How to download Instagram Stories on PC?

You are wondering how to download instagram stories online, but can’t find an answer that convinces you. Well, we understand you perfectly.

Instagram has become a meeting point for all those who like to share their experiences, good or bad. Everyone tells, in one way or another, their lives, and allows others to find out more about them.

This, in particular, is possible thanks to a tool as simple as it is powerful: stories. These are contents such as images and videos, which can be uploaded to your profile and be viewed by all your friends, in this case followers.

The first thing what users on instagram do, in fact, is combing through the stories of others, even doing a little gossip. You will surely have seen someone’s stories and sent them to a friend to talk (for better or worse) about the person who uploaded them.

Well, this, to regardless of whether it is right or wrong, it has allowed the social network to create a worldwide reputation. To date, in fact, we can say that Instagram is one of the main social networks used all over the world, with billions and billions of downloads.

However, many are wondering how to download instagram stories so you can keep them and send them to some friends. But why all this?

You must know that the stories are a little different from the classic post, and now we will find out why .

What exactly is an instagram story?

First of all, to understand the meaning of instagram stories, we should illustrate the definition. A story on instagram represents content, be it an image or a video, shared on your profile.

This, however, will not be uploaded within the feed, but on a separate section which, in fact, is that of the stories.

Therefore, you will not encounter stories by scrolling along the home page, but you will find them all positioned at the top of the screen. You will see, in fact, small circular boxes with the profile images of those who have published the stories.

By clicking on them, you can view them one by one, going forward or backward as you wish.

Why download stories from instagram? Very simple. These have the peculiarity of disappearing after just 24 hours from loading.

This means that if you upload a story at 3pm, it will no longer be available at 3:01 pm the following afternoon.

The only person who will be able to review them will be the owner of the story, who will be able to go to the archive section and review all the moments he has shared with others. Also, he will be able to repost the stories as a memento.

Many, in fact, use to share important moments again such as a birthday, a graduation or a wedding, to get even more visibility.

Furthermore, unlike classic posts, stories can be embellished with stickers, effects, background songs and many other features that make them unique. So knowing how to download instagram stories can be crucial not only to satisfy your curiosity, but also for other purposes.

For example, if you are running an online project, you may decide to download stories from instagram to study the marketing of your competitors. Being available for only 24 hours, in fact, you may not have the time to study them properly.

So knowing how to download instagram stories becomes of fundamental importance. This operation can be done from both PCs and mobile devices. Let’s see how.

How to download instagram stories on PC

We want to start explaining how to download instagram stories from your computer as we believe it is the fastest and most practical method ever. As they are often videos, the stories may take up a lot of space on your mobile phone, so we recommend saving them on larger memories, such as that of a personal computer.

It is possible to perform such operations through extensions available on Chrome, which will make you bypass some instagram walls that could hinder you. Let’s start with Chrome IG Story, one of the most popular tools for downloading instagram stories.

Come scaricare storie Instagram

The first thing you need to do is add the extension to the your browser and start it. To download it, go to the Chrome Web Store and click on the buttons add and add extension, so as to save it and not have to open it all the time.

Once inside the stories, you can download them immediately using the functions of the extension itself. Since ocme .zip files will be stored, we recommend that you extract them once the download is finished and create separate folders.

By doing this, you will have a much more organized archive. You may also decide to divide the stories by category or by username, if you are studying competitors to create a marketing strategy.

DownloadHelper. Easy and intuitive

Also for computers, it is worth highlighting a tool like DownloadHelper, highly recommended by users for capturing videos and downloading Instagram stories. It can be used on both Firefox and Chrome, so it’s versatile enough to please everyone.

come scaricare storie instagram

Once added to your browser, you’ll need to install it and log into your instagram account. Then view one of the stories that interest you and go to the appropriate extension icon, which will be located at the top right.

The same thing applies if you use Chrome. The only difference is in the installation, as you will have to go to the Chrome Web Store and add it directly to the browser using the appropriate commands. Once the videos have been saved, they will be on your computer.

To make it easier to find files, search for DownloadHelper via the search bar Windows and you will find all the files related to it.

How to download stories from instagram on mobile

Surely you want to know how to download instagram stories without having to turn on your computer. Well, we want to make you happy by telling you that you can also do this from mobile devices.

So, you don’t have to sit at your desk, turn on your computer and download various programs. All you will need is a store such as the App Store or Play Store, and an internet connection. But first, we want to teach you a very simple method: the screenshot.

