How to delete Instagram

How to delete Instagram? This is the question we will try to answer in this short guide. Come on, you were wondering, otherwise what would you do here? Think so many.

Instagram, in the same way that other social networks do, has a not insignificant influence on the life of each of the users. Of course, there are occasions when you feel tired of social life and want to return to what is your monotonous everyday life.

Not infrequently I have also read about people who seem not to be able to live without posting a photo, who decide to disconnect with social media for a while and use the time in a better, perhaps more constructive way.

This could happen to you too, or you may have an account that you really want to delete because you believe you won’t need it anymore because it refers to something you no longer have.

So we decided to explain how to permanently delete Instagram, but we also offer you an alternative, that of suspending your account for a while, but keeping the possibility of reactivating it.

Remember that deleting your account is an irreversible action, so don’t forget to forget to proceed with the backup of your data, so as not to lose all the photos published so far.

How to delete Instagram: why do it

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For every reason that you may have to want to know how to delete Instagram, we may offer you a why not. In fact, the pros and cons to evaluate are not few and you have probably never considered them all.

Come on to those who don’t take a break? It also happens in couples who have been together for decades.

Of course you could certainly avoid logging into your account for a while if you really want a break, but you could also decide to delete Instagram only temporarily.

That that we have given you so far, is nothing but a very simple precaution, not to be underestimated, however, considering that someone could decide to hack the account left unattended.

Similarly, this is true in the in case you decide to permanently close your social profile. After all, this way you will avoid the risk of someone taking over your account in your absence.

So proceeding to delete a profile that you don’t use means protecting your data and avoiding someone deciding to use them for not so legitimate purposes.

Why not do it

But as we told you earlier, for every reason you should know how to permanently delete Instagram, you should probably also know why you shouldn’t.

Let’s suppose that you have decided, for whatever reason, to cancel an account on which you had collected many followers, thanks to careful and constant work. Once the account is closed, all these will be permanently lost. You will not be able to recover your data and especially your followers.

Considering that there is the possibility of temporarily suspending the account, which among other things does not have an expiration date, and you can also modify your profile in every single part, also adapting it to a new purpose, perhaps you would do well to ask yourself if this is not the best way for you and your social profile.

Deleting your profile to create a new one means starting from scratch, having to grow a new page, gaining the trust and interest of followers. Why waste all the work already done up to that point?

How to delete Instagram: let’s start with backup

Okay, we’ve already gotten lost enough in small talk so I’ll tell you how to delete Instagram from app. Did you back up your data? This is a very important step and we recommend that you do this before deleting any social accounts, so you don’t lose any work done up to that point.

Don’t forget the work you’ve done up to now. on every post today, do you really want to lose everything? Come on, you only need a few clicks.

The backup can allow you to save everything without problems. Not sure how to proceed? I’ll explain right away. Start your Instagram app> login> three horizontal lines> settings and security> download data> email address> request download> password> done.

This is a simple procedure, just wait for the Instagram help center to send you an email within 48 hours, containing the link to complete the download of the content you would like to keep. As soon as you have received the link you can proceed to download all the data.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to know how to delete Instagram from your phone and more. Then go ahead.

How to delete Instagram permanently

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So you really want to know how to permanently delete Instagram. Okay, come on already I got lost in enough chat, you are just a few steps away from reaching what was your purpose when you came to our page.

I hope you have listened to us and that you have backed up all your data, otherwise they will be lost forever.

Of course, as on other occasions, we need to specify the different procedures (all similar to each other) depending on the device you have at your disposal.


How to delete Instagram from phone and above all how to delete Instagram from app? Unfortunately we can only answer one of the two questions, because you will not be able to proceed from the app, as you would like, but you will have to use the browser.

So start Chrome or Safari, enter the page dedicated: “Delete your Instagram account” and enter the data of the account you have decided to delete, including: username, telephone number, email and password and log in.

You will asked why you want to delete the Instagram account and you will have a series of reasons to choose from, after which proceed by entering the password again in the appropriate field. You have nothing else to do, but tap on the button ” Delete my account permanently ”> ok.

This way you got rid of the account you no longer wanted.


As elimin are Instagram permanently from a computer? In general, having to proceed from the browser should make everything easier.

