How to have an aesthetic Instagram profile

Instagram is your favorite social network and you’ve been using it for a long time. However, you feel that you are not particularly happy with the content you post. In particular, you are looking for ideas to renew your graphic style and publish more captivating photos and videos. Well, if that’s the case, what would you say to focus on the aesthetic style that is so trendy lately?

How do you say? Does the idea tickle you but you are not sure how to adopt this solution? Don’t worry: if you want to find out how to have an aesthetic Instagram profile , know that I’m here to help. In fact, in the next chapters of this guide, I will provide you with a series of general advice, as well as on a practical level, that you can implement to modify the graphic style of your profile and adapt it to the artistic currents of the aesthetic style.

If, therefore, you can’t wait to deepen the subject and find out what advice and suggestions I’m about to give you, I suggest you get comfortable and just take a few minutes of free time to follow my tutorial. You will see that, in the end, you will be able to find the right inspiration that will move your creativity. At this point, I just have to wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!


Preliminary information

immagine Aesthetic

Before I explain how to have an Instagram aesthetic profile , I need to provide you with some useful preliminary information in this regard.

First of all, you need to know that with the term aesthetic indicates a visual style that is characterized by a reference to the past, through the use of effects and filters inspired by the 80s. The latter then evolved over time, merging into other styles, including art hoe and vintage .

Therefore, in the face of these premises, we must specify that there is no single solution to create an Instagram profile that reflects the aesthetic style, as this visual art can be remodeled to adapt to your personal tastes.

In any case, as I will explain in the next chapters, you can use different apps to edit photos or videos from publish on Instagram and make them consistent with “your” aesthetic style, thus obtaining a harmonious and pleasant profile to consult.

How to create an Instagram profile aesthetic


As mentioned, to create a Instagram aesthetic profile it is necessary to implement a design strategy action, which consists first of all in identifying the graphic style and colors to use.

Once this is done, you need to create themed content with the chosen style and design your own Feed , as well as other sections of the Instagram profile, maintaining a homogeneity from a visual point of view. Read on to find out more.

Drawing inspiration from other people’s profiles

Esplora Instagram

The first thing you need to do to create an Instagram aesthetic profile is to choose the style graphic you want to use on your profile.

As mentioned, in fact, the aesthetic style is, generally speaking, a style that has a strong reference to the 80s and to everything that is considered retro; however, this is not necessarily the exact style you should use for your Instagram profile, as there are other very popular aesthetic styles, such as art hoe and vintage .

In this regard, I suggest you start by looking at the profiles of other users – even on different social networks from Instagram, for example Pinterest and Tumblr – to search for images made in the main aesthetic styles, in order to get an idea of ​​the most popular content of this type.

To search on Instagram, click on the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom, if you are using the smartphone app, while if you are working from a PC, refer to to the text field located at the top.

Now, in both cases, type hashtag as # aesthetic , #aesthetic and>, #arthoe # arthoeaestetich #arthoefashion or even #vintage . Here are some examples of search terms you can use to find inspiration.

You can also use the same hashtags on Pinterest, Tumblr and other platforms that provide for the sharing of photos and videos. By doing so, you will surely find inspiration for your next content.

Identify the colors of your profile

Color Palette vaporwave

Another piece of advice I want to give you, to help you create an Instagram aesthetic profile, is the one relating to the identification of the color palette on which to base your content.

The aesthetic style, in fact, is usually composed of a series of colors ranging from shades of light blue / blue to those of magenta / purple . In addition, colors inspired by the sunset are often used, such as shades ranging from yellow to red .

Therefore, to create a stylistic coherence, it is important to choose one or more color palettes to use as the predominant colors within your content published on Instagram.

To help you do this, you can do a Google image search, typing terms like “vaporwave aesthetic color palette” , or you can use websites like Color -Hex: an online service that provides information on color codes, in hexadecimal ( Hex ) or RGB format.

To search for one or more aesthetic palettes on the website in question, connect to the Color Palettes section and, in the search engine located at the top, type terms such as aesthetic or goes porwave . Then, among the search results that are shown to you, click on the color palette of your choice, to see all the colors that are part of it and the related HEX and RGB codes >.

There are also apps for smartphones / tablets that perform similar functions, such as Color Palette for Android or Pantone Studio for iOS / iPadOS.

Edit photos and videos

screenshot app VHS

After choosing the style and colors to use for your photos and videos, it’s time to edit the content in question, through the use of special apps.

If you want to apply vintage effects to your photos , to make them reflect as much as possible aesthetic style, I suggest you use specific apps such as Huji Cam (Android / iOS / iPadOS), Vintage Cam for Android or 1967 for iOS / iPadOS, which have different predefined filters that allow you to “age” the photos.

For editing videos using predefined retro-style presets instead, I suggest you use editing apps like Rarevision VHS Camcorder Lite (Android / iOS / iPadOS) or VHS Camrecorder (Android and iOS / iPadOS), which apply to imported movies a effect with “image noise”, in VHS style.

Other more generic apps that you can use, are the video editor InShot for Android and iOS / iPadOS (a popular video editing tool) and the Snapseed by Google photo editor (Android / iOS / iPadOS). You can use them to apply vintage or retro filters to your content or to “manually” change parameters such as brightness , contrast , color , tint , saturation , HSL or film grain effect.

For more video tips, I also suggest reading my guide on how to make Aesthetic videos, which actually presents tips that can also be applied for editing photos.

Organize your Instagram profile


After creating content for Instagram in aesthetic style, the time has come to publish them on the famous social network owned by Facebook.

You can choose to publish the photos and / or videos normally made by you, using the Instagram app, or implement a more careful publication strategy, by organizing the design of your Feed .

In the latter case, you may find apps to organize Instagram useful, which are used to manage your profile through the publication of contents ordered in a certain way and / or programmed.

Among these, I would like to point out Preview: Planner for Android and iOS / iPadOS, Plann + for Android and iOS / iPadOS and Planoly for Android and iOS / iPa dOS that offer the possibility of organizing the publication of content on your Instagram profile in advance, by creating a publication plan.

Use, then, these apps by connecting your Instagram account and uploading a series of photos or videos that you would like to publish, in order to evaluate, overall, the best position in the Feed for each of these.

For more information about using these apps I suggest you read my guide on apps to organize Instagram.

Curating all aspects of the Instagram profile

Come modificare profilo Instagram

To have a 100% Instagram aesthetic profile you must take care, in addition to the Feed , also all the other sections of the photographic social network that can be customized: the name , the biography , the profile picture and possibly also the covers of the featured stories, in addition to the fonts .

Therefore, to edit everything related to your profile, use the Edit Profile button in the Instagram smartphone app, so you can customize sections such as name , username , profile picture and biography .

As for the texts and, therefore, to change fonts on Instagram, use apps or online tools, such as Fonts for Instagram for Android, iOS and iPadOS or the LingoJam website which more specifically features a text generation section called Waporwave Text Generator.

To change the cover images of featured stories , inve ce, keep your finger pressed on them and press on the item Edit the highlighted story . Then tap on the words Change the cover and, after choosing the image to use from your device’s gallery, press the Finish button to confirm the changes. Easy, right?

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