How to have lots of followers on Instagram: techniques never seen before to make a bang in 2020!

Good intentions for this new year is figuring out how to get lots of followers on Instagram.

I admit, all that negative chatter I hear around was about to convince me.

“It is no longer possible to grow” – “My followers are decreasing instead of increasing” – “I have always used these techniques but now they no longer work!” – “I would like to grow my Instagram profile and collaborate with brands, can you give me some advice?” – “Every time I do something Instagram blocks me” – “It’s impossible to grow now!”.

I’ve had moments this year where I felt exactly like all these people above.

I felt unmotivated, I couldn’t grow, in fact, my followers were going down. At first I reacted this way.


I wanted to give up everything, I thought that everything I had done in these four years was going up in smoke and it was useless to continue.

Which is a bit true … but let me explain.

This year I took some money, thanks also to the help and support of other friends and Instagrammers like @ vitainviaggio7 who volunteered for some small tests on his XD profile.

I still saw accounts growing around for no apparent reason. Sure, the content was good but how many great photos are there?

I felt there was something I was really overlooking that could take my account, but also your account, to the next level in 2020.

Let me start by saying that this is the first article I write about techniques that I haven’t tested 100% yet but I thought that all of this might be useful to you.

Not only because that way you can beat everyone else on time, start using new techniques as early as January 1st and, why not, maybe you’ll have a bang.

But also because unity is strength . If there are many of us to test we can proceed faster and identify which of these techniques can really work.

In this article I want to share with you the 8 techniques to have many followers on Instagram in 2020 in an alternative way and without being hit by the many Instagram blocks.

I warn you from the beginning, this article is completely unconventional .

They are not techniques that have already been tested but they derive from a deep analysis. I’ll be the first to apply them myself in 2020 on my @monicpirozzi profile and give you feedback on the results in the comments below.

Are we ready? Get started with a shocking revelation!

To have so many followers on Instagram you have to take a step back.

I think opening an account and trying to grow it just for the sheer pleasure of having lots of followers doesn’t work anymore.

Few realize what I’m about to tell you.

All social platforms have a life, a well-established development path. I explained it when I talked about the future of Instagram.

What worked 2-3-4-5 years ago doesn’t work now and won’t work next year. At the beginning it was also possible to grow in an amateur way, using some techniques (such as the 20 techniques to increase Instagram followers I have already talked about), focusing on very generic topics.

Now we need a METHOD .

If you don’t have a goal, you’re not going anywhere.

And by goal, I don’t mean growing your account followers to let you know and receive lots of free products.

Unless you are a company and want to grow your account to increase the consideration of your brand, as a personal brand you’ll just be throwing a lot of money into sponsorships .

I know a lot of people are pulling their hair out because it can’t grow. The truth is that Instagram gives us a tool to have many followers.

Guess what … it’s not free.


Why don’t you want to use them?

They cost, I have no budget, I just want to have some free products so I don’t want to spend on them.

Instagram is a serious business, so I invite all those who just want to be cool to stay away from it because you need a lot of work but also money to achieve appreciable results .

So what do I mean by goal?

Defining a goal on Instagram means giving meaning, a logical thread to your publications on the social network and ensuring that they can guarantee you a direct or indirect income over time.

For example, one of the reasons why many people decide to throw themselves on Instagram is to create their own online presence, or Personal Brand, precisely to make themselves known by people interested in their skills, create a gallery of contents that show this who know how to make and sell themselves on the market.

The aim is therefore not to acquire as many followers as possible but to reach the right people who can then turn into customers (that is, willing to pay for your service).

But that’s not all.

To have a lot of followers on Instagram you have to make a difference.

I already told you about it when I explained how to start an Instagram profile. Being general does not pay off, communicating as everyone does not even communicate.

