How to create, organize and manage magazines on Flipboard

I come back once again to talk about Flipboard , we have already seen why it is important to introduce it in your web marketing strategy , the latest news and what blogger Claudia thinks , who now uses it a lot, but today I want to be able to talk to you more about the magazines on Flipboard, how to create them and how to organize them in your wall, because their location can also be important.

What are Flipboard magazines?

Let’s start with the basics, clarifying what Flipboard magazines are . Once you have opened your profile, you are asked to create the first magazine, a sort of Pinterest board, but with elements of various kinds , not only visual, a collector of information and contents of different shapes and typology, with a common theme.

Magazines are containers , drawers where you put everything you think is useful for you, that is of interest to you and that is relevant to the chosen topic.

How to create a magazine on Flibpoard?

Once you open your profile, you will be presented with a screen like this, but without all the magazines below.


To create a magazine all you have to do is click the highlighted button and start sharing the articles, but first, always remember to:

  • name your magazine
  • write a short description of the magazine

1. How to choose the name

The name you give your new magazine on Flipboard will identify the content topic that you will share inside it, in other words, if you call a magazine “Travel on the road”, you certainly won’t be able to flipping inside contents that talk about recipes.

2. How to write the description of the magazine

The description of the magazine explains the title you have chosen, it helps the reader to understand what they will find inside and their possible interest in following you, so you must be concise, but effective. Remember that the mimic of characters for the description of your magazine on Flipboard is about 251 , then the text is cut, a bit like what happens in the Google Serp when you write a title that is too long, they appear the 3 dots.

How to edit and manage magazines on Flipboard

There are so many things you can do with Flipboard magazines :

  1. you can order them
  2. you can add collaborators
  3. you can choose the cover image
  4. you can order items inside
  5. you can see the statistics
  6. you can share them
  7. you can see the number of followers, the number of visitors and the number of pages flipped
  8. you can delete them
  9. you can delete individual flips
  10. you can add a caption to each flip

The simple diagram below shows you all the and functionality of Flipboard magazines (the screen is from desktop and not mobile)


More specifically, let’s see what happens by clicking on a single flip of a magazine


How to order magazines on Flipboard

If I can change the order of the flips within the magazine, I can also change the order of the magazine itself within my bulletin board, in order to give more relevance to the magazines I focus on, this is because Flipboard, when a user shows some interest in the content you share (through an appreciation or re-flip of a content or magazine itself), will tend to suggest on his News Feed, other magazines you have created , showing them the top 5.

Do you understand now why it is important to decide some order to give to the magazines?

How many magazines to create and which ones?

There is no answer to the question “how many magazines to create on Flipboard” , you have to experiment, some magazines will do well, others a little less, some magazines will always manage and feed them, others no, so it’s up to you to see whether to delete some of them, or perhaps start sharing content of a different type.

As for which magazines to create, I suggest you start with those that concern your business, for example, having a travel blog , I started creating the magazines based on the categories that are important to me like road trips, walking itineraries and Venice , then I also started collecting articles about social media marketing and blogging.

Have you already created any magazines? How’s it going?

View my Flipboard Magazine.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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