How to edit the Explore section of Instagram

Instagram is your favorite social network and, by now, you use it daily . However, you cannot understand why in the Explore section of the famous photographic social network you are shown content that is not particularly in line with your interests. In this regard, you would like to understand if there is the possibility to intervene and customize this section, to make it really in line with your interests.

How do you say? That’s exactly how things are and, therefore, you wonder about how to change the Explore section of Instagram ? If so, you will be happy to know that you have just landed on the right guide! In the next chapters of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain what are the operations you can do to “improve” the Instagram algorithm and indirectly customize the Explore section, so that you are shown photos and videos more similar to those you You already appreciate it.

So if you can’t wait to get started, sit down comfortably and just take a few minutes of free time. Read carefully the procedures I am about to provide you and you will see that, by putting them into practice, you will easily and quickly succeed in the intent you have proposed. Let it bet? At this point, I just have to wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!


Preliminary information


Before I explain how to edit the Explore section of Instagram , I need to give you some useful preliminary information about it.

First of all, you must know that the well-known photographic social network does not allow you to directly modify the Explore section, as this is automatically regulated by its algorithm, which shows by default a series of contents based on the popularity and interests of the user; however, it is possible to carry out a series of operations that prove to be very effective in “taming” the algorithm.

In fact, as I will explain in the details in the next chapters, by performing actions within the social network and interacting with the published contents, it is possible to help the Instagram algorithm by suggesting which contents are of interest to you, in order to see similar ones shown in the Explore section. To learn more about how to proceed, read on.

How to change Instagram explorer

As anticipated, to indirectly change the contents displayed in the Explore section of Instagram you need to give a clear signal to the photographic social network, indicating what content or type of content you want to see in the popular content section.

All you have to do is, then, in general, interact with published posts and users. Furthermore, you can also act by manually hiding content that, on the contrary, you do not find interesting. Here are all the details.

Search for content of interest

Cercare i contenuti di interesse

If in the Explore section of Instagram you are shown content that is not in line with your interests, the problem is, as mentioned, due to the algorithm of the social network, which was not able to identify the target audience for the your profile.

The first thing you can do to fix it is to go and find the content that you would like to see more within Instagram . To do this, you can act via the social network app for Android and iOS or from a PC, by connecting to the official Instagram site. At this point, press on the magnifying glass and then press on the search bar located at the top.

Once this is done, in the search engine, search for the profile of a user that interests you (by typing the user name), or a specific term or a hashtag . Once you have identified, among the search results, the profile or content of your interest, click on it to view it.

Now, click on individual posts , to view everything that interests you and, moreover, in case there were any stories , I suggest you look at those too, by pressing on profile picture of the user who created them.

Interacting with the contents

Interagire con i contenuti Instagram

If you have identified the Instagram content most in line with your interests, in addition to view them, it is very important that you interact with them, as performing this operation allows you to give a clear signal to the social network algorithm.

So, after viewing a content of your interest, interact with it using the many tools made available by Instagram. For example, press the heart icon to put “like”, press the comic icon to write a comment, or use the icon of the airplane to send the content in question to another user in private Instagram messages.

Finally, if you want to save a published post, press the bookmark icon to find it in the saved items section of Instagram.

Follow users

Come seguire su Instagram

Another strong signal of interest that you can use, to “perfect” the Instagram algorithm, is to follow users who publish content in line with your interests.

Therefore, after identifying a user’s profile, all you have to do to follow it is to press the Follow , so you can immediately start seeing the content it publishes.

In the case of a private profile, you can only send the request to start following him: the contents published on the profile of the user in question will be shown to you only if your request is accepted.

Hide uninteresting content

Nascondere i contenuti su Instagram

Through the Instagram app for smartphones you can also hide content that you don’t care about , in order to indicate in a more specific way to the social network algorithm what you do not want to see or want to be shown. less.

To do this, locate, using the Explore section (the icon in the shape of magnifying glass ) a post that you are not interested in viewing, then tap on it, press the (…) icon and, finally, in the menu that is shown to you, press the I don’t care . Useful, right?

Repeat all these procedures regularly and you will see that the Explore section of Instagram will begin to become much more relevant to your real interests.

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