What I believe works right now is expressing personality, being able to be 100% natural, for who you really are, talking about a topic that hardly anyone talks about in a way that nobody talks about. >


Search for other accounts that talk about the topic you would like to cover and try to find different angles of attack of the same topic, sub-categories or just things they don’t say and that you’d like your audience to know.

I’ll tell you a little piece of my story.

The first time I started a blog in March 2018, I was talking about travel… in English. How many people were talking about the same topic? But above all, how many cool blogs were there with photos of the Maldives?

I was talking about small places in Europe or in Lombardy … what were my chances of success?

Very close to zero.

Thank God I found out in time.

I realized that in order to stand out from the crowd I absolutely had to talk about something different, new that others didn’t want to say.

And so I decided to put my story at the center of everything. No one had experienced things as I had lived them. I scoured the web for all the black techniques to grow on Instagram and decided not to hide them but to explain how and when to use them.

This little realization made all the difference. When I realized that people wanted the truth on social media, I started telling it.

Not only that.

Making a difference starts above all with our graphic style, or what everyone calls a Homogeneous Instagram Profile.

I’ve written a 60 page guide to explain how it is possible to create an Instagram feed with a unitary style and unique colors. You can download the free extract by entering your email in the fields below!

What really matters in 2020 to have so many followers on Instagram?

It hasn’t been long since I started wondering what the pillars of communication and growth on Instagram might be.

You know, Instagram’s algorithm changes at the speed of light. Every day there are new features, new blocks, new penalties and yet I realized that there are accounts that continue to thrive and grow .

Despite everything.

What really makes the difference?


We are not islands but we live within a virtual system in which we need other people to grow.

The Instagram algorithm pushes and promotes more posts that are appreciated by your followers. I don’t think it’s the solution to stand on a pedestal and watch the world from above.

Sooner or later we will find ourselves alone with no one willing to follow us.

Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful Instagram strategy and I don’t just mean responding to comments under posts or providing a little support via Direct Messages.

I’m also talking about teaming up with other Instagrammers in your niche to start projects together, exchange views, collaborate and support each other.


The ability to influence others, create a group of people around our ideas has become the number one skill to be conquered on the web.

If you think about it, it’s the very essence of the word influencer .

It’s not enough to acquire followers, we need to create real ones true fan , that is people willing to follow us wherever we go and therefore also to buy whatever we offer.

If we can’t do anything to change the algorithm, we can overcome it, make it ineffective.

And that’s the power of the community.

Creating a group of close-knit people around your figure means that when the algorithm does not show them your posts in the feed, they will go looking for them, miss you and interact with you despite everything.

But that’s not all!

Everyone has realized that social media is not eternal, and having a community that is immediately willing to move to other channels to follow you is an asset incredible.

You will always find yourself a thousand steps ahead of the others and you can take advantage of the initial visibility that the platforms give to increase your following thanks to the valuable interactions of your close-knit community.

It’s also true that it’s easier said than done.

In the next few lines I will explain 8 strategies that I thought up to have many followers on Instagram based on these two basic principles.

I can’t wait to test them!

How to have lots of followers on Instagram: Here are the 8 BOMB techniques for 2020!

There is only one strategy to stay on track with Instagram.

Being open to change.

In the last few days of 2020 I have been sitting there with a notebook in my hands to think about what strategies I can use next year to break my profile.

What I understand is that if we keep doing what others are doing we will get nothing but their own results .

But do you know what it is?

We are not satisfied with the mediocre results of others and we do not even care about those who say that you can’t grow anymore on Instagram.

Follow me if you want to grow your account while avoiding the temporary Instagram blocks that are creating so much scare around!

1. You must be present in the Stories… of the Others!

To be followed by more people, we need to find a way to reach them.

Using private messages, likes, views of stories or even responses to automatic surveys are very invasive methods that will be increasingly penalized by Instagram.

The only natural way to make yourself known to other people is to ask for collaborations from other accounts similar to ours and schedule a shoutout in the stories.

This is a free exchange, you post a photo in your stories and the other account will do the same.

