How to increase fans for your Facebook page

There’s an easy way to get more likes on Facebook – and it’s easier than you think!

Create posts that inspire people to SHARE your content. People love to share content that is interesting and arouses curiosity. And it is thanks to the sharing of content that the friends of your fans will contribute to the growth by starting to follow your page and view your posts more often.

Here are some ways to get more likes and fans

Publish posts continuously.

Post at least 5 times a week so you are always in front of your fans.

Our recommendation is to post at least once a day. Post more if you notice the results are coming. Just make sure you track everything in Facebook Insights.

Publish your posts at the right time.

The best time to post will depend on the type of business you do, but usually the most profitable times are:
Morning: 8/9: 00, Afternoon: 14:00, Evening : 19:00.
If you follow these simple instructions you will see that your Facebook posts will get more likes and consequently many people will start following your page and your content.

Use impactful images.

The power of photos and videos is that they are the most shared Facebook content and consequently the most effective.
Thanks to an important visual impact it is possible to attract facebook users to our page and thus obtain an increase in the number of followers.
Remember to always create “original” images or videos and in the case of videos do not exceed 20/30 seconds in duration.

Write short, clear text.

According to a study by MarketingForce, Facebook posts with less than 100 characters have 26% higher engagement than longer ones.
It follows that short and clear texts work better than those that are too long, because they avoid the user having to “swipe” (scroll) and make it easier to use the contents.
The easier it is to read, the more likely people will read and share it. The results of multiple statistical analyzes reveal that the ideal length of a Facebook Post should be between 70 and 80 characters.

Write text that is relevant to your business.

It is wrong to think that you can run after Facebook users using publications from other pages that have been successful because in reality, that success is determined precisely by the originality of the contents themselves. The contents must be able to give your audience, in a clear and direct way, all the information necessary to understand what your services or your reference sector are. (Ex. Sale of shoes, Astrology, etc …).

Always use your voice in videos / live broadcasts.

This is one of the main keys to gaining likes on Facebook.
Users become fans both because they like what you do / sell but also because of the sincere way you communicate it to them. Your Facebook voice is a powerful tool for mass seduction and will need to be loyal to your brand.
There’s nothing worse than being boring on Facebook, If your audience is young you should post like a guy young, not like a Wall Street CEO.

Include a “call to action” in your Facebook posts

The call to action or “Call to action” is nothing more than an “explicit request” to act.
It can be declined in many ways but it is essentially used for marketing purposes. The most effective calls to action are those that invite you to “comment”, “share” and “order”. In all cases, an increase in engagement of 35% was noted. (Ex. If you like our post, share it with your friends “)

Give your posts a sense of urgency.

There are some keywords that, when included in a Facebook post, can induce users to act “quickly” by grabbing their attention. “or” timed offer “or in the case of a blog article concerning highly viewed content, you could use the term” updated “to induce users to click on it and increase the engagement of your Facebook page.
It is always a good idea to stay up to date on what’s going on in your industry and share it with your followers. What you should never do is share an old post that is no longer relevant.

The value of content is essential.

Before you share something on Facebook, ask yourself if it can represent value for your fans, because if they don’t find any value in it, they won’t share it!
The value of a content is determined by its usefulness and the relevance of the information contained therein. The more the content will benefit the facebook user in his future choices, the more value it will have.

On Facebook the right dose of irony never hurts.

If your Facebook followers love funny memes or respond well to videos, take note of your preferences and use them to your advantage.
But remember the above and don’t overdo the content, because often “quantity” is synonymous of “triviality” and a few “trivial” contents can ruin a work of months.

Use educational content such as guides and tutorials.

Facebook users love to share guides and practical tips. It is good that your “tips” are effective, easy to carry out.
Many great brands use this technique to increase the engagement and the number of followers of Facebook pages with excellent results.

Create a list or list.

Lists, in the form of an infographic or pdf (or blog post), are great for sharing
This is probably the best advice on the list.
People love posts like : “Top 10 ways to …” or “things you need to know …”
List posts always have a lot of engagement on Facebook.

Publish by seasons.

Customize your content according to the season for great results.
A great way to get more shares is to do a holiday-based promotion, or you can change your profile picture or cover photo to something seasonal (eg Christmas).
People love to see personality on a page.

Buy Facebook likes to stimulate growth.

Statistical analysis shows that social media users are more attracted to posts or pages that show large numbers of interactions. The tendency is to believe mainly those who have high numbers of likes on posts and pages. For this reason we believe that a good solution is to increase the number of interactions of posts and pages, buying likes, in order to show numbers from big brands or famous people and attract attention to the contents.

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