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There is no doubt that Clubhouse is the most talked about social network of the moment. We can describe it as a voice-based social radio , in which various topics are discussed in thematic rooms. An interactive podcast, in short, where you can participate and intervene with questions or giving your opinion.

Since its release in Italy it has been very successful and has been talked about a lot. Surely the fact that it could only be accessed by invitation and that it was surrounded by an aura of exclusivity made it very intriguing. It was for months the social network everyone wanted to subscribe to. All owners of an Apple device, at least, because it is not yet available on Android. After a few months of use, with the general interest that has settled somewhat, we can still say that Clubhouse is a very valid tool with great potential.

The great success and a constantly growing number of users immediately stimulated the interest of digital marketers, because on Clubhouse, as in any social network, it is possible to do marketing . In the digital era, the presence of a user audience immediately becomes an opportunity to do marketing and work on communication. And right now on Clubhouse there are a few thousand rooms where we chat about different topics, such as personal growth, influencer marketing, social world, sports, and more than six million users potentially interested in what is being said. >

When using Clubhouse, the thing you immediately realize is that it is the perfect place for networking and personal branding.

The social media of the moment offers a unique opportunity: the opportunity to get in touch with an entire universe that concerns a specific sector and the opportunity to listen to the most influential and authoritative voices. The application is currently responding to the enormous demand for quality networking.

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Inside the Cubhouse rooms you can meet many professionals from whom to learn and exploit to increase their knowledge, broaden their vision, seize new opportunities that can arise from comparison. The platform is an excellent tool to grow professionally and to study the competition. In a historical moment like this, where events, courses and opportunities to meet people outside the usual circle are reduced to the bone, Clubhouse becomes precious to create a strong network of relationships and enjoy the continuous exchange of ideas, opinions and comparisons.

Clubhouse is the social of voice and listening, here there are no distracting images, there is no fictitious beauty to rely on to pass the time, here what you say, what you know and everything you say counts manages to convey. For this reason, Clubhouse has enormous potential to be exploited also for personal branding . It is a true reality, where there is little space for the artificial. Here everyone only brings their own value and knowledge into play. Commitment is the key to success on Clubhouse, because to make yourself known and to exploit its full potential you have to be there and frequent it. It is important to understand how it works, what the rules of conduct are, what is the tone of voice to use, participate, open rooms with topics that are as consistent as possible with knowledge and interests. To do personal branding you need to invest time and energy and do it now, when there is still a great chance for growth within the social network.

It is shortly before everyone understands that Clubhouse, with a good strategy behind it, can also be a suitable tool to improve the brand awareness of a brand. It can be used to humanize a brand, precisely because it consists of the authenticity of the voice, with which interactions become very personal. It is an ideal place to present products, services or to launch an event. But also the perfect place to tell a brand, its history, its ideals, its values ​​and increase engagement with your followers.

A social media with a thousand facets and potential, in short, which certainly will not stop reserving surprises. There are those who are already thinking of a possible evolution of the application with the ’insertion of advertisements , the possibility of creating sponsored rooms and, why not, selling products directly from the app. The possibilities are many, one thing is certain, Clunhouse remains a social network to keep under control.

Monica Curreli

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