How to download a video from Facebook

How many times have you seen and reviewed a funny video on Facebook but not able to save it on your device? If you too have missed the opportunity to save an interesting video on your mobile, PC or tablet to show to friends or review calmly several times, this guide will be for you.

If you have come to this page it’s because you probably want to know how to download a video from Facebook and always take your favorite content with you, don’t worry, downloading a video from Mark Zuckerberg’s well-known social network isn’t that difficult.

Below we will find out how to download them directly to our mobile phone (Iphone or Android), tablet and PC in a few simple and quick steps, in a few minutes and just a click away.

Follow me in this simple guide in which I will list various online services, applications and programs for your computer, smartphone and tablet with which you will succeed. All you have to do is choose the solution that is right for you, the one you think is most appropriate and simple. Ready? Let’s go!

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The “Save Facebook video” function

To achieve our goal, the simplest and immediate is certainly what provides you with a specific functionality offered directly by the famous social network.

With the default function “Save video” that Facebook offers you can save your video for you can watch it over and over again in the future but you won’t be able to download it to your device.

Here are the steps you need to take to save a video to Facebook :

  • Open your browser and go to the Facebook home
  • If you haven’t already, log in to your account
  • Open the video you are interested in
  • Click on the button with the down arrow (Top To the right)
  • Click on Save video
  • From here you will also be able to embed the video directly into your website / blog

This is definitely the simpler method but, as I told you, it doesn’t allow you to save the video to your device. It allows you to simply add it to your favorites for later viewing or copy the HTML code needed to embed into your site or blog.

Downloading videos uploaded by you

If you are the author of the video, Facebook itself allows you to download it without using third-party tools. If you want to download a video you uploaded to Facebook just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Facebook
  • Reach your profile by selecting your name at the top right of the screen.
  • Select the Photos
  • tab Click on the entry Album
  • Open the album named Video
  • Move the mouse pointer to the preview of your video
  • Click on the button with the pencil that you see appear at the top right.
  • Select the item Download in high definition or Download in standard definition
  • A new web page will open, right click on the player
  • Select the option for proceed with the download of your video.

How to download videos from Facebook to PC

Download videos from Facebook directly to your PC is much simpler than it looks. You do not believe me? To download your favorite video on your PC, just right click on the video and click on Save video, just like you do with images. Very simple right? I told you!

Warning: to be able to save the video in this way, you will need to switch to Facebook Mobile mode, otherwise the option will not appear. Just copy the video URL to your browser and replace “www” with an “m”.

At this point you can start the video and click on it with the right mouse button. The Save video as option will appear: the video will be downloaded in mp4 format and you will be able to watch it endlessly, by now it will be saved on your PC.

An easy way to download videos from Facebook to your PC is surely to rely on

On this site you can download videos from Facebook in just a few clicks. Just copy the video URL, paste it in the white band and click download. Choose the format you want most and save the file. Child’s play!

Here are the steps you will need to take to download a Facebook video with Savefrom :

  • Copy the link of the video you want to download
  • Open Savefrom by going to
  • Paste the link in the central bar
  • Click on Download


Another solution I recommend is to try ClipConverter , a very fast and simple online service that allows you to download videos from Facebook. You can even choose the format in which to save your video on your PC.

Just copy the URL address of the Facebook video to download and paste it into the text field located under the Media URL, select the format you want from those available and click Continue.

You are almost done! Click on the Start button and then on the one that says Download, your video has been downloaded to your PC.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Copy the link of the video you want to download
  • Open ClipConverter by going to
  • Paste the link in the central bar
  • Click on Start
  • Click on Download

How to download videos from Facebook on Android

After having listed the various ways to download videos from Facebook to your PC, let’s move on to those for saving videos on an Android device .

To download videos you won’t need any application. Log in to Facebook from the Chrome browser, not from the app you usually use. At this point, just start the video to download and hold down. The Download video option will appear, that’s it!

Record screen

Another very simple way is to use some apps to record the screen of your Android , recording and saving the video that interests you on your device. There are lots of them that are very easy to use and download for free.

Here are a few: ADV Screen Recorder, Rec Screen Recorder and Mobizen Screen Recorder .

Video Downloader App for Facebook

If recording your screen doesn’t convince you, here is an alternative way to save your favorite Facebook video to your Android device. Have you ever heard of about the Video Downloader app for Facebook ?

Just download it and log in with your Facebook account. What I’m recommending is a very simple app to use that allows you to download the videos you watched or saved on Facebook in very few steps .

How to download video from Facebook on iPhone and iPad

Have you seen a video that interests you on Facebook and want to watch it endlessly on your iPhone and iPad? Don’t despair, there are convenient and dedicated apps you can rely on!

I’ll be clear, the methods I’ve indicated so far don’t work on iOS devices so get comfortable and let’s find out together how to download a video from Facebook on iPhone and iPad .

Record screen

Before moving on to the applications I want to recommend an immediate and quick way to download and save your favorite Facebook videos on your Apple device. How? Simple, recording the screen .

All you have to do is go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls. Now tap the + button next to Screen Recording.

Now swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. On iPhone X or later and iPad with iOS 12 or later or iPadOS, you will need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen.

All you have to do is press the key with the REC symbol, Start recording and wait for the three-second countdown. The Record Screen function is started, you can exit the control center with a simple swipe from top to bottom and enjoy the video or do all the operations you want during the recording.

In the meantime you will notice at the top on the screen a red bar indicating the recording in progress. When it is time to stop recording, just press on the red bar and then on Stop . your video will be automatically saved in the Photos folder of your device.

MyMedia App

A very good app that I recommend is MyMedia App, a free file manager which allows you to download various multimedia contents to your iOS device. You can also choose the quality of the video to download.

Download the MyMedia app on your iPhone or iPad (your device must be running iOS 9 or later).

Open the Facebook app, select the video you want to download and make sure the video sharing setting is set to “Public”, otherwise MyMedia will not be able to download your video.

Copy the link of the video you want to download. Now open the MyMedia app and select the Browse tab. In the address bar type “” and press Enter. You are almost done, follow me in a few more steps.

After opening the website, paste the link of the Facebook video you copied earlier in the appropriate area of ​​the download link.

Type a name for your file and press Enter. You will notice that the download has started.
Once the video has downloaded, tap outside the window and open the Media tab at the bottom of your device screen.

All you have to do is tap the name of the video you want. you just downloaded and select “Save to Camera Roll”.


Another app that I recommend for downloading videos from Facebook directly on your device with the apple is Total Files, also in this case I’m talking about a free file manager.

Download the app from the App Store section, open it and press the globe icon ( find it at the bottom right). At this point connected to Facebook, locate the video you want to download, start playback.

When the message “Do you want to download this content?” Appears on the screen, just press the green tick symbol.

Name your video in the File name field, select a folder in which to save it (the Destination folder menu will appear) and tap Done at the top right. You succeeded, your video will be downloaded in a few seconds on your iOS device and you can review it with friends whenever you want.


As you may have realized, downloading a video from Facebook is a fairly easy operation that can be done independently and in several ways.

Whether you have an Android or Apple device, or you prefer download your favorite video on your PC to be able to save it in a folder on the Desktop there are simple apps, functions and online services that will be right for you.

If you know other methods to do it, I invite you to report them to me. I’ll be happy to add them to my short list.

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