How to improve your presence on Facebook with 7 (simple) tips

Improving your presence on Facebook is your specific duty. Not only with the personal profile but also with the company Facebook Fan Page.

Because this is always one of the most popular and used social networks. Optimizing your business on the Zuckerberg platform means making the most of a potential widespread distribution of your brand .

This applies to businesses , to an organization and to a freelancer. On Facebook you can find new customers, you have the possibility to intercept contacts and potential prospect and in the sector B2B than B2C.

In this social universe you can lead generation , brand awareness , online sales and customer loyalty. You can create a lively community .

But to do that, you need to improve your Facebook presence. Even with simple and seemingly obvious actions. Where to start? I have compiled a 8-point list to stand out in the best possible way.

Please carefully evaluate what you publish

First advice to improve your presence on Facebook, a rule that applies to the freelancer who wants to take care of a personal profile but and to the company that constantly updates its Fan Page.

You need to think extreme care before posting an update to your public profile or page.

I decided to leave this point as my first piece of advice because superficiality and lack of experience in the world of content marketing and social dynamics can easily lead to mistakes. And to the carefree, fast publication, without reflection on sensitivities

But also on the dynamics that influence public sentiment , the tendency of the public to take a critical or favorable position.

In the first case, there is the risk of finding yourself with a flood of users who attack the brand . Maybe with good reason as happened some time ago with the case of Piovono Zucchine where, in a nutshell, a restaurant decided to do newsjacking on a tragic news: the earthquake.

piovono zuchine
The offending post of Raining Zucchini.

Right? Mistaken? It was certainly a superficial, wrong choice, which at first was also altered by altered responses and without sensitivity to criticism. To improve your presence on Facebook we must, in the first place, avoid lightness of this kind.

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Always take care of your image

Do you know how you present yourself on Facebook? Thanks to an avatar, a photo that must be manifest of your being professional, competent, reliable and capable of responding to the needs of a potential lead .

This, of course, if you want to improve your Facebook presence from a professional perspective. The essential and always valid rules to publish a photo worthy of maximum reliability:

  • Use a quality, color photo. Avoid grainy shots.
  • Upload an image that represents you.
  • Make yourself recognizable, without accessories.
  • Aim for a natural, simple smile.
  • You must be serious, not serious or pedantic.
  • logo .
  • Best to upload in PNG, high definition files.
  • Minimum size: 180 x 180 pixels.

To optimize the photo you can use which evaluates the goodness of the photo uploaded to LinkedIn but you can also use it for Facebook .

Complete the photo caption and add a link: if someone clicks on the click, they can go to a hyperlink to get more information about the person or company you represent.

Upload a communicative-cover

Did you know that the cover (or cover) of the Facebook profile or the Fan Page can be used to launch a featured message?

This visual captures most of the main screen, there is room for optimization . How to create a visual worthy of the name?

The simplest solution : use a program like Canva to create a custom cover to upload to your profile and Facebook page.

The advantage is to have a ready-made model, with the ideal dimensions, and a series of templates designed to be customized in every aspect. From the choice of font to colors. You can upload proprietary images , choose from websites that offer free photos, or use the internal archive.

With the paid version of Canva you have more functions but also with the free solution the result is good. If you want to proceed differently, perhaps with Photoshop, remember that the dimensions of the Facebook cover are minimum 820 x 462 pixels optimizing an area of ​​640 x 360 for mobile viewing. Always PNG is the ideal format.


Improving your presence on Facebook also means having a news feed The news feed (newsfeed) is the list of content just posted on a website. Many social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, have … compelling, rich , where you can not only find promotion and advertising. Sure, the advertising works and is always effective when done right.

But think about it: is this what makes the difference? You want a profile or a Facebook page made up only of slogans and calls to action to buy, sell, book, retain leads or create ambassadors through influencer ?

Investi sulla content curation
The ideal balance of content.

No, sometimes Facebook has need also and only for quality. And dedication to the public . This is achieved with a fervent work of content curation.

It means setting up an editorial calendar not necessarily based on the golden ratio you see in this Buffer chart. But at least able to take a cue from this philosophy which is linked to different phases:

  • Study of ideal sources.
  • Selection of the best contents.
  • Enrichment designed for the target .
  • Distribution through channels.

The goal is to avoid self-celebration at all costs. People do not follow you because you have the truth in your pocket but because you manage to be an adequate source of information . And this happens both by creating value every day and by distributing quality content.

Work-to-create engagement

True, the organic r each (scope of unsponsored content) is increasingly limited. There is little space for those who want to have free exposure.

But there is one point that allows the owners of profiles and pages to improve their presence on Facebook : the creation of a engagement virtuous.

You have to base your presence on the principle of involvement . There is a phrase, a passage from the Cluetrain Manifesto that I always repeat to those who ask me what is the basis of effective social media marketing: Markets are conversations. And it is Facebook itself that enhances engagement:

Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.

This means that squares become virtual , like that of Instagram and Facebook. So if you want to be successful on these platforms you have to activate a job worthy of a good community manager.

You can always reply to comments, but most importantly, you have to create the conditions for this to happen. I am based on two fundamental rules. First: if you want something to happen you have to ask or make people want to do what you want.

So in the captions you can use call to action or other invitations to comment, to leave opinions and ideas. Then, second point, you have to follow your audience: if you find a trend that likes to exploit it to the full, don’t impose your line at all costs, and give people what they want.

Videos are always the best

I’ll go back to the topic of organic reach: nowadays, no sponsorship is going on. But is there a type of content that always works, even when you publish it without investing a capital? You have to use the video format because it has an edge over the average content.

It is certainly beneficial to work in this direction if you have clear objectives in terms of branding , if you want to train or need to retain the public . Why Facebook needs content.

They are used to entertain the public: the bleeding of attention towards leaner platforms (like TikTok) or real entertainment channels (like YouTube) make Zuckerberg always dependent on content creators who know how to entertain the audience with quality videos.

Migliorare la presenza su Facebook
Live videos work to improve your presence on Facebook.

So if you want to improve your presence on Facebook get a good camera, a microphone and lights: live program, webinar , recording and video editing to create your best content.

And remember that with tools like StreamYard you can put great live video work into your editorial calendar . As SocialBakers shows:

“Brands receive higher organic reach with Facebook Live videos over native videos”.

Clearly, the approach that must be followed is not that of video at all costs : you must approach the topic with competence and evaluate the involvement in your faithful Facebook editorial calendar.

Invest in advertising on Facebook

It is not trivial to suggest in this guide to improve the presence on Facebook to address one of the essential points to improve results. Or? You have to have the courage to invest the right on Facebook and you have to do it with awareness.

This is not just any job. Defining an editorial calendar on this social network is not, and the same goes for advertising.

Because Facebook offers one of the best tools for sponsoring, increasing sales and leads. But also to do remarketing . But you must have the skills to move in the best possible way.

Maybe choosing one format instead of another, a different media than the one you’ve always used. Without forgetting the use of copywriting which in sponsored can give surprising effects. Especially if you always hook the right target to improve your presence on Facebook.

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Are you looking for other tips for Facebook?

The world of social media marketing is always changing. That’s why you need to follow the steps I’ve listed to improve your Facebook presence. But you have a duty to go further. Do you think there are other aspects to consider to optimize your profile or the Facebook page ?

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