How to get more followers on Instagram for free

You have been a member of the photographic social network for some time, but for a while you have been wondering how to get more followers on Instagram for free . Yes, I said free, because the general trend is to fall from the trap of paid loot, which generate contacts but fake profiles that you do not really need.
In this regard we would like to advise you, in the in the event that you want to invest money in the purchase of likes and followers to rely on companies with proven experience and who are specialists in the sector, avoiding falling victim to scams.
In any case, this is a discourse that we will then have the opportunity to deepen at a later time, now let’s focus on how to get more free followers on Instagram.
In social networks, we know that the notoriety and importance passes precisely from the number of followers that you manage to have and above all from the interactions that you can establish with most of them.
So if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram for free , what we recommend is to get comfortable and enjoy this short guide that we offer you below. Happy reading!

How to get more followers on Instagram for free: constancy & quality

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To understand how to get more followers on Instagram for free we will first focus on actions that you will have to take and that will surely bring you results, but in a rather broad temple spectrum.

The first thing you need to do is post videos and photos that are well done and that are featured on a regular basis. If you post content once a week or more, you can’t expect your profile to work alone and generate followers on its own. You have to somehow be able to draw attention to yourself and neglecting your profile is absolutely not the right way.

Of course then you will tell me that you could use applications for generating contacts , that’s true, but if you are not able to keep them what are you doing?
So for how many commitments you can have, try to publish at least 1 or 2 items a day, in order to make yourself appreciated. But this is not enough, the photos and videos you are going to post must be of excellent quality to give your profile a better chance of hosting new followers.
Get a good camera or a latest generation smartphone and you will already be one step ahead.

How to get more followers on Instagram for free: observe without copying

Yes, you read that correctly, see if no copying, what does it mean? Very simple. Instagram follows fashions and trends and you will have to do the same. always try to keep up to date by following the profiles that at a certain moment are the most trendy. Influencers who are able to move dozens and dozens of profiles even when they make a very simple story.
Draw inspiration from them to choose the topics to cover and how to set up your posts, but never look like their bad copy. Make your publications always look original.

All Instagram subscribers they are always looking for new and innovative content, boredom is always around the corner and if you want to be successful you have to be able to keep their attention high.
Instagram gives you the opportunity to see what are considered the most popular contents of the moment thanks to the “Explore” section, which can be accessed with a tap on the magnifying glass if you are using a mobile device, on the compass for your PC .

How to get more followers on Instagram for free: hashtag mon amour

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Can you use hashtags? Do you know what they are? The world’s most famous # hashs are very useful in finding the right answer to how to get more followers for free on Instagram. Thing? Don’t you know how this is possible?

Hashtags act as labels, as they define the topic or content present in an image or video. Whenever a user searches on Instagram, the social network’s internal search engine returns relevant results based on the hashtags present in the post.
So what you will have to do is simply use the hashtags that they are at a precise moment not only the most popular, but those most relevant to your content, in this way you will increase its visibility and this will allow you to increase the visibility of your posts and probably the number of your followers. NB You will never have to fall into the trap of going off-topic, that is to use hashtags that have nothing to do with the content of a photo or video just because they are trendy.

Yes, you are right , you are certainly not a fortune-teller, how do you know which hashtags are in vogue at a given moment? There are apps and online services, completely free, that will surely help you:

  • top hashtag
  • websta
  • HashTags for Instagram
  • Top Tags
  • How to get more followers for free on Instagram? Connect your social profiles? Don’t know what I mean by this? I’ll explain it to you right away. If you decide to connect your Instagram with Facebook, what you publish on one will also be visible on the other immediately. This will allow you to save a lot of time and above all to win a large number of followers.
    Your Facebook friends will probably be passionate about your publications and in order not to lose any of them they will end up giving you the Follow too on Instagram.
    In this step, the ability to propose content that is of quality remains of extreme importance. How do the accounts connect? I was just getting there, if you are not in too much of a hurry, continue reading.
    > Start the Instagram application and proceed by entering your login details in case you are asked. At this point, from the Instagram home page, click on the little man icon or the thumbnail of your profile photo> (…)> Options> Connected accounts> Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.
    Simple right? From now on your accounts will be linked and their use will be simple.
    By doing this you will be able to optimize your time (since you will not have to manually publish the same content on multiple social networks) and, why not, invest it to interact with your audience, as I’m about to explain.

