How to have followers on Instagram

You did it right? You have succumbed to the most used photographic social network in the world and now you have come this far to find an answer to your question about how to have followers on Instagram ? Are you sure you’ve fixed your profile?

Is everything ok and elaborate to be successful on this social network that seems to be truly the most meritocratic? How do you say? You don’t know what he’s talking about?

No, don’t worry, I’m not raving, I’m here to give you concrete solutions on how to have lots of followers on Instagram, that’s why you’ve come this far our page no? Don’t tell me it’s not like that because I don’t believe it.

No, it’s not what you think, the popularity that some people have achieved is not just a matter of luck, but their firm will to achieve a goal, that of having a good number of followers and even if they arrived there only by chance, today there is no little effort they have to put in to maintain their position.

I know that you would like to be in their place and earn hard cash with every post, but the road is long and now I’ll explain what you have to do, then it’s all up to you. Meanwhile, I wish you good reading.

Let’s see how to have many Italian followers on Instagram and how to have many followers on Instagram.

Why it is important to have lots of followers

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It really all depends on why you want to use Instagram. Let me explain better. There are those who aim to become the new Chiara Ferragni-style Influencer, then there are those who use Instagram to advertise their own business and finally there are those who instead have a profile on the photographic social network just to publish some photos or look at those of his friends.

So at this point, in which of these types of Instagram users do you reflect yourself? Because as far as we know that by now a like or a follow is worth a lot, if you are in the last row, you probably don’t wonder how I get a lot of followers on Instagram.

But if that were the case you probably wouldn’t even be here, on this page, so we’re excluding it. Let’s say you’re in one of the first two groups in that case an additional follower or 10,000 for you means a gain both in importance within the social network, and as regards the economic side.

This happens because the number of followers is an indicator of potential audience, especially if you take the world of non-professional influencers . The number of followers you can get indicates that you have managed to do a good job and attract a certain number of people.

This is especially true when you ask yourself how to get many Italian followers on Instagram, because as we will see you can also buy some likes, but if they are all from unknown countries of India, they will not help you.

How to have followers on Instagram: work on your profile

Rule number 1: Your profile must be attractive.

If you already have a profile you can still edit it, if you don’t, follow us in this guide and you will be successful. Let’s start with the name: possibly it should be your first name or that of your business or you can insert a reference to what your business is.

Nothing that is not easy to remember and especially no numbers or special symbols. Too difficult for memory, so I failed. The biography, yes, you have to write it, everyone does it and it’s up to you too. So in very few words you have to write who you are and what you do on Instagram, especially if you use the photographic social network for work.

Finally, the profile photo , must be beautiful, free of defects, your face must be clearly visible, in short you have to put your face or at most the your logo if you have a small or large company. Is everything clear? Well, no wait, we forgot something extremely important, keep reading to find out.

Switch to a business profile

Pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you. If you want to have full control over your account you have to switch to a company profile and it’s very simple.

Log in to your account through the application, then click on the little man icon or on the thumbnail of the your profile photo, then click on the three horizontal lines> Settings> Account> Switch to corporate account.

This is not only a fundamental step to answer the question how to have followers on Instagram, but also the doubt that plagues many about how it is possible to check your social account to improve the parts in which appears to be in difficulty.

Having a business profile means taking advantage of the statistical data function, thanks to it you can study your audience, the interaction they have with your profile and with posts .

Thanks to this section it is possible to have a complete idea of ​​how your audience is articulated, including their geographical origin, thus going to clarify how to have many Italian followers on Instagram. It will be enough for you to know which are the most popular contents to repeat them.

But as if that were not enough, having a company profile you can insert a link in the bio, useful if you have a your website and finally you can proceed with the sponsorship of your content.

How to have followers on Instagram contents

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Now you have a great Instagram profile, with your profile picture and your nice bio, so it’s time to get this account to work by posting some nice looking photos.

You will have to try your hand at auteur photography, so if you have the ability to use a camera that would be the thing better, otherwise a smartphone with a good camera compartment is sufficient.

Yes, Instagram offers you the photo function, but do not use it if you want to be able to edit the images to your liking, indeed if you really want to know it all, maybe you should download a ‘editing app like Lightroom, which even professionals like.

Choose a filter and always apply it, so that you will give consistency to your publications. Because what you need to do to work on how to have many followers on Instagram is to always publish only content that is really quality.

