How to get instagram followers: 20 practical tips

Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram without spending money and without using subterfuge? in that case you’ve come to the right place.

Sure, there are some shortcuts you could use like buying followers or using bots. But Instagram has improved the algorithm over time, and when it comes to detecting and punishing “unreal activities”. These unethical tactics may increase your number of followers for a short time, but they won’t do you any good in the long run.

Your goal must be to create an audience of real people who care about and interact with your account and therefore your brand. This is the only way your Instagram strategy will provide you with real business results.

How to get followers on Instagram for free: 20 simple tips

1. Having a social strategy

Using any social media without a clear and detailed plan leads to wasting all your resources and a low Roi (return on investment).

As you are reading this article, you are clearly aspiring to get more followers on Instagram. This is only the initial goal. But it needs to be part of a larger strategy linked to your business strategy and marketing goals.

Think about why you’re trying to get more followers on Instagram. Maybe you want to:

  • Increase the authority of your Brand
  • Increase the sales of your products
  • Drive more traffic to your site

Stay focused on these business goals, this will help keep your Instagram account consistent.

2. Use the Instagram Pods

You’ve most likely never heard of it, which is why others grow fast and you don’t, not yet at least

Known as Instagram pods, Telegram Pods or Engagement Groups, in a nutshell yes talks about groups for exchanging likes and comments, They are groups that few know and are used to exponentially increase the engagement of their account

with the increase in engagement, instagram perceives your quality content higher than other users and increases your visibility within the platform resulting in an exponential growth of organic followers, few have the privilege of being within one of these groups, if you want to join one of these groups we explained how to do it in this article on engagement groups

3. Define your target audience

You must be clear about what type of audience you are going to target, answer these questions to understand who these people are

  • When and how do they use Instagram?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?
  • What work do they do?

Reply these questions will help you create the right type of Instagram content to reach your ideal instagram followers

4. Create a consistent story and look for your Brand

Regardless of what you want to achieve, make sure you maintain a consistent personality, visual and story. Your posts should be easily distinguishable at a glance.

it is important that your audience knows who you are and what your goals are but above all you have to be recognizable even in the midst of a thousand other competitors, think of successful brands like Apple or Ferrari, what is the first thing that comes to you in mind thinking about these Brands? I’m sure you haven’t thought about the best performing phone or the fastest car etc .. you thought about an apple, a red car, the second thing that jumped into your mind is definitely steve jobs and enzo ferrari and the story of how they have created these successful brands

now create YOUR story, you would recognize a Ferrari in the midst of a thousand cars, make your brand unique and recognizable, to learn more about this topic I recommend my article on how to create a successful brand

5. Create a great profile with a nice bio

Your profile is the backbone of your Instagram presence and a well-made account is key to growing your audience.

Two-thirds of Instagram business profile visits come from non-followers. Your profile needs to convince those new views to click the Follow button. They won’t do this if your profile is unclear, incomplete, or unattractive.

Here’s what you can include in your profile:

  • Name : up to 30 characters, it appears in the Instagram search bar, so you may want to include a keyword.
  • Username: make it the same as your other social channels. This will make it easier for your followers on other platforms to find you on Instagram.
  • Website : The only place on Instagram where you can include a clickable link (in addition to invitations to action in announcements or quick jump to Stories).
  • Bio: 150 characters to communicate your brand identity and show new visitors why they should follow you.

6. Promote your Instagram presence in other Social Networks

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you need to make it easier for people to find you.

In other words, you need to make your Instagram profile easily identifiable.

If you’ve already created a following on another social network, let fans know that your Instagram account exists. Share a link to your Instagram profile and give your followers a compelling reason to look at it. (Like an exclusive coupon code or bonus content.)

If you’ve just started your Instagram account, be sure to post some content before promoting your account elsewhere. You must have posted at least a minimum of 12 posts.

You may also highlight some of your best Instagram posts on your other channels. Consider boosting these posts with paid advertising to make sure more followers follow you on Instagram.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags make your posts and stories discoverable for people looking for content related to your brand, industry or products.

Before using hashtag to get more followers on Instagram, make sure you know WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO with hashtags on intagram

WHAT TO DO: Find and use what’s popular.

Use the search function in Instagram to find popular hashtags related to your product, service or industry. Then, monitor the content posted with that hashtag on Instagram so you can get an idea of ​​the type of content people are interacting with.

WHAT TO DO: Create your own hashtag.

Create your own hashtag that will motivate your audience to share photos related to your brand.

WHAT NOT TO DO: Don’t overdo it.

Using too many hashtags can distract your audience and detract from your post, making them feel desperate or, even worse, spam.

WHAT NOT TO DO: Don’t use tricks

The use of hashtags like #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes or #followme will not increase your followers, they will probably only be seen by spammers or people interested only in being followed, this will not help you build a meaningful and engaging community on your Instagram posts.

Focus on use of hashtags specific to your photo , product or business.

Be careful: There are some hashtags that are banned from instagram i might get you an annoying shadowban, make sure you don’t use them by checking the full list here

8. Tag your location

Whenever there is a clear location element in the post or story, it is worth adding a location tag. your content on Instagram.

If your business has a physical location, be sure to tag it and encourage customers to do the same. Users can then click on that location and see all the photos and stories posted by your shop, restaurant, or office. This can help expose your brand (and Instagram account) to more people.

