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You are a fan of social networks and you can’t help but publish content every day, including posts, photos , video and more. The Net is your daily bread and you are constantly looking for strategies to strengthen the relationship with your followers. In this regard, you have read many insights and guides, you have experienced many solutions and you believe that your work deserves much more than the results you have achieved.

Did I understand correctly? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get more followers ? I certainly can’t blame you: creating content, regardless of its type, is undoubtedly an exciting challenge, but it is obvious that the greatest satisfaction comes when it starts to circulate and be shared among other people.

Do you think this is impossible? Do you think you’ll never make it because you’ve been trying for a long time and haven’t pulled a spider out of the hole so far? Do not give up, I am sure that, with a little more effort, you will succeed. Why don’t you try to follow my advice too? In this guide, you will find several that may come in handy on the various platforms you use. Courage, after all, giving up is not like you and I am sure that at least a little bit you will be able to improve the situation. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


Preliminary information

App social sullo smartphone

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, let me make an important premise: if you had thought of putting your hand to your wallet to quickly increase the number of your followers, let me tell you that it is not worth buying followers, both because with the right strategy you can be able to reach a good number of fans for free, and because often the paid services of direct purchase of followers essentially consist in the purchase of bots, therefore of empty profiles, behind which, unfortunately, there is no user.

Exploiting such systems, which, among other things, are not always cheap, your content will get as many hits but won’t reach as many people, and it doesn’t make any sense to create posts, photos or videos for bots, just for the sake of showing that you have a profile with important numbers. What success is it, after all? Much better to have fewer fans, however passionate, loyal and interacting with the content, rather than a disproportionate number of followers, many of which are represented by bots: never forget this golden rule.

Furthermore, as I have also explained to you in this guide specifically dedicated to the purchase of followers, many platforms do not look favorably on the purchase of fans, therefore they could decide to penalize or even close accounts that rely on this practice. In short, if you ever decide to buy fans and then have problems of various kinds, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you!

How to get more followers without paying

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premises above, let’s get to the point and try to understand how to get more followers without paying. The solutions at your disposal, in this sense, are not few. In this regard, let me immediately remind you that true success is not built overnight and that it is the result of a lot of work , continuous sacrifices and great determination . You can also be a talented person, but it is of little use to have talent if you don’t know how to cultivate it.

Generally, I invite you to be wary of who you are. promises, for example by offering you the purchase of apps, courses or services of various types, to obtain the success you want in a short time: they could be real scams, or collaborations that, in the end, will only deceive you.

If you have to invest, invest some time in yourself! Since the algorithms of social networks change constantly, remember to always keep up to date and understand how to get more followers for free based on the changes of the moment, ask for advice from those who are enjoying success and imitate those who have succeeded in enterprise. You have to be like a sponge: absorb as much as possible from those who are doing better or have started a long time ago.

Choose carefully which courses to follow and which books to buy based on the real, objective and proven results achieved by those who propose the contents in question: alas, out there it is full of “sellers of smoke ”which offer courses and books, often at disproportionate prices, simply by recycling information taken from other courses (often American) and having not achieved any real results in their social media activity. We must be very careful!

That said, let’s get to work and see what strategies to implement to increase followers on various social platforms. I will focus on Instagram , TikTok , Twitter and other platforms in particular but consider that, while taking into account the differences that exist between the various social networks, some tips apply across the board for all services.

Another thing: before proceeding with the strategies illustrated below, know from my doubts that you must complete your profile with all the required information , because whoever finds you must know who you are, what you do and what content you want to propose. Also, do not underestimate the contribution of other social networks: if, for example, you are very famous on a platform, it would not be wrong to advertise – obviously avoiding spam! – your profile on other social platforms. In short, introduce yourself well, make the most of what you already have available and you will see that you will already start on the right foot!

