How to download Facebook application?

The Facebook application is one of the most downloaded from the playstore. With more than five billion downloads, it can almost be said that every person on earth has their own Facebook profile. The application is constantly and constantly updated, and is perfectly suited to both older and new generation platforms.

How to download Facebook application? Beginner’s Guide

The Facebook app is included on any device, whether it’s mobile or tablet. In fact, the precious blue icon is available on all mobile devices: android, iOS or Windows Phone of any kind. Just in case, downloading it is also extremely simple and the installation takes just a few minutes.

Facebook is actually just one of the many applications that the universe of Mark Zuckerberg. An application that, without a shadow of a doubt, must be combined with Facebook is Messenger. This device, in fact, is necessary to be able to chat directly with your Facebook contacts, in a practical and fast way. This application, in fact, retrieves data directly from your Facebook account and this allows you to chat in real time with all your friends .

Dashboard, Profile, Marketplace: let’s start studying the essential Facebook glossary

The Facebook app is as complete as possible. Compared to its browser version, it does not lose even one of the many features made available. So let’s see what are the possibilities that can be accessed from the mobile function.

The first thing to appear once logged in is the homepage. This is a large bulletin board where all the links and statuses that may be most interesting are collected. The Facebook algorithm chooses the quantity and quality of the links, which highlights certain content based on our interactions, our interests and, above all, the sponsorships of the various companies . In fact, Facebook is also a platform for promoting activities.

Each owner, in fact, can promote his own business or business managed with a VAT number through the “page creation”. The pages, in fact, are company profiles managed by subscribers to the platform, and through this page everyone can create their own online advertising .

Come scaricare applicazione Facebook

Download Facebook application, how does it work?

Facebook is not only a place for conversation, comparison and growth, but for some time it has also been transformed into a shopping platform. The marketplace, in fact, is one of the latest functions implemented by Mark Zuckerberg, and allows users to get in touch with each other to negotiate the purchase of tangible goods . On this platform, in fact, small electronic items are sold, such as mobile phones or laptops, antiques, such as furniture or knick-knacks and even homes, for rent or direct sale.

Facebook, in short, has become a universal platform, able to connect people according to their needs. This is the secret to the success of the 5 billion download application.

The communities on the Facebook App: how to find people with the same interests

Facebook App allows users to organize themselves in community. These huge groups of people are nothing more than users registered on the same page or in a common space. They all have something in common, whether it’s a favorite team, a favorite band or a job. People feed discussions through posts, which all group members can participate in.

The theme of the post must necessarily be relevant to the community of reference (for example, we cannot talk about Inter in a group dedicated to Ferrari) , but the amount of clusters on the platform allows anyone to find their own space on the web.

scaricare applicazione di Facebook

Direct, videos and photos: what can you share thanks to Facebook App?

Facebook App, at the moment, is an essential component in everyday life. It allows you to find new job opportunities and, at the same time, keep in touch with old high school mates. It is possible to organize repatriations of the old comrades of the military or keep up to date with the latest photos of the grandchildren .

Facebook is the largest virtual bulletin board in the world, which anyone can connect to to find their space. The social can be useful for sharing generic thoughts, photographs, current or old, amateur videos or external links to the social network. Thanks to this content, you can get in touch with other users, who will be invited by the platform to react, comment or share your post .

When one of these reaches a large number of people, it is called viral. Generally, the most rewarded in this sense are the videos, which can also travel around the world in a few days. Another type of post that is enjoying great success, in this period of quarantine, are the direct.

Come scaricare applicazione di Facebook

Why use the App?

The direct can be done directly from the Facebook Act and are videos shot and posted live in which you can talk about a certain topic through a monologue or having a confrontation with another person. While the second format takes the connotations of a normal interview (an example can be Marco Montemagno, who is interviewing practically the entire web world these days), the first has the particular reputation of podcast.

The latter are literally the fashion of the moment, as they are the modern and natural evolution of the first youtube videos. Both platforms allow you to express yourself thanks to “streaming” videos , but Facebook has a natural advantage over the other platform. In fact, if Youtube thinks in terms of views, comments and shares, Facebook manages to spam the live stream through its own algorithm based on the level of engagement.

Facebook App, in short, is a full-fledged sharing application. It is able to put people in contact in real time according to their needs and always manages to guarantee its users a high level of satisfaction with the posts found on the bulletin board . In summary, through the application in blue, you can have access to your own customized digital world. A profile, a photo and a cover image: that’s all you need to start connecting with the world.

What are you waiting for, then, to know your place on the web?

scaricare applicazione Facebook

How to download Facebook application in a few steps …

You have just bought your first smartphone and even though, by your own admission, you are denied with technological devices, you have decided to try to join Facebook. “ Nowadays, if you are not subscribed to Facebook you do not exist “, your friends always tell you and you would like to surprise them by opening your personal profile directly from your mobile device without asking for a hand. Well then here I am, ready and happy to help you on your first technological adventure .

Believe it or not, download application Facebook on the mobile phone (but possibly also on the tablet) is a real child’s play and even the registration to the social network can be done in a few minutes, all free and perfectly translated into Italian. How do you say? You don’t know if the social network app is actually available for your device? Well, I assure you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

The official Facebook app can in fact be downloaded on Android, iOS and also on Windows Phone so, regardless of the platform in use on your device, you can always and in any case succeed in your intent .

So, ready to go? Yes? Fantastic! I would therefore say not to waste any more precious time, to put the chatter aside and immediately start getting busy. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that all your friends will be ready to congratulate you for being able to do everything alone (or almost).

Ah, I almost forgot, for the sake of completeness of information, it will be my concern to also indicate which are the other Facebook home apps that you can possibly download and install on your device what they can be useful for . Happy reading, good download and, of course, have fun!


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