Well, in fact, even photoshop is a good way, but if you have to buy it only to publish photos on Instagram, honestly we advise against it, you could spend that money to advertise yourself in order to reach as many people as possible.

How to get followers on Instagram: publish every day

The task of getting followers on Instagram forces you to take action every single day you pick up your phone. So get it out of your head that you can post a photo every now and then. Your posts need to be frequent and if you have the Statistics feature you can also find out what times of day your audience is most active.

You will have to exploit this information in your favor, only in this way will you be able to see the number of your followers rise in a natural way, without having to resort to sites and applications that allow you to buy them. You publish, publish and publish, use all the means that Instagram puts at your disposal, therefore:

  • post : perfect for images best, the ones you want to be immediately visible on your dashboard
  • stories : visible for 24 hours, they are perfect for launching instant messages, the ones you want to reach your audience immediately
  • room: this is a particular direct in which up to 3 users can take part
  • story in evidence : if you want that your stories are visible for longer than the classic 24 hours
  • IGTV : videos saved on what is the Instagram TV, much used by users

In short, Instagram does not fail to offer you many ideas on how to get more followers on Instagram.

How to have p more followers on Instagram: the direct

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We mentioned them a little while ago, but they deserve a greater attention. Live broadcasts are a truly powerful medium, made available by Instagram. These are basically videos with a maximum duration of 1 hour in which you broadcast live and your followers can write to you in real time and therefore you can reply.

It is a really effective way to proceed to get in touch with your followers and with all the people who follow your profile. The live broadcasts are very popular with the public. What is extremely important is that you advertise them.

In short, you can also improvise, but it would be preferable to choose a day and an hour and allow people to be present. To some extent get organized.

Do a live broadcast when you have something to tell your audience, when you want to share something in particular with them, otherwise leave it alone. Do not improvise and do not show yourself uncertain otherwise after a few minutes you will start to lose share.


You can decide not to broadcast completely alone, but to work alongside an expert or another follower. A kind of duet with someone who can bring you a lot of audience. How to have Italian followers on Instagram? choose to collaborate with influential people.

The audience of both will take part in the live broadcast and knowing the other party, they may decide to become followers. This is a widely used tactic and one that you yourself may find very useful.

It then happens that the influencer in his direct joins people who are experts in a certain topic, this demonstrates that being prepared and aware of what is said is very important.

How to get followers on Instagram: advertise contents

It’s time to spend some money on yourself. Having a company account means being able to advertise the content that you think will have the greatest impact on your audience. Maybe it’s something you’ve never considered, but it’s actually extremely important.

So you choose how many days you want your content to be featured and also how many people you want it to be you arrive, you will pay a small amount to reach your goal and be able to have many followers on Instagram.

This operation, if you want it to be really successful, you should repeat it several times, but basically, if you have a small capital to invest it may really be the right choice to make.

Connect accounts and advertisements

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You can decide that a content published on Instagram is also repeated on Facebook , simply by deciding to link the two social accounts. A really simple move, which requires just a few clicks but allows you to acquire a good slice of the audience.

How to do it? You can decide for immediate sharing of all content, both posts and stories, or proceed from time to time.

The important thing is that you take into consideration the fact that these are completely public different or at least expecting completely different things when they connect to Instagram rather than Facebook.

To connect the account, proceed from the home page of the photographic social network, click on the little man icon or alternatively on your profile picture thumbnail> three horizontal lines> Settings> Account> Connect Account> Facebook. That’s it.

How can you have so many followers on Instagram if you do not inform a large group of people of the existence of your profile on the photographic social network. So if you do not want to connect the accounts you can also proceed in another way, this by advertising on them.

You will therefore have to be able to create a sort of collaboration between all your pages. Let everyone know that you have an Instagram profile and that you want to grow it. Ask to follow you simply because you will be able to give them a lot of interesting ideas.

Probably not everyone you have among your Facebook friends follows you on Instagram and this will entice them to do so.

How to have followers on Instagram: apps

Of course there are applications that can allow you to buy followers, some are paid, alt re completely free. But if you want to have our sincere opinion, avoid using them, not because they are not valid but because they will not allow you to reach the how do I get Italian followers on Instagram.

Often , especially if you don’t rely on professionals, what happens is that the likes come from unlikely profiles, which in reality is useless.

So the only reliable way to go remains that of constant work on your account.


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