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A strong message from Instagram has arrived, a message that smells of innovation and inclusion. A message that embraces freedom of expression . On May 21, 2021, the most famous social media image in the world announced that it will soon be possible to add a personal pronoun in one’s biography . For all those who wonder the reason for this choice, it is easy to say: in this way it will be revealed to users as they prefer to be called, regardless of their gender.

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Instagram responds to a communication need typical of the modern world, where a part of the population risks not being considered, living in the shadows, almost not existing. In Italy, traditional language includes a male / female linguistic binomial . For some time now, the young people of the network have got used to using asterisks and scevĂ  , the inverted e, to replace the final letters of words thus avoiding revealing a certain kind of reference and trying to be as inclusive as possible. A greeting in a chatroom, for example, will be written like this: Good morning to all * or to all.

The expression of gender identity is a strongly felt need in the world of the web . In the English language, both masculine and feminine are declined in the same way, pronouns are those that give a gender identity using he / she refers to a woman or a man. It has become a common practice on social media to insert the pronoun in your bio to communicate to those who follow the profile, which gender they identify with. If initially it was a practice used above all by transgender people, over time it has become increasingly common and used by all those who support the philosophy of freedom of gender identity. A tool used to raise awareness and to normalize the use of pronouns by definition. The pronouns used are she / her to indicate the feminine, he / him to indicate the masculine and They / Them, the latter used to overcome the dualism of gender. The topic is particularly important and greatly debated in recent years. Social networks are the realm of young people who most of all feel the need for change and awareness of the problem of gender identity dualism . Instagram is a great gesture of civility and support for the cause.

In fact, the possibility of inserting inclusive pronouns will be present directly in the bio, which have the task of revealing to followers which pronoun to use and with whom. The entry will be present in the profile information and it will no longer be necessary to enter it manually. You can choose whether to make them visible to everyone or only to their followers, while for minors the option will be set by default only on followers. The inclusive pronoun will appear next to the name in a lighter font.

To enter the inclusive pronoun it will be sufficient to access your profile under Edit Profile , in the menu there will be the Pronouns section. It will then be possible to choose from the proposals present.

For the moment, the inclusive pronouns setting is only available for some countries, as Instagram itself stated with a tweet, but there is no doubt that the intention is to expand to all the others as soon as possible. Italy is not among the selected countries at the moment.

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