How to create an effective Linkedin profile

Do you want to tell your training and work story on a social network that allows you to get in touch with companies and possible future employers? Linkedin is for you!

If you still don’t know this very useful professional social network, I recommend that you dedicate 5 minutes of your time to this article in which I will explain how to create an effective Linkedin profile and appealing in a few simple steps.

Linkedin, on the other hand, is a truly extraordinary social network that allows you to perform multiple operations such as: manage a blog (through the Pulse function), find work, expand your knowledge (through Linkedin Learning) and much more.

Many have talked to you about it but you never had the courage or the time to create your profile? If you want to launch your career, discover new and exciting job opportunities or you are a beginner and do not know how to move on this social network, you just have to get comfortable and follow me.

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What is Linkedin for

Before going into the care of the profile, let’s see together what Linkedin is for . Born in 2002, Linkedin can be considered the largest professional social network in the world. Linkedin is a modern social network within reach of a click, essential for job seekers, for those who want to stay up to date or for those who want to develop their business by generating new and interesting contacts.

Attention : Linkedin is not your online resume, it is much more. Do not limit yourself to tell in a few lines who you are and your previous experiences, make the most of your profile to get noticed. Not only that, with Linkedin you will also have the possibility to share updates with your contacts and stories (as already happens on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook)

It will not be enough for you to fill in the main profile items and wait for a job to suddenly fall out of the sky! Get active, highlight your strengths , create a network of connections and accurately fill in your profile without leaving anything to chance.

You must learn to move intelligently and effectively on this platform in order to then reap the benefits of your work and start new and exciting collaborations.

The main purpose of Linkedin, in fact, is precisely to allow registered users to create a valuable network of acquaintances in the workplace.

For this reason it is a very important social network for job seekers, for those who want to hire new staff and for professionals who want to make their business and skills known.

Linkedin to train: Linkedin Learning

There is a particular section of the social network dedicated to the world of work , a section that deals with the online training that you receive will help you step by step in finding your ideal job.

In these months of lockdown, smart working has been essential to keep working and updating constantly. In this period, more than ever, we have understood the importance of consulting useful and effective online resources .

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning – The LinkedIn e-learning platform

Linkedin Learning is dedicated, in fact, to online training by hosting various structured courses held by specialized teachers to increase the professional skills of social network users mainly in the field.

This special section allows you to invest in your skills and those of your work team while staying comfortably on the sofa at home.

Create a good Linkedin profile

If I convinced you to register on Linkedin or if you have come this far because you want to improve your profile , continue to follow me to collect a few but important information to create a good Linkedin profile.

Your profile tells you who you are, what your work experiences are, your training, your skills, your aspirations and your goals. Don’t leave empty sections , cure everything.

La formazione
Bill Gates’ training on Linkedin

Taking care of it down to the smallest detail is, in fact, the first fundamental step to be notice from companies and present yourself professionally on the social network I’m talking about in this article.

Creating a detailed Linkedin profile is essential to give a significant change to your future, aim for creativity, originality and above all to completeness . Are you ready? Let’s go!

Use a good profile picture

As for other social networks (for example Facebook or Instagram) your personal profile picture is your business card in the virtual world, choosing a professional is the first step to optimize your profile.

If for a moment you thought not to insert it, think again immediately: not having a profile photo on Linkedin can be very penalizing , by deciding not to show yourself to protect your privacy you risk not instilling trust, thus hindering the generation of new contacts.

Here are the characteristics that the right Linkedin profile photo must have:

  • Good quality and resolution
  • In the photo there is only you (do not choose group or holiday photos with your partner)
  • Prefer photos in which you wear formal clothes (not use swimsuit photos)
  • Light background (preferably white)
  • Natural light (do not use photos taken with flash)
  • Close-up or half-length
  • Consistent with your professional image

Foto del profilo utilizzata da Bill Gates

profile used by Bill Gates

Remember not to use photos of sunsets, kittens or company logos. The personal photo tells who you are to your potential future employer before they can even read your profile, choose a suitable one for the job you want to apply for and you will have already started on the right foot. / p>

Write an effective Headline

The second step is to write a creative headline (the short string under the profile picture). Who are you or what do you do in life?

Headline utilizzata da Bill Gates
Headline used by Bill Gates

Don’t limit yourself to just writing your position, however, try to be original and to introduce yourself in a non-trivial way. In a nutshell, try to best express what you can do.

Don’t go overboard with fonts. If Bill Gates was able to use just one line, you can certainly do it too!

Use keywords to explain what you do in life and your professional qualifications. Keywords on Linkedin, as in all other social networks, are essential to index your profile and your content.

If you want to work as a Web Designer but do not include this keyword in your headline, it is difficult for a company who is looking for a person with your title will be able to find your profile and contact you if you do not enter the term Web Designer in your Linkedin profile.

Warning: are you a Web Designer? All right, don’t just write these two simple words that make you the same as so many others. For example, you could write: “Web Designer ready for new digital adventures” or “Web Designer looking for new and creative opportunities”.
Banality is not at home on Linkedin, focuses on creativity and you will not be wrong!

