How to improve your Instagram profile: THE GUIDE IN 10 STEPS

In this article I want to share with YOU the 10-step method with which you can improve your Instagram profile and avoid starting all over again.

Yes, I’ve been managing my Instagram account for 4 years now and I can assure you that, every now and then, I don’t have clear ideas.

There are so many moments when I’ve questioned everything and I think about changing.

You might have looked at your profile, compared it to some super famous Instagrammer, and thought it sucked.

At that point you wonder if it’s time to close everything and start over with a new profile.

Here I want to explain just how I got through this.

I’ll start by explaining if, in my opinion, it’s worth creating a new profile and starting from scratch and, in the second part, I’ll suggest the 10-step method to improve your Instagram profile as I’ve been testing in these weeks.

You can start by watching this video, where I tell how I went from thinking Now I delete everything! to Let’s see how I can improve!

I also leave you other resources that may be useful for you to learn more:

Now I want to answer a very important question right away.

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Improve your Instagram profile or start over?

There are times when we think we’re screwing everything up.

We sabotage ourselves and destroy everything we have created. I know this is a doubt that I was not the only one to have but many girls with whom I have compared.

Holding up Instagram isn’t easy.

It takes a lot of focus and strength to stay on your own path, to keep moving forward even when we don’t see results and everyone around us seems to be producing great content.

Have you ever experienced this feeling?

At this point, we are at a crossroads.

What to do if we are not satisfied? Better to point to a new account or improve your Instagram profile?

I tried to give an answer thinking about the best way to get a satisfying result without tremendous effort.

I also had the idea of ​​closing everything and starting over, but what would have happened if I had made this decision?

I wouldn’t have had a single post of the 1200 I’ve posted so far and I would have had to start from zero followers, zero content, everything at a minimum.

This can be an advantage if we really want to revolutionize anything. If you decide that the chosen topic is not right for you and you want to change it, you can point in a completely different direction.

That might make sense.

Even if, after thinking about it a bit, I wouldn’t do it and this is the reason that prompted me not to do it even for myself.

Instagram is highly competitive today.

There are millions of accounts struggling with an increasingly restrictive algorithm to emerge. Starting from scratch, with no one, means being at a total disadvantage compared to anyone.

In addition to running out of what are called the Vanity Metrics .

What are Vanity Metrics and what are they for?

These are numbers that present our Instagram profile in a very superficial way, behind which there is no real business value.

The most famous vanity metrics are likes and followers . In fact, it doesn’t mean that if people follow you and like you then they love you and are willing to buy a product you sponsor. For this reason, metrics of pure appearance are defined.

They may or may not hide real substance behind them.

They may be all crap in some cases, but I’ve seen them work too many times.

It often happened to me that people just followed me because I had a lot of followers or were fascinated by my account just for the numbers.

Actually, I wasn’t satisfied with my content at all and was always thinking about how to improve. But that’s another story.

What can we conclude from all this?

To choose whether to delete your profile and start over or improve your Instagram profile, I would always aim to improve it . Vanity Metrics matter, it is difficult to reach people and it would only take useless effort.

I think every account tells a story and it’s nice to show our ups and downs, the changes of course.

At this point, how can we do something better?

10 steps to improve your Instagram profile

What I questioned is not just my Instagram profile, actually, but all the channels on which I produce content online.

Instagram, in fact, represents only a part, a small piece of the puzzle that allows us to express our ideas and reach new people.

The checklist I propose below is valid for any channel you want to open and can be used in many different circumstances. The points, in fact, remain almost the same.

I hope it helps you to understand where you are going.

Let’s see it now!

1. What are the topics I can talk about?

The very first thing I thought about was what I might say online.

I know it may seem obvious, but the moment I find myself writing a post or article, my mind becomes clouded.

What am I saying? I have nothing to tell! What if you don’t like that?

Having a list of things helped me a lot, because I can pick it up whenever I decide to make a new content.

I’ve decided to include not only topics that I know well, but also others that I like and would like to learn more. This is because, the very fact of talking about it pushes me to document myself and learn more and more.

It really is a positive circle that feeds itself!

Although some of the answers to these 10 questions are a little private, I have decided to share my file with YOU to help you write yours.

