How to get more views on Facebook

Nowadays, figuring out how to get more views on Facebook is a bit like playing musical chairs. Everyone does, so it can be hard to tell who’s really successful or just lucky.

You may be obsessed with the perfect strategy for winning coveted spots on users’ news feeds. But in key moments, your posts can be deleted by the companies that made better choices when they mattered. However, don’t give up yet.

Why it’s so hard to get views on Facebook
Even if it takes work, getting exposure on Facebook isn’t impossible or random. Post views depend in part on “organic reach,” a metric score that you can check in your Insights tab. Organic reach is the amount of users who see your posts through free and unpaid circulation.

Now that Facebook is flooded with content, organic reach is declining as the platform tries to perfect what it does. every user sees. News media curate 1,500 possible story posts every time a user logs in, says Brian Boland, Publisher Solutions’ Facebook VP. People with a large network or high level of engagement could have a queue of up to 15,000 stories.

Put simply, there is a lot of content vying for attention. Facebook prioritizes posts that are most relevant and engaging to the user, so it’s helpful to know what interests your audience. If you want to get noticed on Facebook, try these clever tactics to promote your business.

Develop a highly targeted audience
Surprisingly, having too many followers can damage your visibility on Facebook. The platform rewards significant activity, so popularity without commitment is useless. The bigger your audience, the harder it is to keep engagement levels high.

Algorithms see your posts as spam if you get a lot of views, but a few clicks. It’s more effective to target a manageable audience of people who regularly engage with your content.

Start monitoring your current followers and how they interact with your content. Look for trends between their interests and demographics to build a brand persona.

Use the Audience Optimization tool to find a favorite and similar audience that is likely to respond well to your content. This way, you will have a better chance of getting comments, likes and shares on each post. Friends from your favorite audience can also see the content, which increases your organic reach.

Create shareable content, but post less often

Stop feeling guilty if you don’t post updates all day. A 2015 HubSpot study showed that business pages with 1,001-10,000 followers get fewer clicks and more post. In fact, organizations that posted 60 times a month earned 60% fewer clicks per post, compared to companies with five or fewer posts per month.

Aim for a peak of around 5-30 posts per month, and try not to exceed two posts per day. Instead, focus on creating calls to action that motivate people to keep engaging with your posts.

For example:
Ask a question to solicit comments.

Date insightful hint with visual help for readers to get reactions.
Ask readers to share experiences related to a topic.
Run contests that require constant effort to win.
Share a bunch of helpful links on a topic and ask others to do the same.
Recurring interaction keeps your content high in the news feed , providing access to larger networks.

Enlist your email subscribers

Email subscribers can provide a reliable source of traffic to your Facebook page. Let them know when you post content relevant to their interests. Be sure to tag other companies or social influencers if you mention them in your posts.

Building traction ahead of time can improve a post’s performance and help you get noticed. Respond quickly to comments to get in touch with potential customers and loyal followers.

Follow an off-peak posting schedule

If you post during peak hours, you’ll be competing with user-generated content and popular companies. User content tends to carry the most weight on Facebook because people care more about their cars and pet photos than about your promotions.

The simple solution is to post within hours of business. bet when your competitors are less active. The best program depends on your location, content and audience. The CoSchedule content marketing management platform offers some tips on choosing calendars.

Thursday to Sunday is the busiest time.
1pm to 4pm is the most effective overall .
Messages around 1pm, 3pm, or 9am typically get more clicks and actions.
Off-peak posting works well because it reflects the average person’s daily time. Many users check their feeds in the morning and during work breaks or school holidays. Your posts are more likely to be higher when users first log in, just before the increase in traffic.

Always create new posts

As you probably know, the most successful entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder. The same goes for creating content that constantly attracts Facebook users

Make your Facebook page easy to find

This is a simple concept that deserves to be repeated: people can’t like your Facebook page if they can’t find it. Here are some things you can do to increase your visibility.

Choose a page name that is easy to remember

People looking for your brand on Facebook will be looking for your brand. Keep it simple and make it easy for them to find you by using your brand as your page name. Don’t add unnecessary keywords – they’ll just make your page look like a spammy rather than a legitimate business presence for your brand.

Select a consistent username

Your username – sometimes called a vanity URL – appears in the web address of your brand’s Facebook page. A username consistent with your management on other social channels will make it easier for people who already follow you elsewhere to find you on Facebook. Like your page name, your username must be closely related to your company name.

Add “like” and “follow Facebook” buttons to your website or blog

Anyone who has just discovered a valuable tip or strategy on your website or blog is ready to want to know more from you. Make it easy for them to connect with you on Facebook by adding Facebook “follow” and “Like” buttons to your site, like these:

Embedding a Facebook post on your website or blog

This option gives your Facebook page even more visibility on your website or blog. Rather than a simple button, you can embed an entire post by copying and pasting some simple code. Just navigate to the post you want to embed, click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on Embed. Then copy and paste the code into your HTML.

All visitors who click on your embedded post to learn more will be taken to the post as it appears on your Facebook page, creating the opportunity for a new one. ” Like “of the page. And viewers can “like” the post directly from the embedded post, without leaving your website or blog.

Include a link to your Facebook page in your newsletter or email signature

People you already communicate with through channels like email or an opt-in newsletter are a big potential audience for your Facebook page. Make sure it’s easy for them to find and connect with you by including links to your Facebook page in all your electronic communications.

How to get Facebook “likes”

Promote your Facebook page on other social channels
Take advantage of the following you have built on other social channels by promoting your content on Facebook. Don’t just post a link to your Facebook page and ask people to follow you. Instead, choose a nice piece of Facebook-specific content – like an infographic or a short video – to promote so you can highlight the value of your Facebook page, rather than letting people know it exists.

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