How to create free online graphics for social media: 3 tools I recommend

How to create free online graphics for social networks is a question that every freelance social media manager , who is not lucky enough to afford a professional graphic designer, and every small company that has to do everything in-house should ask.

Given that using the help of a graphic designer, as I can do with some of my clients, is to be preferred, sometimes it happens that there are no resources to start this type of collaboration and so we try to get a good visual result on our social channels, through the use of some tools, such as those we will see today.

How to create free online graphics for social media

To meet the need to create increasingly captivating, original and objectively pleasing visual content there are some online graphics programs, which we can all use, even if we are not graphic designers.

The three tools that I will present to you today are foolproof and all work with the drag & drop system (carry and drop). Of course, you will have to spend some time learning how to use them, but I’m sure that after the first two times you will already have understood how to move within this new visual world.

All the tools I will describe to you have more or less the same functions:

  • Free templates available for any type of social
  • Free and paid photos and graphics
  • Lots of fonts to use
  • Ability to download for free and without watermarks

Even though free visual content is scarce, you can always find better photos on free copyright free image sites .


I start with the best known: Canva.

Canva is a free online graphics program, very easy to use, which also allows you to share your projects with a team, to be able to work with our team.

creare grafiche online gratis per i social con Canva

You can upload photos or use those on the platform. You will find that most of the illustrations and photos provided are for a fee, but with a little imagination, even the free ones may be enough.

Here you can find pretty much all the formats you need:

  • Facebook post
  • Facebook cover
  • Instagram post
  • Youtube cover
  • Linkedin cover
  • Facebook event cover
  • Google plus cover

And many more, all under the “Social Graphics” section.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter for tips and new ideas for graphics and read their blog, where you can often find interesting ideas.


Maybe you haven’t heard of this yet, yet it’s Canva’s brother in the sense that it works pretty much the same way.

creare grafiche online gratis per i social con Crello

Mostly I use it to find some inspiration, not to create the graphics for my post, but it’s a personal matter, maybe you are better off with Crello than with Canva.

Here, too, we can create graphics for social media for free, but the free visual content available is less than in Canva, a real shame.

An interesting feature of Crello is the ability to create animated posts , but unfortunately it’s only paid.


I discovered this tool to create free online graphics for social media recently, through an Instagram post from an English social media manager I follow.

creare grafiche online gratis per i social con Easil

She claimed that she preferred this program over Canva, I personally don’t, but if you look at the featured content on my Instagram profile, you will be able to see examples of Stories created with this tool.

The advantage of Easil, compared to Canva, in my opinion lies in the quantity and variety of fonts. I don’t know about you, but to me Canva’s fonts are a bit bored, simply because they are all using, on Easil I found several and visually very beautiful.

What tool do you use to create online graphics for social media?

Grafiche per i social: tool gratis

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