How to do duets on Tik Tok?

How to do duets on Tik Tok? If you are asking yourself this question you have already understood the most important thing. What, you are wondering? I’ll explain it to you right away, you understand what the winning weapon is to be a true protagonist on the Chinese social network. Because the videos, and we will find out together later, are the number one winning strategic weapon!

Precisely for this reason, if videos are the fundamental medium, knowing how to do duets on Tik Tok is crucial! It will be used to create winning content and be able to capture by reflection the light shining around successful clips! What does it mean to reflect the light shining around successful clips?

The answer is much, much simpler than you think. And, trust me, discovering it will thrill you and make you want to try it. Are you ready to find out immediately and in a few steps how to do a duet on Tik Tok?

How to do duets on Tik Tok. What has given impetus to the new social network?

If you are intrigued, because maybe it is the first time that you approach both the topic and the social network, you should for a moment try to understand the real Why. Why is all this importance given to Tik Tok? Why is video such a powerful tool? Besides, why is knowing how to do duets on Tik Tok so much value? Don’t worry, because every doubt will find the right solution here.

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Just for begin, Tik Tok represents the quintessence of success and of what digital today means. It all started in China a few years ago with the brilliant idea of ​​a young start-uper, the now mythological Mr. Zhang. From a series of researches carried out in the Asian heart of the new hardware and software revolution, and a series of acquisitions, Tik Tok was eventually born.

How to make duets on Tik Tok. What was the intuition that made social media special?

The winning idea at the basis of everything has always been the search for high interactivity that would bring a high volume of daily engagement. This, for Zhang and the developers of the parent company, ByteDance, meant bringing create first of all a container. If you are wondering how to make duets on Tik Tok, wait again to read what happened behind the scenes of its birth …

We needed a vehicle with the strength that could be quoted on the stock exchange as soon as possible. And if the searches had already foreseen today, that is a significant user traffic for those who use mobile devices, the answer was only one. Create an app that was synonymous with sharing between users, or rather a social network!

This study, born in such a calculated and cold way, was also done with a lot of passion and foresight. All that in a single word we could more poetically define Vision. The vision of Zhang and ByteDance, looking beyond their economic aims, was to offer maximum interactivity.

Come si fa a fare un duetto su Tik Tok- Visibility Reseller

To make each user a director, a choreographer, a content developer in his own way. A real control room, mixer and effects editor all within reach of your mobile device! So, today, who wouldn’t want to know how to do a duet on Tik Tok!

Before knowing how to make duets on Tik Tok, what is the video tool really?

Ok you have downloaded Tik Tok from your PlayStore. Or maybe, if you are an owner of iOS tools, you have downloaded from the dedicated Mac storage. You have been waiting for the upload to complete, you have tapped on Open and … Videos, videos and more videos!

Prima di vedere come si fa a fare un duetto su Tik Tok, scopriamo cosa sono i duetti- Visibility Reseller

All that is in front of you once you register and log in is a storm of clips. Welcome to the Tik Tok feed! Before long you will also discover how to do duets on Tik Tok! For the most part, these are young or very young protagonists, when then they are not known influencers and artists more adults.

Who knows how to do a duet on Tik Tok video?

How videos are used by those who know how to do a duet on Tik Tok? We see them very often engaged in choreographing, singing and also miming comic monologues, the famous lip-sync. Or they are there doing extremely stupid, risky or over the top things. All enriched with filters, texts, special effects of various kinds, sounds and music.

Clearly everything that can be done thanks to the app tools must be concentrated in a maximum useful time fifteen seconds. Only with timing and the ability to synthesize can you gain visibility. And synthesis and timing, together with creativity, represent the meaning of Tik Tok’s videos. Simple to understand, just like we will discover how easy it is to do duets on Tik Tok!

Video is the real, fundamental if not just a tool. We are talking about the ideal container that allows you to communicate in a true and lively way. And so much life and truth emerge even more clearly thanks to filters and special effects.

Of course because these allow you to see fantasies realized and visualized, concretizing everything that goes through the tiktoker’s head! They are real sound boxes .

By now you will have already understood that there are not only filters and transitions as effects. But among these we have duets. Before seeing how to do a duet on Tik Tok, let’s find out what duets are

The social media par excellence, the first, unique and still statistically unbeaten YouTube. This is a trend that has probably exploded around the last two, three years at the most.

We are talking about the so-called Reaction. Trust me, all this is to make it clear why it matters to know how to do duets on Tik Tok.