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    No, I am not talking about the simple publication of photos and videos, unfortunately it is not enough, if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram for free then you must also ask yourself if you interact enough with what your audience is.
    Instagram gives you many possibilities to get in touch with your followers. In the stories you can for example insert questions or surveys.
    You can also decide to do live broadcasts, which can be of great help to allow your followers to talk to you directly. While you are live, they can send you messages that you can reply to.
    Also, you must never forget to reply to comments, both positive and negative, that others leave on your wall. Also pay close attention to Direct that someone could use to contact you privately.
    Finally, you yourself must propose by leaving likes and comments under other people’s posts, even those who are not yet your followers and that perhaps intrigued by your interaction, decide to become one.

    The surveys

    Surveys are one of the most useful tools when you want to interact with your followers. Instagram has decided to introduce a sticker for polls, to be used in stories.

    With a simple click, your followers will be able to give you their opinion on a topic that perhaps you have addressed in the stories.
    You can also decide to insert a box in which your followers can ask you a question or, which is very popular at the moment, have the opportunity to tell you a little about them.
    Remember that life on social media is lived in a parallel way to the real one and for people to be able to compare, even more, anonymously is almost a kind of therapy, being able to tell what you cannot tell anyone else.

    Analyze your profile statistics

    How to get more free followers on Instagram? You need to switch to a business profile. What do you say? Don’t you understand what it means? I’ll explain right away.
    By transforming your account into a company profile you will have the possibility to use a feature called Statistical Data, this allows you to analyze the statistics of your profile.
    Thanks to this section you will have updated graphs referring to the last 7 days. This way you can see what your target audience is:

    • gender
    • age
    • geographical origin
    • day of the week and time when your profile sees the most traffic

    All elements that allow you to study your publications. Furthermore, always thanks to Statistical data you will be able to see which contents are able to collect a greater number of likes and interactions.

    In this way you can also manage the contents you are going to create, taking inspiration , no longer from others but from yourself.
    In all this it remains essential that you follow the steps below to transform your account into a corporate one. Start the Instagram app and access your profile> icon of the little man or thumbnail of your profile picture> three horizontal lines> Settings> Account> Switch to company account.
    Simple and fast, but really useful if you want to change the performance of your account.

    How to get more followers on Instagram free app

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    How to get more followers on Instagram app for free? Which ones are they? Is it convenient to use them? We have come this far and I think we have many ideas for you to increase the number of your followers on Instagram.

    We would like to conclude by introducing you to some of the applications that will answer your question: how to get more followers on instagram free app?


    Captivate is an application available for iOS devices and allows you to increase the number of your followers based on one of the key mechanisms of the social network, follow / unfollow.

    What is your strategy? Quickly follow many users and wait to receive the follow back. An extremely simple mechanism but that can be extremely effective. But this is just one of the apps you could use, keep reading.

    Followers Assistant

    How to get more followers on Instagram app for free? Follower Assistant, one of the best applications to increase followers on Instagram, too bad it can only be used by Android smartphones.
    Excellent reviews of this application that only thanks to the link of your profile from the start of a series of automatic activities that allow the growth of followers.

    Through the app you can see who no longer follows you, who has not returned your follower, which users follow you even if not reciprocated: in short, a real virtual manager at the complete service of your profile, to be consulted when su desires and is able to bring the associated profile to a guaranteed success.

    The alternative that all those who have an iPhone can use is: InsFollowers, downloadable for free from the App store , which works very similar to Follower Assistant.

    Neutrino +

    Neutrino + is an application, well known by those who constantly use social media. Unfortunately it is not possible to download it from the official stores, but it is necessary to use the APK for Android.

    How does it work? The purchase of followers takes place through a virtual currency, represented by diamonds, which can be earned through the follow-back to other users (selected from those using the app) or can be purchased directly through microtransactions.

    If you use it in a manner constant it will be possible to obtain excellent results and you will see your profile grow rapidly.


    Iconosquare is the last of the apps we would like to tell you about. It can be downloaded from both the Android and iOS stores and is perfect for anyone who wants to increase the popularity of their company profile. It will be your social media manager.

    So if your inspiration is to become an influencer, the app will really help you and will also allow you to consult the followers you have acquired and those you have lost.

    You will also be able to consult the statistics relating to the most successful posts and have control over the best hashtags to use within your posts, in order to program the best strategy to increase followers in no time.


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