How to edit Instagram bio

By now you use Instagram every day and it has quickly become your favorite social network. You would therefore like to make changes to your profile, more precisely to the biography present in the latter, in order to present yourself in the best possible way, but you are not sure how to proceed.

How do you say? That’s exactly how things are, so you would like to know how to edit your Instagram bio without causing trouble? Then read on: over the next few chapters, I will explain step by step how to do this quickly and easily using both the Instagram app for smartphones and its desktop version, if you wish. proceed from PC.

If, therefore, you are impatient to get to the heart of the guide, sit down comfortably and just take a few minutes of free time , carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you, and you will see that it will really be a breeze. At this point, I just have to wish you a good read and have fun!


How to change Instagram bio

From the moment you wonder how to change the Instagram biography , let me give you all the information you need to be able to do this in the best possible way. As already mentioned, you can act both via the Instagram app for Android (downloadable for free from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and iPhone ( downloadable for free from the App Store) or from PC , via the official Instagram site and its application for Windows 10: the choice is yours.

From Android and iOS

Instagram bio

To change the bio of Instagram through the official app of the well-known photo social network, start it on your device and make first log into your account.

Then click on the thumbnail of your profile or on the icon of the little man located in the lower right corner and, in the screen that is shown to you, tap on the Edit profile item, in order to display the screen relating to the customization of the your Instagram profile.

At this point, you can edit all the text fields that are shown to you, such as your name , your username and, possibly, also the section dedicated to the biography which usually summarizes information relating to your interests.

The other info Modifiable information relating to your Instagram profile are those that are private, such as the email address , the telephone number and your gender . At the end of all the changes made, to confirm the changes, click on the Finish button located in the upper right corner.

From PC

Instagram bio PC

If you intend to proceed from PC to edit the biography of Instagram , you can act by connecting to the official website of the well-known photographic social network or use the official Instagram application for Windows 10. In both cases, the procedures to be performed are the same: I indicate it to you in the following lines.

To start, log in to the your account. Then click on the thumbnail of your profile or on the little man icon located in the upper right corner, in order to go to the screen dedicated to viewing your profile.

At this point, click on the Edit profile item, in order to display the screen dedicated to editing it. You can change all the items that are shown to you: your name , your username and possibly also remove or add information about you in the biography section . In the latter, in fact, you can write a short description that represents you.

The other modifiable information are those concerning the private data relating to the your account: your email , your phone number and your gender . You can always find this information in the profile edit screen, as by clicking on the appropriate text boxes you can edit this data.

When you are satisfied with the changes made, confirm the changes by pressing the Submit button. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

How to change the writing in the Instagram bio

Come cambiare la scrittura nella bio di Instagram

From the moment you want to make changes to the biography of Instagram are you also wondering how to change the font and spelling of the Instagram bio ? In this case you have nothing to worry about, as to do this you can make use of free apps or online services that allow you to choose different fonts to use for your texts, in order to copy and paste them easily. .

You can, for example, use apps like Fonts for Instagram available for Android or apps like Fonts for Instagram Keyboard, as far as it’s about iOS . Among the best known online services, however, there is

for more information about it, I suggest you read my guide on how to change fonts on Instagram, in order to follow all the instructions on the use of these tools.

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