How to get more views on TikTok

how to get more views on tiktok

TikTok has now become the most popular social network of the moment with millions of users and many videos uploaded every day.

On this social network, you can upload short videos of any kind to entertain the large audience of Tik Tok.

Tik Tok users will then be able to leave a like or comment below the video in case it is deemed to be of quality.

The application that was primarily Chinese-style, has evolved and has been acquired in America and developed on a higher level of involvement for users, noting a very important interest from young people and also very young people and huge margin growth for the adult group, which identifies with feeling youthful.

In short, a real means of communication, much more direct and informal , characterized by the video component, increasingly protagonist in the field of online marketing, where incredible professional opportunities have already opened, with some influencers, particularly whimsical and creative, have decided to migrate from other platforms to collect even greater success and popularity, also being able to receive donations during live shows on the social network and to agree on high payments for sponsorships from even more companies.

It goes without saying that more and more aspiring influencers or social media managers are studying effective strategies to increase interactions on profiles.

The question then arises: How to get more views on TikTok ?

Also: How to get more followers on tik tok ?

For this second question, we have prepared a dedicated article that we strongly recommend that you read carefully by clicking directly on this link.

While for the former , this article is exactly what you need. I have collected the 10 most important points to follow to get more views on TikTok.

If you carefully follow the advice we are about to reveal to you, we are sure that you too will be able to understand how to get more views on TikTok right away and you will be able to grow exponentially thanks to the fact that the social network has not yet allowed advertising costs to bury the ‘organic content, which means that it is still really possible to go viral on this platform and there is no time to waste.

How to get more views on TikTok? 10 key points

  1. Complete your profile information
  2. Create new content and publish it consistently
  3. Add and use hashtags in your videos
  4. Share your content on other social networks and other platforms
  5. Interact with other TikTok users
  6. Collaborate and make videos with other TikTok profiles
  7. Produce and publish quality content
  8. Create duets and choose the right music
  9. Post content and try to engage TikTok users
  10. Do live shows and interact with your fans

1. Complete your profile information

The information you enter on your TikTok profile is a presentation of who you are. Then set a name, enter basic information like who you are or what kind of video you like to post. Your profile information is a very important part , like the Instagram bio. In the information section of your profile, you can upload a photo or video to set as your profile picture.

The profile picture you set will be really important since it will probably be one of the first elements that will be displayed when a user looks at your profile or video on TikTok. Then carefully analyze the image or video you decide to use, as an interesting profile picture or video of the TikTok profile can increase the number of people who click on your profile icon. A person or an intrigued TikTok user can therefore start viewing many other videos uploaded by you, increasing the number of views.

Also, pay attention to the description you have set. Within this, you must enter basic information, such as age or the type of content you like to publish. By doing this, those who visit your profile for the first time will know after a few seconds what content they are likely to see . In this way, by increasing the interest you generate, you can increase the number of views your videos get.

2. Create new content and publish it consistently

First of all, as in any business, one of the characteristics of those who succeed on this platform is consistency. Create quality content , look for original ideas taking inspiration from many other videos as well. Analyze what your ability to produce video is. How many TikToks can you create each week? Try to distribute them throughout the course of the latter, do not publish them one after the other but for example, you can decide to upload one every two days.

The people who follow you, whenever you decide to post a video, will receive a notification. This way you will get more views on your new published video! Consistency on social media is not very easy to follow, as it is not always easy to notice the results. We will probably have to wait sometime, or have a little luck and make a viral video. If you are wondering how to get more views on TikTok , I have a small but important tip: You have to be consistent! Consistency on any social network will bring you great results.

3. Add and use hashtags in your videos

Hashtags on TikTok are often underestimated, Hashtags are a keyword search mechanism that has found resounding success on social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Once entered, the hashtag becomes a label that is attached to content that can be a video or a post on social networks. In the specific case of TikTok, hashtags can be published in the description. However, the number of hashtags is usually less than the standard amount used on Instagram. We, therefore, try not to insert an exaggerated number of hashtags, but we try to limit ourselves to the 5 or 6 hashtags for your TikTok videos that you publish.

The most popular hashtag by far is #foryou , this widely used hashtag refers to the “ For You ” section of TikTok. A video that enters this section will receive many views as it will become trending. A video becomes a trend if the TikTok algorithm evaluates it as very interesting and then decides to make it viral. It is not easy to enter the For you section, but not impossible. You don’t have to make very complex videos, even simple lip sync is enough and you too can enter this section.

4. Share your content on other social networks and other platforms

If you are already active on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, you might think about inviting your fans to follow you on this platform as well. If you believe that even one of your fans on other platforms may have their own profile on TikTok, then you can invite them to view it on TikTok.

A person who is already passionate about your content will likely be a fan of your profile on TikTok as well. You will therefore be able to have a greater number of users who follow your publications thanks to the free advertising that you can do to your TikTok profile on other platforms.

For example, Instagram also allows sharing of TikTok videos even in stories. You will be able to publish your content in the stories, so as to share them with those who follow your profile.

In case you have just started posting videos on TikTok don’t worry, we have a tip for you too:

Most likely you have a Facebook account and therefore also connections with other people. You can therefore think of sharing your TikTok video content also on Facebook so that your Facebook friends can view what you have published. By doing so, you can further increase the number of people watching your TikTok videos. How to get more views on TikTok? Invite everyone you know to follow you and exploit your popularity on other social networks, if any.

