the commercial activity.

In both circumstances, the offer tab is essential to assess the impact of social media marketing on the overall turnover. In fact, through discount codes it is possible to collect data relating to sales generated on our Facebook page and report them to offline sales.

A good way to understand the potential of the company in the digital environment.

Customize a virtual shop on Facebook

After configuring the tab shop and offer, we can further customize our digital store with some extra services offered by Facebook.

In this case I am not referring to the classic call to action buttons present on all company pages, but to a series of apps and services that can be integrated with our business.

In order to configure one or more services, first click on settings and then on the partner apps and services.

Here will be a number of applications that can be configured and integrated with our company pages.

Most apps are particularly suitable for catering or hospitality businesses, but for example the Microsoft Bookings application can also be very useful for niche businesses.

The configuration is within everyone’s reach since it only takes a few minutes to customize the call-to-action button.

Also with this tool it will be possible to monitor orders and evaluate any reservations.

The analysis is particularly suitable for all those restaurant businesses that offer home delivery services or for all those hotels and b & bs that allow you to book rooms directly from Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Personalize a virtual shop on Facebook with the cover image

The last useful tool to customize a virtual shop on Facebook is definitely the cover image.

Currently, any administrator can add:

  • A panoramic photo of the headquarters where the commercial activity is located;
  • An image of the products or services offered;
  • A video showing some details of our company or goods offered on the market;
  • A slideshow containing some of the most beautiful images of our commercial reality;

Furthermore, some pages have a new option that is the possibility of adding a short text description to the cover photo in order to further enhance the company business.


So on Facebook it is possible to transform a company page into a virtual shop.

With the tab shop you can set up a small ecommerce where you can show the most important products or services. For now, companies, based in Europe, can only sell from their own store, but in the future they will have the possibility to use the social network to sell their goods.

Furthermore, with the offer tab, each company can launch exclusive promotions in such a way as to incentivize users to buy that particular product and to monitor, at the same time, the impact of digital marketing on the overall turnover.

Finally, each company page can be customized with an exclusive call-to-action button and with a cover that will highlight the strengths of that particular business. In short, Facebook pages have all the characteristics to be a digital store.

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