Start the browser, then if requested enter the login data, and then access the settings. After indicating again why you want to delete the account, enter the password, you can proceed with the permanent deletion of your profile.

In any case you will be free to decide whether to open a new completing profile at any time and having done the backup will certainly help you.

How to remove content published by Google

How to delete the account Instagram seems to be clear to us, it’s not difficult, but what remains impossible to say the least is to delete the contents from Google.

You know well that the network works exactly like this, what you are looking for on any social network it is stored in the browser and this means that the contents that appear when you browse, refer to the searches you do most.

So it is possible that when you decide to delete Instagram account, you also want to delete everything that has been unintentionally saved in the Google databases and this certainly does not happen automatically.

How to do it? Access the Google site and proceed by deleting the photos saved in Google Images, do not forget to leave the reason why you are proceeding in this way.

With these few steps you will be sure that your IG account is disabled, but not only that, you will be sure that your privacy is protected. Wasn’t that why you wanted to leave social networks?

How to delete Instagram temporarily

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Then you are convinced you want to know how to permanently delete Instagram. No, we do not want to contradict you, but we will only show you how you can proceed with the suspension of your account.

Okay come on, we tell you, then you choose ok? The important thing is that you follow our backup tips in order not to lose all your data.

As happened for the definitive deletion of the profile, also in this case you will not be able to use the application but only connect via the browser, but let’s see everything in more detail.

First of all via the browser that you usually use you will have to access Instagram and consequently enter your profile by tapping on the thumbnail of your profile photo. Now click on the icon with the gear wheel and then down to the item: edit profile.

Click on: temporarily disable my account and then indicate the reason, it will cone and you will have done. Simple right? I already told you.

What if you think about it? What if you want to have access to your account again? Unlike cancellation, this is a reversible operation at any time, you just need to log in again with your credentials and your account will be active again, but we will explain in detail in the following paragraph.

Account closed temporarily: reactivate

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As we mentioned earlier, temporarily suspending an account and not closing it permanently, allows you to keep all the work done, you will not lose your photos, but above all you will not have to start again with the followers from scratch. We do not insist so much for no reason?

We just have to assume that after you had decided to suspend the activity of your account for a certain amount of time, now you need to reactivate it. Okay, who doesn’t change their minds in life?

It’s simple right? Okay, but don’t forget one thing. By proceeding in this way, you will not only be able to access your account again, but if necessary, completely modify it, delete and modify photos as you wish.

How to get this? Simply log into your profile again with your credentials and it will be up and running again, as if nothing had happened.

How to delete Instagram: without password

How to delete Instagram profile if you no longer have the password? No, I don’t believe it, it’s useless for you to tell me that you have never lost the password to access your social network or an email, you are not credible, come on.

What if you don’t remember your password this time? Yes, you really need your passkey, so we need to retrieve it.

So if you want to know how to delete Instagram without having to use the password, well we can’t tell you, because entering it is a necessary step, that that we can do, is to teach you to recover it.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you that you will be able to delete your Instagram profile from the app, because it is not really possible, but what you can do is change or better, recover the forgotten password . Log in to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines symbol> Settings> security> password> forgotten password.

You will receive an email to your email address, with the link that allows you to set a new password.

The procedure is identical, even if you decide to access your profile using your PC and browser. With the new password, you can delete your account. Simple right?

How to delete Instagram: the pleasure of taking a break section-end “>

Our purpose was to provide you with the elements you were looking for, when accessing our post you were wondering how to delete an Instagram profile. Ultimately we hope to have succeeded.

After all, we wish you that the break you are giving yourself from life on the web will be useful to you and that the recovered time you can dedicate to other activities.

To date, having a social page is a not insignificant commitment, if you do not publish anything for a single day, the same system puts you in the back and no longer makes you appear among the first users on the home page of your followers, so you must always be present and on the piece.

Never leave your account unattended, we’ve told you often, but we don’t get tired of repeating it. So even in case you want nothing more than a short break, well hibernate your account and you will be safe from hacker attacks.

In case you decide to permanently delete it, then remember to delete the app from your device as well. In order not to fall into temptation, we advise you to proceed by uninstalling the app and remember that at any time you can have it again on your device.


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