How to get more followers on Instagram

Tanti loghi Instagram

You came to this tutorial because you want know how to get more followers on Instagram ? How to blame you: Instagram is the most popular social network of recent times (it has now taken over from Facebook for a very large slice of users, at least in the West) and it is essential to use it to increase your online popularity.

First, always start with the content: if you have budget to invest and you are serious about making your project, consider buying a good camera (obviously a smartphone with a camera that does its job well could help you too) to realize the your posts and stories. These latter contents are the ones most appreciated by users and, therefore, I advise you to focus particularly on them, producing enough and interesting ones throughout the day, trying to involve followers as much as possible, with questions, surveys and more.

Instagram, rewards high quality photos and videos , so pay close attention to this aspect, as well as to originality of the contents. I do not know your project but always keep in mind the image of you (or your business) that you want to convey to those who follow you: for example, if you intend to open a page with funny contents, it is useless to post serious selfies (unless you want to make fun of influencers in some way). You must always think about the audience you are targeting, understand it fully and behave accordingly: identifying the target is one of the first steps towards success.

Also think about creating more content and distributing it during the week : in no case, in fact, you will have to stop updating your Instagram page, since a behavior of this type is penalized both by the algorithm of the social network and by the fans, who could lose the interest they had and that you were able to arouse with your posts. The password is “constancy”!

If you want to increase followers on Instagram , you will also need to learn how to use hashtags well, looking for the most popular ones, but which still fit the content you posted (adding hashtags out of context, just because they are popular, is frowned upon by the community). Label your photos well and choose the right hashtags, thinking not only about the content of the shot but also related ones. An example: if you took a photo in the rain, surely # rain # bad weather etc. may be the hashtags of the shot, but no one forbids you to also use #tristezza associating the atmospheric conditions to the mood.

There are apps that allow you to understand which is the best hashtag, that is the most popular, related to the topic you are interested in: use them when you have doubts, choose the most suitable hashtags (even three or four are fine, not overdo the number) and your content will certainly be more likely to be seen. Don’t disdain the use of English , given that Instagram users are made up of many English speakers: if you want to reach them, you certainly can’t write only in Italian!

In all cases, never forget to interact with users: if they comment, reply (as far as possible); organize direct and make them participate in your life with the aforementioned stories. Somehow, you have to make them understand that you are reachable and that your relationship does not end with the publication of a photo.

In case you have a highly specialized page, for example in gardening, green products, water sports etc., it is very important to follow the fans and gurus of the sector , without forgetting to interact with the fans who comment on the posts that the more experts publish: it will serve to get you noticed, to make those who read you understand that you have the same interests and, maybe why not, to get some likes from them.

Depopulating on Instagram is not easy, but the tools that this platform offers are now many and over time you could get great satisfaction. If you want to know even more, read my guide dedicated specifically to how to become popular on Instagram.

How to get more followers on TikTok

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TikTok , the famous Chinese platform based on short videos, is very popular because it allows you to create highly customized videos, which are more often than not fun for users. Everyone uses it in their own way but it is clear that to be successful, unless you are already well known, you have to focus on content quality ; even in this case, in short, avoid poor content, for example grainy, backlit and, in general, approximate videos. Creativity is very important but quality is just as important.

The secret is not to create an avalanche of content, but to publish just one that’s good for the day. Furthermore, consider that, even if you publish a thousand posts, they will not all be successful, especially for a matter related to the algorithm, which does not give the same visibility to every content: therefore, you should work on little material and, at the most, if you do not want to give up some videos that seem particularly successful, you can schedule them to be released during the week.

I also remind you l ‘importance of being constant : never abandon your profile, constantly capture the attention of your followers by involving them, perhaps inserting questions in the video captions, and don’t let them forget you. Don’t think you’re the only one on TikTok: there are tons of aspiring influencers, the contents are myriad, and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll end up losing what little you’ve built.

It goes without saying that hashtags are also important in this case, as I have already explained to you for Instagram: these labels are essential because they insert your video into a series of videos offering the same content. The user interested in this topic will have to select the hashtag to see what TikTok offers, and if you worked well you could also quit.