In a few simple words, these are videos made by users, usually youtubers already followed and dealing with certain sectors or topics. In these clips we always have a character first plan.

Someone who, rather than talking and commenting coldly, also express themselves through silences and facial expressions. However, we understand this format even better. Archetype of videos -duets of Tik Tok, so you can understand why you want to know how to do duets on Tik Tok!

The Reactions are used to convey the emotions that someone feels when watching someone else’s video. A video that, of course, has already gone viral in the meantime. The strategy behind it is twofold. Let’s dissect it and then understand how to make duets on Tik Tok.

On the one hand, the stratagem of riding the wave of a trend already created by others is exploited. On the other hand, the emotional factor and the surprise factor. It is intriguing to see, in a context that is almost always domestic and therefore spontaneous (perhaps …), to see someone who shows sincere emotional reactions.

Understanding how to do the nature of Video-Reaction for duets of social

It amuses and triggers empathy to observe those who have immediate utterances in front of something, commenting on instinct and without filters. A winning rule on social networks in general is knowing how to offer users an immersive experience.

Something unique that opens up a real, human, value and at least apparently authentic world that you want to share. Now that you know it, try to do a search on the historical video channel looking for Reaction or React … You will find thousands of them!

But clearly, beyond everything related to empathy, identification and at the same time the sense of reassuring detachment that inspire these window clips on a truth, there is more. Something much more mathematical, like behind any social strategy. The ability to maximize efforts, cultivating their social traffic and visibility on what others have led to success. The same matrix behind the video duets on Tik Tok.

How to do duets on Tik Tok understanding what duets are

Popular culture is full of examples that can be traced back to the Reaction category. There was no need to wait for the advent of social networks , and therefore not even to ask questions such as How to Duets On Tik Tok? Let’s think about it together just for the time necessary… short, we promise!

We really start from the past, at least from the French 18th century. Have you ever heard of the Gascons? No? Have you ever read or seen a film about the swordsman poet Cyrano de Bergerac? Well, the ancient French tradition of the Gascons provided for just this. Real challenges made of polished and sharp words, almost always in rhyme! The Gascons teased each other, in groups or individually, or often against a well-known person.

The centuries pass, places, fashions and languages ​​change, but not the meaning. We are in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the black suburbs of America. The new Gascon culture of pungent and frank rhymes is born with which to challenge each other among metropolitan poets.

Rap is born. And in the era of new media, especially at the dawn of MTV, these challenges also become media. From there to the web, starting from YouTube, the step to new social networks is short. From this long story, we come today to ask ourselves how to do duets on Tik Tok.

How to strategically create the duet on social media

Let’s expose it in a really exhaustive and immediate way. Duets are videos that can be defined as Reaction. The Reactions, specifically of Tik Tok, are indeed reactions, or it would be better to say answers to other videos. These Answers, naturally being social, are rendered in the form of video.

The video, we never tire of saying it, is the fundamental vehicle tool on Tik Tok, for where every creativity and every content is declined in the video format. Always short, it is clear, maximum fifteen seconds. And since the principle is the same as for YouTube Video-Reactions, the same applies here. That is to hook to a viral and popular video.

The advice, even before starting to understand technically how to do duets on Tik Tok, is therefore spontaneous. Proceed through a thematic search by hashtag to start finding the trend of the moment to follow. After that, intercept in that trend, or category, the Tik Tok video with the most views and interactions. At that point, challenge it with your Reaction … if you feel creative enough!

The last step to the success of the duet on social networks

Having reached this point, it really is the definitive moment to find out all about how to duet on Tik Tok! Very well, if then you have done your research by hashtag, you have identified the most popular trend-topic where you think you can express yourself at your best, and chosen your video to challenge, you are already at a good starting point.

If you are in front of your smartphone with the Tik Tok app open and you have the video with which to duet on the screen, notice what you are next to the comment button, in bass. You will notice three dots, by tapping on them, the Share will also appear among various options. Perfect, inside the Share there is the Duet item.

Duetto will open the screen you use, if you have done it before, to make your own videos normally. Well, by pressing the button that activates the mobile phone camera, starts recording your video, then adding filters and effects in editing.

So far everything as always in short. Continue on the Next command and, before reaching Publish, add the hashtags #duet or even #duets, so that your Reaction is seen by as many people as possible. Now your challenge has begun, and you know perfectly well everything about how to duet on Tik Tok! Good luck in your challenge, and don’t forget … have fun!

But if the topic intrigued you, you could read more from here too.


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