How to get answered on Instagram

The person you like is subscribed to Instagram and you would like them to reply to your messages but, from the moment you are aware of her shyness, you have no idea how to help her put her at ease. Therefore, you would like to break the ice with her or him, through the well-known photographic social network, but also thanks to a little inexperience with technology, you don’t know how.

How do you say? That’s the way things are and therefore you ask yourself how to get an answer on Instagram ? In this case, do not worry: in the next chapters of this tutorial I will provide you with all the information you need to help you receive an answer to private messages or comments in the well-known photo social network, through the use of the main features of Instagram .

If, now, you are curious to know more, sit comfortably and just take a few minutes free time to read calmly the procedures that I am about to illustrate and the suggestions that I am about to give you. You will see, with a little patience you will succeed in the intent you have proposed. At this point, I wish you a good read and I wish you good luck for everything!


How to get a boy or girl to reply on Instagram

If you are asking how to be answered on Instagram , I guess you would like to get in touch with a boy or girl you met through the famous photo social network. In this regard, I advise you to continue reading and to implement my advice, which I hope will help you to create a friendly interaction with the person you are interested in.

Follow the profile

Seguire il profilo

The first step you need to take to attract the attention of the boy or girl of your interest is to start following this person on Instagram , so that you can always keep an eye on the content he publishes and interact with them (in a polite and non obsessive, mind you).

To start, then, start the Instagram app that you must have previously downloaded on your Android device (from the Play Store or through alternative stores) or on your iPhone (from the App Store) and log in to your account. Alternatively, if you prefer to act as a PC, you can log in to Instagram through its official website.

Once this is done, locate the user of your interest, by typing its name in the Instagram search engine (the magnifying glass icon in the app or the search bar in the web version). After identifying his profile, click on the Follow button, in order to view all the contents he publishes in the Feed and in the Stories . By doing this, it will be easier to interact with them, as I will explain shortly.

Interacting with stories

As anticipated, a first method that you can put in place to attract the attention of a person – and getting them to respond to your messages – is definitely to interact with the content they post.

Starting with the stories, you must know that these contents can be seen both through the social network app and from your computer, by connecting to the official Instagram site.

In both cases, to view them, log in to your account and refer to the section above dedicated to Stories (it is the one that is characterized by the succession of round icons depicting the profile images of the users you follow). At this point, locate the story published by the person of your interest, scrolling through those that will be shown to you and press (or click) on it, to view it.

I remind you that you can also see the stories published by a user directly by going to his profile. In this regard, you should know that every time the user in question posts a new story, the thumbnail of his profile will be characterized by a red border .

In addition to viewing a story, it is also important to interact with it. For example, you can use the text field Send a message , to write a reply to the story (try to be original and / or give interesting discussion points on the topic of the story, if you want to increase the probability of receiving a reply), or directly use one of the smileys that is shown to you, to send a quick reaction , in order to quickly and easily attract the attention of the user.

Comment posts

Commentare i post

Another solution to get noticed and entice a person to reply to the messages sent is undoubtedly to comment on his posts . This is a less “invasive” method of contacting a boy or girl, compared to sending a private message, especially if there is not much confidence between you yet.

To comment on a post on Instagram, all you have to do is access your account through the social network app or by connecting to its official website.

Then , locate the post published by the person of your interest, press on the cartoon icon and type, in the text field that is shown to you, the comment you want to publish. Finally, click on the Send button, to send it. Again, try to be original and / or provide interesting discussion points, in order to involve other commentators and get noticed by the author of the content.

Send a private message

Inviare un messaggio privato

If you are more familiar with the boy or girl you are interested in, you can write him a private message: if you know each other and if you are already on good terms, he may answer you.

To start, log in to Instagram through the app of the photographic social network or connect to its official website. In both cases, press the airplane icon , which is located in the upper right corner.

Now, in the menu that is shown to you, press the pencil icon of the sheet of paper and, in the next text field, type the name of the person with the which one you want to contact, to open the dedicated private chat.

At this point, type the message text in the text field below and press the Enter button to send it.

How to get famous people to reply on Instagram

Instagram Dark Mode iPhone

Is the person you want to reply to a famous person? Certainly the indications and advice I gave you in the previous chapter of this tutorial are valid, as these are operations that can be implemented to attract the attention of any user.

Start, then, by following the user in question, by pressing the Follow button, so as to consequently always have an eye on the contents he publishes.

As for the interaction methods I told you earlier, starting with the stories , it is in this case It is essential that you interact with the story tools dedicated to user engagement, such as the questions box or the one called survey , to distinguish yourself from others and have a better chance of obtaining an answer.

You can also tag the famous person in your stories rong> from Instagram (by typing @ followed by her username ), to get her attention more and hope for her reply.

As for the comments , on the other hand, given the amount of comments probably present under his posts, I suggest you think well to the text of the message to be published. In fact, try to write a really interesting comment: in this way, he could receive several “likes” and, therefore, have a better chance of being noticed by the “VIP” in question.

Speaking, instead, of private messages , you have to bear in mind that, in this specific case, it is clearly difficult to get an answer. Usually, in fact, people who have a lot of followers on Instagram receive a lot of private messages and it is rather unlikely that they will read them all. It is therefore very difficult, in the case of a very famous person, to be able to get you to reply on Instagram to private messages, in the case of a very famous person.

How to get replies to stories on Instagram

Come farsi rispondere alle storie su Instagram

Would you like to make people respond to your Stories on Instagram ? In this case, know that it is easy to do so, as you just need to use the tools of the stories that entice users to interact.

To get started, then , start the photo social network app and log in to your account. Then, on the main screen, press the camera icon and start creating a story, by recording a video or taking a photo, using the shutter button .

Now, click on the square emoticon icon located in the upper right corner and, in the menu that comes to you shown, use one of the interaction tools present: the sticker survey , for example, allows you to ask a question to your followers, who will have to tap on one of the two choices.

Using the questions sticker, instead, you can ask an open-ended question or ask your followers to ask you one . Alternatively, by pressing on the musical note icon , you can get a suggestion for a song, among the songs in the Instagram library.

To start a challenge, instead, use the challenge button, in order to start one of the challenges that are proposed to you and appoint a person to follow it, using the tag (the at icon followed by the username of the person to be challenged).

More options of interaction are those offered by the sticker let’s chat , thanks to which you can invite your followers to send you a private message. In addition, you can also start a multiple choice quiz or set a countdown , using the appropriate stickers. Finally, using the slider , you can ask users to interact by moving a customizable cursor.

At the end of the creation of the story, you just have to publish it by clicking on the Your Story button and wait for the interactions. Easy, right?

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