In all cases, remember that TikTok is not only the social network of videos but it is also the realm of music : do not associate random tracks to your videos, and always choose the one that can somehow trigger a reaction from the user. Everything will, of course, depend on the content of your video. In this regard, you might be interested in my in-depth information on how to put songs on TikTok.

Another fundamental thing about TikTok is to identify and exploit trend of the moment : if you do, you will have a better chance of being taken into account by the algorithm and found by users. If you still want more tips on how to be successful on TikTok , consult the guide I have dedicated to the topic: I hope it will be useful.

How to get more followers on Twitter

Tanti loghi Twitter

You don’t know how to get more Twitter followers? I repeat: originality and constancy must be the key to your presence on social networks. With the necessary exceptions, in fact, there is no successful character who has not proposed something innovative (or useful) and who has not worked thoroughly on the contents.

Twitter is certainly not the social network of photos and videos, since everything is essentially based on text, especially on short posts which, in some way, move a criticism, offer food for thought or they simply tear a smile. This means that you will have to pay more attention to what you write because you will have fewer characters available. Never underestimate the importance of concentrating an interesting message in a few characters to attract attention on Twitter.

If you want to be successful but can’t still figuring out which style to use, try taking inspiration from the most popular content ; as I told you for Instagram, you must be a “sponge”. Be careful though: you don’t have to copy but get inspired, understand, that is, which path you could take to get noticed. It seems difficult, but with a good spin among the most read tweets the ideas should clear up!

It goes without saying that you will have to bet a lot on hashtag , exploiting above all those related to trending topics of the day: talking about something everyone is talking about will allow you, in fact, to potentially get much more visibility than tweets concerning other topics. This does not mean that you will only have to write about discussed issues, but that, as far as possible and compatibly with the areas of your interest, trending topics should not be missing in your profile.

I recommend that you comment on the posts of the users you follow a lot and do everything possible to give original and constructive contributions to the posts of well-known personalities : obtaining visibility and, perhaps, several likes and retweets, will give you the opportunity to acquire a good number of followers. Obviously, don’t comment so much to “get there first” and always think about what you write: tweeting something wrong, or an opinion that has nothing interesting, will only make you look foolish!

How? Want more tips on how to increase Twitter followers ? I still have something to tell you, and I’m sure this guide will come in handy.

How to get more followers on other platforms


In case you are looking for more specific information about Facebook , I recommend this guide in which I explain how to increase the likes on the famous social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg; if, on the other hand, you are a video game enthusiast and are looking for tips for Twitch , in this in-depth study I’ll explain how to grow without spending money.

How to get more paid followers

Tanti euro uno sopra all'altro

I began by telling you that it is not necessary to buy followers directly and that, more often than not, it is a counterproductive practice as it is based on fictitious and not real accounts (also useless for any company wishing to contact you to undertake a commercial collaboration). However, I can definitely advise you to pay to increase the visibility of your content using the official tools made available by the various platforms.

I am essentially referring to sponsorships, and I’ll explain immediately why you could use them to increase fans: when you sponsor your profile or a post on social networks through official channels, you invest money not on fake profiles but on real people. The content of the post, in fact, will be seen by real users (and well identified in terms of age, interests, etc.) who, at that point, will be able to decide whether to follow you or not; if they do, you will have gotten not a bot but a potential fan, who may like the topics you cover, the content you post, and so on.

If you have savings and are particularly interested in growing your profile, I recommend my sponsorship guides on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. If you want to promote your tweet, however, I recommend Twitter Ads , which I talk about in this in-depth analysis.

I can imagine that you want to increase followers to earn with social networks, and you do well to set this goal for yourself because it is also right to get economic gratification for the efforts made. I don’t know how many your fans, likes and views you receive daily, but this monetization guide of mine might help you.

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