How to do entertainment on Instagram, the example of Camihawke

Camilla Boniardi , this is her name. But on the net we all know her as Camihawke , a volcanic thirty-year-old, with a soul as fire as her hair color. On Facebook you have a following of over 600,000 followers. On her Instagram the number of her increases and watching her stories and posts every day are about a million people. Important numbers for a girl who grew up in Umbria and with a law degree left closed in a drawer.


Camihawke represents a glimmer of truth and frankness in the world of beauty and patina . In that universe made up of sharing perfect moments that is the network. In that race towards the search for stereotypes made with the stencil, where happiness is almost an obligation and the characteristics are uniform, almost to the point of making the human species a sort of monozygotic mass twinning.

she started on the radio, on Radio 2, Camihawke. And anyone who has worn a pair of headphones at least once in their life knows how complicated it can be to find a way to communicate that is empathetic and direct with an audience that is not seen, but is there. The good old gym, some would say. Here, Camihawke started from there. And from My Space, which the less young will remember as the forerunner of Facebook and the like. Then the network opened up in front of her like a monster with a thousand faces and here is Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok. She, Camihawke, managed to ride everything well. This whole wave of communication innovations. Is Camihawke an influencer? No, she likes to call herself an “entertainment creator”. Because she actually she is exactly what she does. She creates entertainment content and does it in the truest possible way. Not spontaneous, of course, in the sense that everything is built at the table, but in every video posted on her Instagram her soul comes out in all the sincere and overwhelming essence of her. “ We should try to broaden the vocabulary on social networks ”, he said on the stage of the Ted Talk in Rimini. “ We should try to create as deep and truthful communication as possible. Look for a new code that is able to represent us with leniency, involve our weaknesses and show our flaws. Pay attention to it even when you are not happy. Post it with a light heart, aware that on the other side there is us who know how it feels “.

camilla boniardi

And that is her communication code. Her posts, mostly videos, are concentrated of pieces of life told in an ironic way and without pretense of solemnity . There is the Horoscophawke, there are the recipes, on the other hand she describes herself in her Instagram bio as someone for whom “baked pasta is my only creed”. And there are also the more serious things. Like cyberbullying, a theme you addressed in a series of comments received two years ago. The heavy ones, like keyboard lions, as they are called. In the video made for the occasion, Camihawke’s soul emerges in all the splendor of her and this is also demonstrated by the more than seven thousand comments received. She is the envy of any social media marketer, looking for the best engagement rate.

The secret of her success lies in this. In her ability to get in touch with others , without the attitudes of a super diva or one that she made it on Instagram. She puts herself on the same level as her followers, with whom she shares what she thinks should be shared. So she creates content that makes you smile, even when she deals with heavier or more serious topics. A sort of slight frivolity of thought, which makes her human and not light years away from her audience. Because transparency and sincerity are her creed, in collaborations with companies and in sharing private pieces.

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