For example, here’s what you get when you search for Van Wonderen Stroopwafels’ location in Amsterdam:

If you’re posting from a conference or event, adding your location can help you connect with other attendees, exposing your account to a highly targeted group of new potential Instagram followers.

9. Point to the Explore tab

The Explore tab is what you see when you click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. According to Instagram itself, this is where “you can find photos and videos you might like from accounts you don’t follow yet.”

The Explore tab contains Instagram posts, stories and IGTV. Users first see a grid of contents chosen by the algorithm. They then have the option of choosing to delve into specific topics using the topic channels at the top of the screen.

More than 200 million people visit the Explore tab every day. It’s a huge opportunity for brands looking to grow their audience.

So how can you get your content to appear in the Explore tab? It’s not easy. Fortunately, we have an entire article dedicated to helping you figure this out.

10. Follow other relevant users

When you follow someone on Instagram, there’s a good chance they’ll check your feed. If it’s full of interesting content that’s relevant to their interests, they’re likely to return the favor.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t be following too many other accounts too quickly. The relationship between the number of your followers and how many accounts you follow is important for your credibility.

Of course, following others is only the first step. To maximize the number of new followers, you must also…

Like all social networks, Instagram is based on the communities built within it. you have to interact with those communities.

Like and comment on content from other credible users in your community. Avoid generic comments (like “Great posts!”) That seem to come from bots.

This helps attract attention (and potential new followers) in three ways:

    People see when you interact with their posts and can check your profile to return the favor.

  • When someone engages with your content, it appears in their followers’ Activity tab, exposing you to a new one extended audience.
  • Greater engagement is a great signal for the Instagram algorithm and increases your chances of entering the Explore tab.

12. Tag relevant users

You can tag Instagram users in your photos with an @mention in the caption or by using the Instagram tagging feature. Either way, they’ll be notified when you do.

Tagging someone encourages them to interact with the post and share it with their followers.

When you tag someone on Instagram Stories, they can share that content with its own story with just a couple of clicks. In that case, anyone viewing their Story sees your username and can click on your account.

13. Ask your followers to tag their friends

From time to time, try encouraging your followers to tag their friends in the comments. This can help expose your Instagram account to a wider network of people.

14. Constantly post

Your existing followers want to see your content. That’s why they followed you

As we just said, when users interact with your posts, that activity is visible to their followers. So give them something great to interact with!

To figure out the best time to post, consider your audience. How is their typical day? When are they most active on Instagram?

Start testing multiple times and measuring results. If you’re a retail brand, for example, you might want to test posting during commuting times and weekends when people aren’t at work.

15. Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts to go live in advance allows you to plan a coherent Instagram grid that tells an overall story. It also allows you to spend time creating excellent captions, rather than trying to come up with something witty on the fly.

16. Write compelling captions

Although Instagram is a visual platform, your captions play an important role in increasing engagement, and as you’ve already seen, reach and engagement are key factors to get more followers on Instagram.

A very important thing that nobody tells you is that instagram also tracks the time spent on your posts, so a long enough caption will keep your followers busy reading,

permanence is one of the key factors that Instagram takes into consideration when deciding which posts should be included in the explore tab

Here are some key strategies to keep in mind:

  • Put the most important words first . Texts in user feeds are cut after a few lines of text, so convey the most interesting information from the start.
  • Ask a question. This entices your audience to leave a comment. Such engagement will help make your account visible to more people.
  • Try emojis. Emojis can help grab the reader’s attention and are appropriate for most account types on this visual social network.
  • Try different caption lengths . Instagram allows long captions, so you can test out some in-depth storytelling if your post warrants it. ultra-short tests you can test them but I don’t recommend them.

You can find more tips, along with many examples of big brands, in our guide to writing great captions that increase engagement.

17. Embrace Instagram Stories

We’ve already mentioned the stories in many of the tips, but it’s worth calling this feature specifically. Simply put, if you want to get more Instagram followers, you need to use Instagram Stories. Half a billion Instagram accounts use Stories every day, and 45% of the most viewed stories come from businesses

People who use Stories have high engagement. According to Instagram, nearly one in five stories leads to receiving in a direct message.

Use the hashtag and location features in your stories to expose them to people who don’t already follow you. This is a great, yet underused, way to get Instagram followers for free.

Learn more in our complete guide to using Instagram Stories.

18. Use interactive features

Instagram Stories offer many interactive features to engage users, such as polls, stickers and questions.

If users come across your story from a hashtag or location page, that instant interaction opportunity is a great way to make them want to learn more about your brand by following you up.

19. The importance of live video

Instagram is the perfect place to take advantage of live video, a trend that continues to grow on social media. Using interactive features like questions and comments, you can interact with viewers in real time, creating even more engagement which can help you increase your reach.

Live videos are displayed in the story zone. When the live video is finished, you can either let it disappear or choose to make it available for playback on your Stories for 24 hours. Users are notified when an account they follow starts broadcasting live, so a live video really grabs attention.

To show your live video in front of a whole new audience, use the option “Go Live With A Friend” to host a live video with someone else in your industry. Ask the other person to host a live video, then invite you as a guest. The two of you will appear in a split screen, introducing all your followers to each other.

20. Include most of the stories in the Highlights

The Highlights of the stories give you the opportunity to introduce your brand to the people who visit your profile. Fill these highlights with loads of great information and content to show new visitors exactly why they should click Follow.

Take advantage of your highlights cover photos too. Vancouver nail artist Bee Lalli does a great job on the Instagram account for her salon, ClassyClaws.

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