How to create an Instagram story

If you use Instagram, you’ve surely come across the stories . Stories are nothing more than little moments of life that you decide to share with your followers. In this guide we will see together how to make one, having fun with this innovative method of sharing content.

How many times have you happened to tap on the circular icons that you find at the top of the well-known social network, thus entering the section dedicated to stories. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the hottest social media of the moment. If you have arrived here it is because, most likely, you have been wondering how to create a story on Instagram .

Entrare nelle storie di Instagram
The stories section of Instagram

That’s why I’ll try to answer your question in a simple way, trying to illustrate this functionality and providing you with the basics to use it to the fullest. Well, let’s go!

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What are Instagram Stories

Before we start, I need to spend a few words to make you understand what Instagram Stories are . In fact, it is not certain that it is the ideal method for sharing content on your profile.

Through the term Instagram Story we are going to define volatile content, with a maximum duration of 24 hours, usable by our followers. through which it is possible to interact with the user who posted the content by sending messages in direct.

These are basically photos, videos or direct short stories that will remain visible only for 24 hours. Once this time has elapsed, there will be no way to access it, unless we decide to save the stories. within our profile, in such a way as to make them always available to users even after the aforementioned term.

The first social network to use stories was Snapchat. This function was then inherited by Instagram and later also by Facebook and WhatsApp.

To date, stories represent the most used content, especially by young people. Stories are gradually replacing the classic content published in the so-called feed or bulletin board of our profile.

A story, therefore, is nothing more than an interactive content in which you can insert GIFs, filters and much more. Creating one is very simple and, above all, fun and allows us to indulge ourselves with our imagination.

We will also be able to have a list of the people who have viewed our history and, for example , understand if the person we like is interested in what we post.

How to create a story

After this preface, you will undoubtedly have a clearer overview about stories and their use. We can say that you are ready to go to work and create your first, true story.

I start by telling you that the procedure is very simple, so I will show you the steps without reporting the slightest differences between Android and iOS operating system. First, you will need to download the Instagram app on your device and, of course, have an account.

If you don’t have one yet, I suggest you take a look at this guide of mine where I explain how to do it.

Once you have entered the App you will have to tap on the icon of your profile that you see in the top left, in correspondence with the icon +. At this point you will find yourself in the story editor.

Fare una storia Instagram
Tap on your profile photo

In the menu on the left you will have the possibility to choose between different types of stories, which I report below:

  • Create : This is the classic Instagram mode that allows you to add text to your story but also create shoutouts (for example to send birthday wishes to a person), insert a GIF, start a survey, share an old memory, start a fundraising campaign or insert a countdown
  • Boomerang : A mode in which it is possible to create very short videos repeated forward / backward very quickly.
  • Superzoom : A mode that allows you to make a video and simultaneously zoom camera
  • Layout : A mode that allows you to split the Instagram canvas into different areas and fill it with different contents
  • Without holding down : A mode that allows you to shoot videos without having to constantly press the record button on your smartphone

Through these five modes you will be able to indulge yourself to create a funny story. Furthermore, within your stories, you can insert music, lyrics (lyrics) of your favorite songs and much more.

Editor delle storie Instagram
Instagram Stories Editor

Once the editing, you just have to tap on Next and then on the Your story button that you find at the bottom left. show your story to only a few friends, you will have to tap on the closest friends button, in this way Instagram will give you the possibility to choose who your story will be visible to.

In summary, here are the steps you will need to take to make a story on Instagram :

  • Open the app of Instagram on your smartphone
  • Tap on the top left of your profile photo and icon +
  • Create the story using the methods described above
  • Tap on Next
  • Tap on My Story located at the bottom left

Great, you’ve posted your first story on Instagram! As I told you, from this moment on, your story will be visible for 24 hours. To review your story, simply tap again on your profile picture located at the top left.

Once you have entered your story, you can get the list of users who have viewed it, by tapping in the lower left part Views .

Using filters in stories

For some time, Instagram has given users the possibility to use filters in your stories.

These filters can be applied to photos and videos included in the stories and, some of these, are created by the users of the platform themselves. They are very useful, as they allow you to create funny and viral contents.

Not surprisingly, in the past, we have seen together how to best use some of these. Just to give you some examples, we have seen how to lengthen your nose making it become like that of Pinocchio, how to transform your Instagram story into a Quentin Tarantino set or, again, how to insert virtual piercings on our body or color our hair pink. .

In short, this is a very large area of ​​Instagram that deserves to be explored. I bet that now that you know, you will spend hours looking for new filters to insert in your stories.

The only limit is your imagination!


As you have seen, stories represent the future. Easy-to-create, highly creative content that breaks the monotony created by the usual feed photo.

The stories also help to share real moments of life, filling the gap created by sharing content through the feed. Furthermore, the possibility of interacting directly with the user in a completely private way allows you to establish contacts between people.

Finally, stories are also used very often by famous people. Looking at them you have the feeling of materially entering the lives of these stars, creating a real complicity.

If your goal, therefore, is to climb the top of Instagram and become an influencer , you should definitely consider this type of content!

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