I will send it in this Sunday’s newsletter to all members of the community.

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2. What makes me unique?

I realized that there were so many people talking about the same topics as me. In fact, right now it’s really hard to find something I’m the ONLY one for.

I thought that what really makes the difference is the personality and the angle from which we decide to speak.

I took a piece of paper and started jotting down all the things that make me unique from others.

What can I do differently? What do I have that the others don’t? What’s my story?

These are all questions I’ve tried to answer and that would make what I say different from everyone else.

3. What are the models that inspire me?

When you don’t know where to start, it’s often hard to do everything yourself.

Getting inspired by someone else who has already taken that path can be really helpful.

A few weeks ago, in fact, I came across this phrase that inspired me a lot:

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Successful people learn from the mistakes of others.

I have decided to treasure the mistakes that others have made. If they have been successful, in fact, it is only thanks to continuous tests to try to understand what really works.

Better use all of this!

Choose from 3 to 6 models, even very different from each other and distant from the topic to talk about.

It is interesting to take a cue from accounts that talk about something totally different.

I believe that thanks to the adaptation of techniques taken from other sectors we can do something innovative.

4. Why

Why do we want to produce content for Instagram? What is our purpose? Our mission?

We can’t post photos on Instagram or anywhere else without knowing why we’re doing it. You can have any reason, the important thing is that you clarify it.

This will also help us a lot with point 9, but I won’t tell you anything else!

5. Who

Who are we talking to?

Another fundamental question that helps us understand the soul of our content.

We need to clearly define what the characteristics of the people we are targeting are, what their interests are, how they live, etc. Anything that may be relevant.

In this way, all the content we publish will be super coherent and aimed at a well-defined person. Every time I write, in fact, I have in mind a specific person to whom I turn and I write just thinking about her.

This is very useful for picking the right words and talking about things that may interest you.

6. What

Now we need to define, in more detail, what the arguments are. In point 1) we did it in a very generic way. Now, you can decide if you will post motivational phrases and captions, tips, graphics, photos, selfies.

The choices are truly endless, the only fixed point is to publish something that interests your audience, your Who .

7. How

How do we want to communicate our message?

We have many forms: photos, videos, text, audio. If you think of Instagram, photos immediately come to mind, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Based on the impact you want to have, carefully choose the way you want to tell your message.

This is also where you should choose the various communication channels and not just think about Instagram, if you are looking to create something that spans multiple digital places.

8. Where

It is only the how, that is the How we talked about earlier, that defines which platform we should go to. Each social network has its own preferential content that allows us to reach different people.

For example, if you decide to also make long videos, surely Instagram is not the right place but you should think about opening a YouTube channel.

Consider that every platform is trying to integrate any form of content, but we users are habitual. If we open an app it is because we have a certain intent, deeply rooted in us. We need to understand and support it for our content to be successful.

9. KPI

When I decided to improve my Instagram profile, I also thought: Compared to what?

If we don’t define our metrics which are called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we can’t really say we’re making progress.

Based on the Why, that is to the goal we set ourselves, we can decide which “number” to use to understand if we are going in the right direction.

Every week and every month, you have to check the values, write them down on an excel sheet and see if there are any improvements.

I know it may seem very cumbersome, but I am of the opinion that social media is a serious matter!

Don’t worry, I’m preparing an article explaining how you can measure your results and what numbers to keep an eye on.

10. Strategy

Now we can define our action plan.

How many times a week do we publish? Only photos, only videos or both? How does Instagram fit into the other content we post online? What topics do we cover on each channel?

Identify your core content, if you have one, think about the habits of the people who should follow you, and come up with a weekly posting plan.

Soon, I’ll share what I’ve thought for myself, hoping it will help you. I have included a lot of information that would help me understand at a glance:

  • when to post on each social;
  • what time to publish;
  • what to publish;
  • have an overview of all communication channels!

I’m working on it so that I can present it to you in the best possible way, I admit it wasn’t at all!

Have you ever thought about improving your Instagram profile?

I’m sure you’ve thought about it at least once if you’re here.

I’d like to know your story and understand what strategies you have implemented to improve your Instagram profile. You can write any question in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer you, or share this article with the social buttons below:

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I’m waiting for you!

Monica .

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