Enter the work experiences that matter

Did you work as an animator in a tourist village at 18 and do you show up on Linkedin as a Web Designer? As important as it may have been and may have taught you to interact with others, your old summer job has nothing to do with the job of your dreams with which you show up on the most important professional social network.

Le esperienze lavorative
The work experiences of Bill Gates

Try to include in your Linkedin profile only the work experiences that actually relate to the work environment for which you want to apply for future experiences or for which you already you take care.

Enrich this section with photos, videos or articles to make your profile more complete and original.

Skills developed with training courses , language certificates and are welcome internship but keep aside the experiences that have nothing to do with the work image you want to give of yourself and highlight the experiences that really matter.

Insert in the section dedicated to work experience what you have done / learned and what you are doing

Enter your skills

After fixing photos, headline and work experience it’s time to take care of your skills . Answer this question: What can you do?

Try to make a list of your main skills, the so-called skills , suitable for creating a LinkedIn profile attractive for companies and recruiters.

Do not take this section lightly, like all the others it is very important to make people understand who you are and what you can do in the workplace.

Here are some tips for adding your skills:

  • Choose the skills that best reflect your profile
  • Enter skills present and that you have gained over the years
  • Use keywords with which your profile will be indexed
  • Explain what you do in a simple but detailed way by taking up what you wrote in your headline
  • Don’t invent skills you don’t have

Take care of your studies

Another one section not to be underestimated is the one dedicated to your course of study . This section is very important especially for students and recent graduates who have yet to interface with the world of work.

Here’s what to enter for how to best take care of this section of your Linkedin profile:

  • School / university projects you participated in
  • Interesting courses you attended
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Competitions

Report and get reports

Make yourself known through reports . The number of connections reached brings you nothing if they have nothing to say about your work and vice versa.

Esempio di segnalazione su Linkedin
Example of report on Linkedin

On Linkedin the reports are used to leave and be left with references . Recruiters are constantly looking for confirmations and reading excellent references from those who have already worked with you can only benefit your profile.

Report and get recommendations from your colleagues, clients and employers. Don’t know how to leave a report on Linkedin ? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to Linkedin
  • Visit the profile of the person you want to report
  • Click on Report
  • You will be asked how do you know this person
  • Start writing your report briefly explaining how you know the person you want to report
  • Mention their qualities that could be of interest to possible employers
  • To make more personal and original your report you can enter a short success story concerning the person in question
  • Conclude the report recommending for the last time the person who is reporting

Grow your Network

Like all social networks it is important take care of the links you have created in your Linkedin network. How? First try to increase your connections , try to exceed the quota of at least 100 users connected to your profile .

Il mio network su Linkedin
My network on Linkedin

Do not limit yourself to adding only friends and acquaintances, expand your knowledge by accepting and requesting contact even from people you do not know.

However, the number of your connections is not enough, you must take care of your network to create more opportunities to cultivate professional relationships useful for your work or for your future work experiences.

Your goal is to build a rich network of profiles who may be interested in your skills.

Maintain your network, expanding your circle of connections, can bring important advantages to your profile and job position:

  • Exchanging interesting ideas with professionals in the same sector as you
  • Squeezing new relationships working
  • Knowing the latest news
  • Having more visibility and therefore job opportunities
  • Let know your skills and your experiences
  • Revive your career
  • Find a new work

Create viral content

You want to get noticed and discover your Linkedin profile to as many users as possible? Start creating interesting and original content that can go viral right away.

Creating viral content highlights your profile by making it more visible. Try to publish interesting content that can capture the attention and pique the curiosity of those who read them.

Here are some possible contents that you can publish on Linkedin:

  • Photos and videos
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Telling your experiences
  • Remember to boost your text of your posts on Linkedin with emoji and hashtag to attract more attention of those who read you.

    Write in a simple and clear way quality posts with topics of your professional interest to attract the attention of your connections and more.

    Use hashtags in your posts

    When creating a post on social network we are talking about in this article do not forget to insert hashtags .

    Words preceded by the well-known hashtag ( # ) are essential for indexing the your post and accordingly render more v isible your Linkedin profile.

    Use keywords to describe your content with hashtags. Hashtags will allow you to insert yourself into a specific stream of posts that contain the same hashtag.

    Don’t use Linkedin as if it were Facebook

    Linkedin is not Facebook , both are social networks with lots of users and you can share content on both but their function is really very different .

    Don’t use your profile Linkedin as if it were the Facebook wall, do not post content that does not reflect the image you are giving of yourself and with which you want to find new job opportunities.

    No kitten videos, articles that have nothing to do with your skills and the services you offer, abandon the idea of ​​sharing photos of you and your friends by the sea and posting videos that could compromise professionalism of your profile.


    If you have come this far you will have noticed that to create an effective Linkedin profile there are many but simple points that should not be underestimated .

    Your Linkedin profile tells who you are, your history, your training, your successes and the services you offer.

    With this short guide you can create a creative, original and perfect profile to be easily noticed by recruiters.

    Remember : after creating your profile you have to curate it and update it constantly. Do not abandon it for months completely forgetting about it.

    Stay up to date on new opportunities and improve your profile day by day with interesting content to get out of anonymity and get noticed . Good luck!

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