How to create stories on Instagram? Here are 8 free apps!

How to create stories or stories on instagram. Instagram stories are more and more popular within the social network and this means that there are new apps every day to help to make them perfect.

This is because stories are a very useful tool to increase your audience: while posts are viewed by followers, stories can be seen by anyone. But let’s proceed in order.

Instagram stories, or ig stories, are simply photos and short videos to be included in your profile, lasting 24 hours . They are contents that are updated like a diary: you can use them to tell your followers something, or show them the products that have arrived.

The important thing is that they are short: they are a different tool from direct and videos, which can have the length you want i. Instagram stories appeared on the social network in 2016, but since then a lot has come a long way, so much so that they are no longer just a tool to tell something. Let’s see what they are.

How do they work and create stories on Instagram?

When we go to post a photo or video. These will end up at the top of the feed, in chronological order.

Followers will see a series of headbands with everyone who posted a story recently, from the closest to the farthest in time. To see them just click on them and they will open one after the other.

If you scroll to the ‘high you can see who has viewed your photos and videos. You can also make your story private from the settings.

Go to your account and set views only for followers, or if you want you can make it visible only to you . Instagram stories public can also be viewed in the “Search” section.

What are the engagements of Instagram Stories?

If you used hashtag, location, or a location-based sticker, your story may appear in searches for that location. The stories can also be answered with a text message, or with a photo or video.

M While watching a story, click on the camera button below, to take a photo or record a video.

creare storie instagram

You can insert the image of the story you are replying to, and insert it into your story. Once done you can apply filters and stickers and at the end, hit send to share your response with friends who will be notified in the messages, along with a preview of the original story .

In the stories we can insert gifs, filters, questions, emoticons and much more that makes them unique and particular.

How to create stories on Instagram? better videos or photos?

To create instagram stories just click on the top of the profile home where the image of a camera appears.

creare storie instagra2

There you will get one screen similar to that of the smartphone camera in order to choose whether to take a photo, by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen, or record a video, always with the same button that must be held down for duration of the video.

We can add the flash, which is next to the main button. By following these steps it will be possible to create content to share to be enriched with filters or stickers. In addition to videos and photos, with Instagram we can do live shows, Boomerangs and much more.

What to add to create stories on social media: writings, tags and lines

How to make a story on instagram? In addition to images, you can also insert texts: at the top of the screen we will find an A which will allow us to insert a very short q text four characters by clicking on add text.

We can choose the style from the top of the screen between typewriter, bold, classic, modern or neon. We can use colored letters choosing between palette that appears below; we can also choose the size by simply passing two fingers on the screen.

Furthermore we can also choose where to place the sentence on the screen, tag a profile, by prefixing a snail before the name account, which will appear automatically, sending a notification to the person in question.

creare stories instagram

You want to express yourself with the digital drawing above a photo? With Insagram you can! From the main screen, select the icon with the brush, next to the letter A.

We choose between thick, fine tips, with glitter or with neon. We can make our stroy glitter or colored, the choice is literally in our fingers.

How to create stories on instagram in the best way? Sometimes we make mistakes, we write one word instead of another, we draw a drawing that at second glance does not convince us.

How to solve? With the oldest tool in the world, the eraser of which we can decide color and size.

We can choose the colors from those present in the palette at the bottom of the screen, or with the white brush at the bottom left . To use it just point it on the color we want to change or delete and that’s it.

To make the most of a stories you can also use hashtag stikers because they allow you to get more visibility.

How to best curate a story before posting it on the social media in question

Social media are part of our life: there are those who have decided to use them to work, so they can’t regardless of the use of stories. Everything is shared, even things we would have gladly done without.

Through the stories of Instagram we can share our everyday life in a fun and creative way: be yourself, add a pinch of flair to make your stories unique and engaging so that the public starts following you.

Stories are born for the first time on Snapchat, but immediately after Instagram, it makes it a useful tool to rapidly increase everyone’s popularity.

Today they are used by around 250 million users every day. Their duration is limited to 24 hours, and more and more brands are using Instagram Stories to advertise their products.

Notes essential to create a story on Instagram app

To create a stories on Instagram , you need to access the application and click on your profile image in the bar at the top left of the main screen.

Alternatively you need to slide your finger to the right to activate the camera and activate the recording of stories. Press the button round at the bottom to start recording and hold it down.

Removing your finger ends the video. Ready-made videos or images can also be uploaded, simply by accessing the smartphone archive.

