How to get more followers on Instagram

Avere più follower su Instagram

Having more followers on Instagram means developing a strategic plan where content and relationships mix synergistically.

In fact, with the evolution of business marketing, focusing exclusively on quality content is no longer enough to achieve results in line with one’s goals.

With marketing 4.0, companies must cultivate new relationships that can increase their notoriety and reputation even in the digital world.

It is this last aspect that limits all those profiles who have chosen to use an automatic bot to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

Bots, in addition to being penalized by the social network itself, do not favor the birth of new relationships between igers from all over the world, and this can be a limit for those who want to transform this platform into a virtual shop ( find out how to enhance an ecommerce on Instagram) where to sell innovative products or services.

The management of visual content and interactions with other users of the platform are just two of the factors that allow you to increase popularity on Instagram, since there are additional elements that determine a growth of followers within the social network network by Mark Zuckerberg.

Having more followers on Instagram: creating a personalized editorial plan

The first step to getting more followers on Instagram is to create a personalized editorial plan.

The editorial plan is a document that will tell us: what to publish, how to publish and when to publish.

This last question will characterize the editorial calendar, or another document that will be attached to the editorial plan.

Once our editorial plan has been defined, we can start sharing content that is consistent with our business activity or with our digital project.

Obviously all the photos must have a single central topic, established in a strategic phase, in order to enhance the products or services offered on the market and the related business idea.

Another fundamental factor to increase the number of followers on Instagram is the constancy of publication.

We cannot expect to be popular on the platform with sporadic publications or without a logical criterion.

For this reason it is advisable to draw up an editorial calendar where you will identify the number of photos to be published and any publication times, so as to avoid being labeled as a spammer (find out why Instagram followers have decreased).

In addition to being consistent and constant, it will be necessary to use hashtags relevant to the topics covered as well as insert a persuasive caption able to engage our followers.

Behind the choice of hashtags, there is a real planning strategy.

Some people always choose the same ones, while others vary them in each publication. I recommend an intermediate solution that is: identify a block of hashtags to use for all the contents and a variable part to alternate for each specific photo.

Instead, as regards the caption, the description must convey our emotions, our feelings or alternatively must describe in detail what has been immortalized. We can write in Italian or opt for English, but in this case beware of translation errors.

The caption must represent the input through which to cultivate relationships on the social network and improve, at the same time, the level of popularity.

Having more followers on Instagram: personalizing content

The personalization of content also involves the constant use of one or more filters that will become our trademark over time.

We can edit our photos with the filters made available by Instagram or through the editing programs such as: Vsco, Snapseed or Enlight that allow you to use some really pleasing color shades for our eyes (discover the best apps to edit a photo from your smartphone).

Customizing your content is essential to increase interactions on Instagram, since an original content will be much more appreciated than one without distinctive elements.

Having more followers on Instagram: interacting with other igers

As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, to have more followers on Instagram it is no longer sufficient to produce quality content but it is necessary to interact with the other users of the platform.

Interacting means commenting on the contents of other igers, leaving a spontaneous like, sending a message or organizing events and contests where each follower is the active protagonist of our digital project.

In fact, our fans want to collaborate with us, they want to get recognition and they want to be pampered.

For these reasons, we cannot expect to become popular without interacting with those who follow us constantly.

Having more followers on Instagram: taking advantage of Instagram Stories

Stories are now a reality of digital marketing and therefore cannot be ignored by those who want to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

With Instagram Stories you can:

– Create polls;

– Telling your days;

– Geolocate yourself in a specific area;

– Use gifs;

– Tag another user;

In short, with Instagram Stories you can use many useful features to increase popularity on the social network.

Having more followers on Instagram: install the Instagram tab on the Facebook page

To have more followers on Instagram we can also exploit the potential of Facebook tabs.

This strategy is particularly suitable for those who have a company page and want to integrate the Instagram tab within the same page.

To create a custom tab we have two options:

– Use one of the many tools on the web;

– Search for it in the Facebook search engine and configure it according to your needs;

In both cases, the tab will have to enhance the content posted in such a way as to encourage other users of the network to follow that particular personal or company profile.

Having more followers on Instagram: sponsoring content

With the recent changes to the Instagram algorithm, the growth of followers on the platform can also be achieved by sponsoring one or more content.

In fact, among the objectives of social advertising, there is also that of giving visibility to a specific profile.

To promote a post on Instagram we can use the Facebook Business Manager or promote post, button present only in company profiles.

Therefore, those with a private account cannot advertise their content, but must first convert the private profile into a business account and then exploit all the potential of the tools made available by the same social network.

Having more followers on Instagram: sharing your name

Another solution to increase the number of followers on Instagram is that relating to sharing the nametag (find out how to use the nametag on WordPress).

The nametag is a sticker that can be shared: on instant messaging apps, on social networks, in emails and even on corporate blogs.

Whoever views the nametag will be able to read the code using their smartphone in order to add the user to their friends list.


To have more followers on Instagram you need to: develop a personalized editorial calendar, customize the contents, interact with other users of the network and above all involve them in your digital project.

Furthermore, each user can exploit the potential of social advertising, Instagram Stories and integrated communication.

In this respect, the work will be simplified by the installation of the Instagram tab on the Facebook page which will allow marketing on both platforms controlled by Mark Zuckerberg.

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