As I always recommend, you have to aim for quantity! Contact lots of accounts, organize 4-5 shoutouts a week and your account will benefit greatly.

Here I’ll explain everything about how to organize a shoutout!

2. More Caroselli.

A few months ago I noticed this very interesting new feature of the Instagram algorithm that I think can be great to exploit.

When we post multiple photos together, a carousel , and our followers only see the first photo, Instagram shows our post again to the same users with the second photo .

This means that by posting a carousel rather than a single photo we can increase the number of people who see our post and, consequently, the interactions (more interactions brings more visibility and therefore more followers, always remember!).

3. Bet on Content That Does Not Expire.

Don’t be dazzled by easy success. To create something online that can make you money you need to build assets .

Instagram is a gallery that travels at the speed of light. The contents you publish above expire after a few hours and fall into oblivion .

We need to use it as a platform for us to be discovered but doesn’t have to be our only channel . If everything goes down overnight we will find ourselves with nothing.

What to do then?

Bet on content that doesn’t expire, where we can really give our audience something useful to push them out of Instagram.

What content does not expire?

This blog post , for example, where I try to help my readers and give them valuable information. It is true that it takes me from 3 to 5 hours and more just to write an article like this (not counting the time it takes to find information and study) but this post belongs to me.

It is on my website, in my personal space, no one can delete it and it can also be valid for years with the necessary updates.

That means I work 5 hours today to have content that has been there on the web for years.

On Instagram I spend the same time to produce a valuable shoot, of which 3/4 photos will end up on the feed but each of those photos reaches its peak of interactions within a few hours and in a couple of weeks it will also be submerged from all the others.

Another type of content that does not expire that is very interesting is YouTube videos .

As usual, you need the right balance.

Expired content is used to communicate something quickly and to let new people discover us. At this point, we need to create valuable content outside of Instagram to which we will divert all those who are ready to move to the next level!

4. BOT yes, but very carefully!

In the last few weeks, I have received dozens of comments under the article I wrote about Temporary Blocks on Instagram. This proves that Instagram is taking increasingly restrictive measures against any type of automation.

But I have good news.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram BOTs anymore, just that you have to do it professionally.

I know I shouldn’t say these things but I still believe that follow / unfollow is one of the best techniques to grow.

Using a BOT professionally means that we have to hide its presence from Instagram as well as respect all action limits.

To do this they use software designed specifically for this purpose called proxy … which I will tell you about soon!

Let’s take a little break, it’s not long before the end, but there are still some super cool things I’d like to tell you.

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5. The protagonists of the Interactions will be the Comments.

When Instagram decided to stop displaying the like count, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally, I would no longer receive messages like – “Why do you get so few likes if you have so many followers?” .

I admit that in these cases I didn’t know whether to get mad like a beast or try to explain the concept of engagement to poor unfortunates who had nothing better to do in their day.

Now that the likes are gone, what should we focus on to make our account appear active and of quality to the outside eye?


At the moment they are the only number visible to all that can give us in a second nano information on the engagement of an account and the interactivity of the followers.

When I realized this, I gave a totally different cut to my account strategy.

No more POD Instagram or similar stuff to increase the number of likes, I started leaving valuable comments and interacting a lot with other accounts.

6. Goodbye to Hashtag lists.

I had something like a dozen in the notes on my phone that I pulled out at the right moment.

Lately things weren’t going very well even in that sense. I used my usual lists, maybe in the comments, and I got a few dozen views from the hashtags.

If you’re not sure how to use hashtags, a while ago I explained how to use hashtags to get thousands of views under your posts.

For 2020 I understand that there is an even more important factor.

Follow me.

I thought that hashtags were no longer of any use when, at a certain point, looking at the statistics under my latest posts, I realized that there were some of them that had reached thousands of views.

There was something that incredibly influenced the rise of the post in the hashtags.