Click on the images below the photo, choose the one you had in mind and upload it to Instagram .

How to create stories on instagram UNFOLD

To enhance the content of stories, templates are commonly used to create instagram stories. One of the most popular apps for creating templates for Instagram stories is the Unfold app.

Using this app you can preview your stories through the “Story Mode ”To get an idea of ​​how our followers will see it before publishing them .

It is one of the most used apps by influencers, such as Vintage Collage or Sincerely Jules. Unfold is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Use CANVA to create your own Instagram stories

With this app you can preview the stories with the “Story Mode”. Canva contains various templates to create instagram stories useful for personalizing your brand or business by choosing a font from the 130 available, as well as graphics and icons .

Canva is free download for both iOS and Android.

How to create Instagram stories with INSHOT

This application should be used when we want to add funds to our Instagram stories. You can edit photos and videos and adapt them to the appropriate format for Instagram stories or any other video platform with the Inshot video editor . Inshot is free to download on all platforms.

How to create stories with A DESIGN KIT.

It’s a useful app to add fun elements and bring your Instagram stories to life, in fact contains packs of stickers, backgrounds and brushes to draw on photos and customize them to create instagram stories . This application is currently only available for iOS.

Create Instagram stories with other applications

  • ADOBE SPARK POST: Similar to Canva. It contains thousands of templates for your Instagram stories with a gallery of photos, sources and filters. You can adapt the contents and personalize them for free. Adobe Spark Post download is free for iOS and Android.
  • MOJO: For creating engaging content it is useful to add and create animations to Instagram stories. Mojo allows you to create colorful animated stories, especially if they incorporate Swipe. You can find hundreds of animated templates, customizable, with effects, titles, animations. A blast! This application is useful as a showcase for a blog post or highlight any other publication in your feed. It is only available for iOS.
  • VSCO: is an Instagram photo editing application for creating stories instagram. Not everyone knows it also allows you to edit content in video format. So, understanding how to create Instagram stories with VSCO is not difficult at all, it just takes a little patience and study of the application. With this app you can also change various aspects such as contrast, temperature or brightness. VSCO download is free for iOS and Android.
  • LIFELAPSE: Useful for highlighting content on Instagram Stories. You can create Stop Motion videos from your mobile device, it includes editing tools, different speeds, filters, music and different time frames to play with. It is only available for iOS. In summary: there is nothing but indulge in creating instagram stories !!

How to create Instagram perfect stories?

Instagram, with its one billion monthly active users, has created a juicy and inviting audience for anyone type of business. Instagram is, in general, one of the social networks with high performance, especially when it comes to organic reach. The important news are the Instagram stories .

To understand how to create perfect Instagram stories, it is important to define the characteristics that distinguish them. These, in fact, differ from other types of content due to their volatility. In fact, they only last 24 hours.

Instagram also gives the opportunity to allow users to see the best video content whenever they want, thanks to the creation of highlights. You can create them by distinguishing them according to the categories .

This way you can save all the Instagram stories under a single title. What you have to do is just click the new plus button, choose the stories you want to include in the set and then give a title and choose a cover. Instagram stories are now a real phenomenon, in fact every day, users experiment with new filters, effects and gifs to use .

Also, if you want to understand how to create perfect Instagram stories that can allow you to earn folloewr and likes, there are many useful applications that can be interesting to achieve the goal.

By creating good stories, you can create content worthy of the best influencer. Understanding how to create perfect instagram stories has incredible potential for profile growth, in fact with good graphics, you can bring big results to your profile. For this reason, our guide will help you make the most of them .


Being able to share an Instagram post in stories is an interesting way to increase engagement on posts. the most difficult part, however, is to find a chromatic harmony between posts and stories.

Once you’ve shared the feed post into the story, using the brush tool you can make your story as consistent as possible with the brand colors. This is a quick fix and just press and hold the background for a few seconds .

How to create stories on instagram? With story editing apps you can increase the chances of making all content consistent. Even if you are not used to web design, it is possible to achieve a super creative story with the tools of the Instagram Stories editor, such as GIFs, music, temperature and the emoji slider. These programs can turn a simple post into engaging content .

Buying followers helps you end up in the Explore section, what are you waiting for? Also discover the services to buy Instagram stories views: they will be very useful to increase the popularity of your stories and consequently of your instagram profile.

Get creative with creating Instagram stories to make your profile known to as many people as possible.

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Come creare storie su Instagram? Ecco 8 app gratuite!

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