How to get more followers on Instagram

Surely the popularity on the most used social network of the moment is a useful tool in the hands of boys / girls who want to become influencers or emerging brands that aspire to increase notoriety and sales. Instagram in particular, not everyone knows that it reserves a special treatment to the most followed people and with a greater number of followers such as eg. the ability to link the products directly in the photos, the blue tick etc …

Some tips to get more Instagram followers

Publish original photos and use high impact filters

This technique may seem obvious but it is essential to be successful on Instagram and increase the number of followers, likes and interactions. It is important to keep in mind that the goal is not only to get followers but above all to amaze and involve them by constantly renewing the bulletin board with captivating images or videos that know how to capture the attention of the widest slice of the market. In this way we will obtain the loyalty of the followers who will begin to follow us with continuity, fidelity and admiration.

Connect the Instagram profile to the Facebook page

This is a good way to increase followers and likes with minimal effort. About 60% of Facebook users also have an Instagram account and with a few steps you can link them to get more visibility. In fact, in most cases, users who have decided to follow a Facebook profile (friends, acquaintances, companies) will have no problem following it on Instagram too, allowing you to increase popularity.

Use a universal language like English

We must always remember that we operate within international social networks and it is therefore advisable to use a language that can reach and be understood by a greater number of users. Opening up to an international audience will significantly increase engagement resulting in an effective method to increase followers on Instagram with minimal knowledge.

Choose the most popular hashtags for your posts

It is one of the most functional strategies to increase followers and likes. Inserting the most popular and relevant hashtags to the photo will increase the likes and interactions right away. To find out which are the most popular hashtags, I suggest you search on google for sites that show the rankings of Instagram Hashtags, or use apps that recommend hashtags by dividing them into categories.

Like and comment on other people’s posts

By putting a lot of likes or even better by commenting on the photos that interest us, in all probability a part of these people will reciprocate with a follow or a like, guaranteeing immediate growth with minimal effort. It is a psychological mechanism of ‘solidarity between influencers’ that is triggered with this procedure. The same procedure works with the exchange of likes, comments and above all follow.

Publish your posts at the right time

Not many people know that posting at certain times increases engagement and the ability to create new opportunities. Choosing the right hours therefore becomes a keystone in the editorial strategy of a true influencer or successful brand. Statistics indicate that it is better to publish after 5.00 pm and that scheduled publication (eg a photo every X hours) significantly increases the yield of posts.

Start by following the hashtag #firstpost

It is an effective and simple method to increase likes and followers. Just type the hashtag “firstpost” into the search bar and follow as many people as possible. It is proven that people who have just joined Instagram are the most likely to return the follow in the short time. Also using this hashtag in your posts you can receive new followers and likes from people who use the same technique and increase your popularity on Instagram.

Buy followers to improve engagement

If you want to quickly increase your credibility on Instagram, there is only one possibility: increase followers, likes, views and comments by purchasing SocialRaise packages. With a few euros you can amaze your real followers by showing the numbers of a real influencer or a big brand. Statistics show that large numbers have greater appeal and arouse curiosity in the social media audience.

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