After some testing, I found that the comments we get in the first 15 minutes of posting are crucial . If I get 3/4 of them within 15 minutes then, whatever hashtag list you use, the post is shot up. Otherwise, it falls by the wayside.

Once again, comments are becoming super determinant but most of all I advise you not to use pre-made lists but write the hashtags every time you publish the post and make sure they are super relevant to the photo.

But now I want to reveal a technique that will allow you to increase (by a lot) the comments you will receive under your posts and use everything we have seen above exponentially.

7. Comment Bombing.

Until last year, and perhaps still now but in a much more limited way, the Like Bombing technique was in fashion to have lots of followers on Instagram.

It consisted of receiving from various free or paid groups, lots of likes right after the post was published.

Now that likes don’t have the same weight as before, why not do the same with comments?

Along the lines of like bombing I invented this new technique which I called Comment Bombing (XD).

I’ve created a list of active Instagram accounts and topics similar to mine in my phone notes.

30 minutes before the publication of the post, I leave a like and a valuable comment under the last photo they published.


In the first hour of posting the photo on my profile, I got to receive dozens of valuable comments that made my post skyrocket not only on my followers’ boards, but also in the hashtags and on the Explore page.

I currently have a few dozen accounts in my phone’s note list, but I’m aiming to get to 50 soon … and you should too!

If you want to know more about how it works, here I have explained how to best use comment bombing.

8. Sponsor to Earn not to Acquire Followers.

I’ve only tried once to sponsor an Instagram post on my profile. I was never excited about it but I still had to try, no?

The cause of my aversion is not only all the complaints of my friends and influencer friends who say how useless it is to acquire followers and likes but also my belief that sponsorships must be used as an investment . I already explained some time ago why you shouldn’t use Instagram sponsorship.

But I still want to explain this to you better.

When we spend money, on any platform, we have to be very careful about the result we get .

We need to calculate EVERYTHING, which also means counting how much every single interaction or follower we gain through sponsorship is costing us.

The truth is that Instagram ads are too powerful a tool to be wasted chasing the next follower.

Sponsorships are a powerful tool for selling.

This means that, for every single euro we spend on Instagram, we have to make sure we earn more than the euro we are spending. Only in this way would we have a profitable business, which makes us earn money that we can then reinvest again on Instagram or … take everything and escape to a Caribbean beach.

This is the concept.

We need to build assets. Products that we are going to sell on Instagram thanks to sponsorships. In this way we will get three super positive effects:

  1. We will earn from the money we invest on the platform;
  2. We have more money to use to promote ourselves or do whatever we want;
  3. We will get loyal followers who follow us because they are really interested in our content.

I know it can seem super difficult to sell products especially if you don’t have anything in mind. Know that you don’t have to create the next invention of the century.

Just write a small e-book of 5000 words in which you explain something you can do well and that could be of interest to your audience. You upload it to KDP Amazon (I’ve already explained to you how you can publish a book on Amazon in 24 hours) and that’s it!

If you are just starting your climb on Instagram or you are already an influencer but you can’t grow as you would like , I invite you to join the first Italian community of bloggers and influencers where we exchange tips and free strategies.

To access the private group, just enter your email below and I will send you all the instructions to join this super community that now has almost 400 people!

See you inside!

Come avere tanti follower su Instagram

Have you tested other techniques to get lots of followers on Instagram?

If you’ve tried any weird or unconventional techniques on Instagram you can share them below in the comments. The only way to beat the algorithm is to join forces and help each other.

Over the next few weeks, I will delve into each of the techniques seen in this article and explain how to best apply them all!

From today, you can use the new Instagram post scheduling tool directly from your computer . The tool just released by Facebook will allow you to optimize your strategy. In this article I explain how it works: Programming Free Instagram Posts with Creator Studio.

You can share this article with the social buttons below and be among the first to spread the new techniques to grow on Instagram.

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We’ll see you soon and come and see me on my Instagram profile if you want to keep in touch!

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