How to download music and videos from Youtube

One of the best known video platforms out there today is definitely YouTube. The website is visited daily by many people and offers a myriad of videos of various kinds suitable for anyone.

On YouTube you can not only view the videos you want but also share them. However YouTube is a service that until now is only able to work if you have a working Internet connection. This means that when you leave the house or you don’t have a data connection, you can’t see any movies.

Fortunately, there are an infinite number of effective methods available to stem the problem on the vast world of the web. allow you to download videos and songs directly from YouTube in a few minutes.

How to download music from Youtube

If you want to always have your favorite song or video at your fingertips, rest assured because today on the Internet you can download songs directly from YouTube for free.
Usually everything is possible following two easy and immediate ways: the first is to download a specific software while the other to use a web service .

In the first case mentioned, just download and install the chosen software. Once everything is done and started just go to YouTube and copy the link of the favorite movie or song.
Continuing you just have to paste the link and choose the format for the conversion. In most cases, it takes a few minutes for the file to be ready. The programs in question in 99% of cases are free even if they have limitations that can irritate in the long run as banner ads.

To remove everything, it is usually the same software that requires a small payment. However, one of the best programs in the industry is YouTube ByClick. Try it.
Another quick and easy way to download songs directly from YouTube is to use special websites. There are countless websites that allow anyone to convert their files online without having to download any software.

To do the conversion simply copy and then paste the YouTube video link in the white bar and wait a few seconds.
The best sites, at least in our opinion, are the following:

  • OnlineVideoConverter
  • ClipConverter
  • Convert2mp3

How to download videos from Youtube

If, on the other hand, you intend to download videos from YouTube so that you can watch them later, the procedure to follow is practically the same.
You must therefore choose the video that interests you most, copy and paste the link in the space available, make the decision in which format and quality to convert it and then wait for the download of the files.

In conclusion, even in this circumstance it is possible to benefit from both special software to be installed on your computer and Internet sites special. The choice is personal.

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