5 . Interact with other TikTok users

Interaction with other TikTok users is one of the best methods that is recommended to all those who are wondering how to get more views on TikTok . Anyone who views your videos and appreciates the content by pressing the heart symbol on the video screen will also want to be considered by the author of the video. How can you then interact with your users?

In fact, a part of your fans will comment on your videos, to which you can respond and then communicate with users who liked your video. You will also be able to follow any of the people who have liked or commented on the video. TikTok offers the ability to send and receive private messages between users.

If the privacy settings of your TikTok profile have not been changed, private chats cannot be initialized with any user. The two users, if they wish to communicate with each other, must follow each other’s profiles. In this way, it will be possible to send messages from both sides and therefore have one more chance to interact with their fans or simply with friends on TikTok.

6. Collaborate and make videos with other TikTok profiles

In case you have developed excellent relationships with other TikTokers , you can think of making many videos to be published in collaboration with them. In this way, by generating new interesting content , as well as having fun with other people, you can engage the audience belonging to the other profile.

By doing this, your TikTok colleague’s fans will be able to get to know you and, if they like the content you create, they can even decide to follow you . If you know another TikToker who has a profile dedicated to a specific topic, such as a profile of music covers only, you can decide to make a video together on the same topic to be published on your profile.

7. Produce and publish quality content

Creating quality content will certainly not be easy. Nowadays the videos on TikTok are so many and finding new original ideas is more and more difficult. How to find new ideas for TikTok videos? Surely the first thing to do will be to browse as much as possible in the For you section.

There you will find all the videos that are in trend, to understand well what the current tastes of people are. It won’t always be possible to make 100% original content , so creating content based on current trends is still a good idea. By creating trending content, you will have a better chance of entering the for you section where lots of people will view your videos. In fact, the For yo u section will show users the most popular and trending videos of the moment.

To find new original ideas, you can also view older videos on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. This way you can also find old ideas that are currently forgotten, and try to make content based on them. Making quality or trending content and publishing it is a point you absolutely must apply if you want to get more views on TikTok.

8. Create duets and choose the right music

TikTok offers tons of possibilities when creating content. This social network is in fact perfect for all those who consider themselves creative and able to create interesting content . As background to each video it will be possible to set a music. Your choice of music will affect the number of views you make or get.

How does TikTok’s choice of music affect the number of users who will see your video?

Simply TikTok offers the possibility to see all the videos linked to a particular song. A more popular song will therefore have much more research than a lesser known or used music or sound on TikTok. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to use only and exclusively popular songs, however doing so can help you make a few more views. Another possibility that TikTok offers is to make duets with other people.

For example, you can make a video response to a TikTok video. In a TikTok duet, the video you make will be on the left, while the video you are replying to will be on the left. This way the two videos will start at the same time and you can create a fantastic duet together with another user.

This is one of the most used forms of collaboration among the various TikTokers as it offers the possibility of making videos remotely. By creating video collaborations with other profiles, you can have the possibility that some of the accounts with which you made the duet, respond, or appreciate your content. The duet videos will therefore allow you to make more views on TikTok and you can also get many new followers.

9. Post content and try to engage TikTok users

If you want to make new TikTok videos with which to engage your audience, the world of TikTok offers you endless possibilities. For example, many singers decide to create video content in which the viewer has the opportunity to sing with them. To do this, they decide to divide the song into three parts: One is sung by the author of the video, one is sung by the person viewing the video and the third is sung by both.

In this way, the viewer can feel involved and will then interact directly with the author of the video. Then start creating engaging content. If you are an actor, try posting videos where the viewer has the opportunity to act with you. This kind of video is very popular and offers unlimited creative possibilities. If you are a musician, make some musical bases that people have to sing on. Many of the users who view your videos will in fact be tempted to make video duets.

Video duets are a unique opportunity, where many other users will advertise your profile “for free”. Try to make videos that can be engaging and that encourage the user to follow your profile more and more. How can you get other users to follow your profile and get more views on TikTok? Try splitting a video into multiple parts and posting more content about the same situation you want to share on TikTok.

For example, you can create a work of art and divide it into two parts. The people who will view the video of part one will be curious to see the second part and then discover the final result. To do this, they will have to click on the icon with your profile picture or profile video that you have set.

By doing so, they will find themselves on your TikTok profile page with all your published videos. Now they will have to scroll through many videos until they find yours. In this way, the number of your views will increase, as many users will want to view and discover the result of your work.

10. Do live shows and interact with your fans

Live shows are one of the most popular tools on social networks. Why are live shows so popular? Live shows are a tool that allows you to remove all those filters that we see on social networks every day.

At that moment the person you are live, and everyone can see it. There will be no time to wear masks, but you will have to be natural. Each person will be able to comment, write to you and ask questions live. In this way, you can interact live with all those people who support all your workday after day.

In addition, people will very often ask you to say hello to friends live. Remember to do this, so you can almost create a personal bond with those who follow your videos. Joke, laugh and tell what your life is, talk to your TikTok followers, so as to increase and improve your image on social media. If you want to have more people viewing your TikTok live, remember that you can advertise these events on other platforms where you are present as well.

Do you have a facebook fan page or an Instagram profile? Remember to announce also in the other platforms that you will make a live on TikTok. The 10 tips we have collected have been carefully developed and researched by our social media marketing experts to create content of real value for our readers. These processes are followed by almost all of the most popular TikTokers on the web.

Start applying all our tips now and remember to be patient, as the results won’t come after just a few days of work!

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