Sometimes, stories are made up of content that is a simple photo, not a video. In this case, you could simply take a screenshot to save the photo directly to the phone. Downloading instagram stories via screenshots, however, can be dangerous for two reasons.

  • First, some users have the option of being notified when someone does. screenshots of their stories. This is possible through some apps which, however, we will not talk about in this article .
  • Respecting users’ privacy is important. By taking a screenshot, unless you have blocked the story, you will get a photo that will also show the username of the owner of the content. So, if you send it to strangers, try to at least delete the name.

In case the story is a video, you can use a tool similar to the screenshot: the screen recording. If you don’t already have a default app on your phone, just download one of your own from your phone’s store.

Then, start recording, open the story you are interested in and once recorded, stop everything. In this way, you will have a mini video that you can cut and edit as you wish.

come scaricare storie instagram

Anyway, the best ways to download stories from instagram are certainly included in the applications created specifically for this purpose. Let’s see them together!

Story Saver For Instagram

If you are an Android user and want to know how to download instagram stories, we recommend that you download the Story Saver application. Available on the Play Store for free, it will allow you to save all the content you want quickly and easily.

When downloading, the quality of the stories will not be lowered, but will be kept as if it were the original file. Enter the app, and log in with your instagram profile.

You will then have to go to the profile that owns the story you are interested in. Click on the story and, automatically, it will be downloaded into the appropriate “story saver” folder.

If you want to avoid downloading all the stories you watch, we advise you to see them on instagram and only then go inside the application. This way, you will save time that you would have wasted deleting all downloaded content by mistake.

Story Stalker

If you are not a fan of Android but are loyal to your iPhone, then you can not help but download Story Stalker, a tool identical to Story Saver which, however, must be purchased at a price of 0.99 cents per week, so about 4 euros per month.

Once downloaded, log in and press Next until you are at the login screen. Here, you will need to enter your instagram credentials in order to connect the account to the application. Do not worry about the data, because it will be kept in a safe way.

In the same way as Story Saver, go to the profile you are interested in and press the icon with the speech bubble and the arrow down, which is the download button. Once you have managed to download stories from instagram, you will find them inside your device.

One last very important thing is that you will not have to pay to use the ‘app. In fact, before downloading you can select two options: pay 0.99 cents a week or watch a 1 minute video before each download.

This way, you could save a lot of money in the long run.

Is it possible to download instagram stories online?

Absolutely yes. There are a number of online services for downloading other people’s stories. These, among other things, allow you to do it completely anonymously. The best tool to do this is undoubtedly

On this site, you will be able to download the stories without even having to enter your login credentials. All you will need is to know the username of the person you are interested in spying on.

Then, type it into the ‘appropriate search bar. You will be shown results and, from there, you can decide to download instagram stories to your liking. They will be saved directly to your device, so you can easily find them without too many searches.

Avoid searching for private profiles, as you may have difficulty finding them.

Can I download my stories?

Again, it is possible to download the stories in a simple and intuitive way, without having to install third-party applications or software. In fact, instagram itself allows you to download your stories.

You never know if, one day, you miss a particular moment in your life and, out of the blue, you want to see it again. If so, go to your profile, more precisely in the archive section .

Once inside, not only will you be able to review all your stories and all archived posts, but you can download it. Just press the button depicted with a down arrow, and the file will be downloaded directly to your device.

Downloading stories from instagram becomes very simple!


We understood that instagram, thanks to a powerful tool like stories, has become one of the most popular social networks all over the world, both in countries like Europe and like America or Asia. In this sense, millions and millions of users are constantly active, day after day, and they seem to never decrease.

This is because it is possible to share a myriad of valuable content, and you can entertain a lot of people with your skills. You can also promote services, products, activities, consultancies, and anything that falls within the professional sphere.

Some are also able to find, search and offer jobs simply by exchanging private messages with other individuals. You can also get paid to advertise other people’s pages, if you have a large audience. In short, instagram is now a do-it-all platform that allows anyone to be able to meet their needs.

The stories, as trivial as they may seem, are perhaps one of the pillars of the whole social network. Without them, perhaps there would be no selfies or mini videos shot to entertain people.

The thing that makes them most unique is precisely the fact of creating scarcity, limited resources. On the other hand, lasting only 24 hours, everyone has the desire to run to see them so as not to miss even a moment of their favorite characters.

It is precisely for this reason that stories are one of the tools that allow you to get maximum visibility within social networks.

If you want to find out more on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and all the other social networks, take a look at our blog, or visit our social channels!


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