How to increase Facebook page fans

How to get more likes on your Facebook page

Fill your Facebook page with searchable information.
Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog.
Invite existing contacts to “like” your page.
Invite employees to “like” your page.
Incorporate Facebook into your offline communication channels.
Cross promotion on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Post valuable content.
Be active. Use Facebook ads to broaden your reach.

Every brand on Facebook is on Facebook for a reason: to do more business. But the methods for growing the business through Facebook are different depending on the type of business. Different brands will have different goals, such as driving sales in stores, increasing online sales, launching a new product, building awareness, or promoting a mobile application.
Regardless of the goal, there are a few steps that happen before the Facebook fans can turn into a real business. First you need to build an audience on Facebook, then drive inbound traffic to your website, then turn that traffic into qualified leads, and then nurture those leads into customers.
Free Resources: How to Reach and Engage Yours Facebook audience
This post is about the first step in this whole process: building an audience of fans who have a real interest in what your company sells. If you have recently created your Facebook page or you could just use some tips on how to get more “likes” on Facebook, this post is for you.

How to get more likes on Facebook

Here are some ways to get more Facebook likes on your page.

Fill in your Facebook page with original and useful information.

To increase the number of Facebook fans, each section of your page should include content that is relevant and useful, but also searchable. Remember: All content on your page will be indexed by search engines, helping you attract more Fans to your page.
You should definitely not do a keyword-stuffing spree – but you should take the time to optimize each. section of your page with keywords appropriate for your business.
For example, once you have created your Facebook page, make sure that the About section of your page includes:
An overview of what your company has to do offer
A link to your website
Any other information that may help potential customers better understand your business

Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog.

Making your Facebook page as accessible as possible includes promoting your presence on Facebook using the marketing channels you already have, and removing any barriers that prevent existing contacts from “liking” your page. .
If you have a website or blog, use Facebook’s various social plugins to make sure people can “like” your page without having to go to
While the “Me” button Like “Facebook allows users to” like “individual content on the web and share it on Facebook, the” Like “box is designed for Facebook pages only. The Like Box is a great way to take advantage of social proof to boost your page. It shows the number of “likes” of your page along with the faces of some of your Facebook fans. To implement it, visit this link and customize your button. Then, generate the code and embed it on your website, blog and wherever you want it to appear.
Would you like to see it in action? Go ahead and “like” the HubSpot Facebook page by clicking the button below;)

Invite existing contacts to like your page.

It’s possible you already have existing friends, family and customers who would be more than willing to connect with your business on Facebook. All you have to do is ask. Whether in person, via email or via Facebook, try asking for “likes” and positive reviews. Just be wary of over-promoting uninterested connections.
You can also encourage existing connections to become fans, making it more likely that they will see a suggestion on Facebook that suggests “Like” your page. How? You’ll need to upload an email list to Facebook, and those on that list who are on Facebook will be more likely to see a suggestion of “Like your page” in places like “Recommended Pages”. Your contacts who are not on Facebook will not see this suggestion.
To upload an email contact list through Facebook, open the “Build audience” menu (located at the top right of your Facebook page) and select ” Invite email contacts “.

From there, you can upload a maximum of 7,000 contacts per day per page – and a maximum of 5,000 contacts at a time.

Invite employees to “like” your page.

People are more likely to like pages that already have some sort of following, and your employees can help your company build the starting numbers. After all, they are your strongest and most effective brand advocates. Ask them to “Like” the official Facebook page. Then, encourage them to share, like, and also comment on your team’s post content on Facebook.
Include Facebook URL on receipts.
Run a promotion where customers who become Facebook fans on the spot get small discounts.
Do you market your business offline? Include links to your Facebook page and other social media profiles on print ads, flyers, coupons, catalogs, business cards, and direct mail activities.

Post valuable content.

The best way to increase your following on Facebook is to treat your fans like people – and that means consistently delivering content that is valuable to them. Delivering value really comes into play with the content you create and share with your fans and how you interact with them. (Read more: How to Attract Customers with Facebook.)
It’s about building long-term relationships with your Facebook fans. They may not remember a single post on Facebook, but if they notice that you consistently publish high quality, useful and relevant posts on Facebook, they will think of you as a valuable resource.
So how do you know what to post? If you’re in tune with your shopper personalities, you probably have a good idea of ​​what types of content your ideal customers like. If not, or if you just need some inspiration, consider spending a week noting the types of content in your News Feed that forces you to click, comment or share. What inspired you? Use your observations to inspire future posts.

Be constant and present.

Getting more likes on Facebook isn’t just profile optimization and an initial boost. To continue to grow constantly, it is necessary to maintain an active and continuous presence.
This doesn’t just mean posting educational and in-depth content on a regular basis, but also monitoring your presence and engaging with your fans. Ask questions, answer questions, and participate in discussions with those who post on your page. Find, follow and build relationships with others in your industry. Create a presence worth following.

Use Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach.

Growing your Facebook Likes organically is the best way to drive engagement and ultimately convert fans into customers. But if you have the budget for it, incorporating some paid advertising into your Facebook strategy can help add to the hard work you’re already doing. Facebook offers a type of ad called “Page Like Ad”, which contains a CTA suggesting that users like your Facebook page. These ads may appear in users’ News Feeds or in the ad column on the right side of their web browser when they are on Facebook. Here’s what a “like” ad looks like on a mobile News Feed:

Buy likes to improve page visibility in searches

Increasing the number of likes on your page will serve above all to improve the positioning of the page itself in the search results on facebook. An important number of fans of the page arouses curiosity in the public and allows you to become popular.

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