How to increase Instagram followers in 2020

The number of people who follow a social account has always been one of the points of reference for evaluating the quality of the work done. That’s why it’s essential to understand how to increase followers on Instagram in 2020.

Why this clarification? What is the reason behind the need to contextualize the increase in followers on Instagram in 2020?

Simple, many strategies have changed and different practices that in the past allowed to increase followers on Instagram quickly, perhaps buying followers from external services, today they are completely banned.

Others put your account at risk. Worse than your brand . That’s why you have to put aside all the bots and automatisms that allow you to get around the problem. Better understand now how to increase followers on Instagram today, in a clean and lasting way.

What-does-it-mean-to-increase-followers in 2020

Before explaining how to increase followers on Instagram it is right to evaluate a point that will influence any future work on social networks.

Why do you dedicate time to this activity? Or rather, what is the reason that pushes you to increase followers? The answer: prove your importance.

Quanto guadagna un influencer su Instagram?
How much does an influencer make on Instagram?

Then monetize. One way or another. As you can see from this graphic, the higher the number of followers, the higher the parameter for asking for a fee .

This is because the number of followers is the synthetic (but not refined and above all not always valid) indicator of the potential audience.

Especially in the world of impromptu, unprofessional influencer marketing, the number of followers linked to an Instagram account becomes the only element to evaluate the quality of the work. But that’s a mistake.

It doesn’t work like that. Having a lot of followers is a wish of many users on Instagram because this can be seen as synonymous with success.

Especially if the number of followers is accompanied by a rather low following audience. This means that I am an important testimonial, a influencer , a successful personality who is followed by everyone but does not deign to return the follow. But the view is completely wrong.

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The-perspective to work as an influencer

Today you don’t just have to think about how to improve the number of people who follow your updates : in 2020 it is increasingly important to contextualize this work to reach, conquer and retain the right people.

In addition to evaluating how to increase followers on Instagram in 2020, you must understand the way to have a attentive audience , loyal, able to react and create engagement when you publish.

Actions to fight bots, fake accounts, ghost followers, fake Instagram followers are increasingly careful. Remember the Shadow Ban?

In an effort to become famous on Instagram, and to increase revenue, many profiles have bought followers , used fake accounts and bots to automate social media marketing actions on Instagram.

By earning a nice penalty on your profile by limiting visits and interactions. So the first way to understand how to increase followers on Instagram in 2020: play fair, without tricks.

10-ways to increase followers on Instagram

Today we need a guide explaining how to increase the number of followers on Instagram in order to obtain good results over time.

These tips are valid for everyone, you can decline them with respect to the activity of a company but also of a freelancer . Or maybe an influencer who has decided to make money online with their online brand.

1. Create a visual storytelling project

This is the first point to address when wondering how to increase followers on Instagram. The reason is simple: only accounts that have a true idea of ​​visual storytelling can grow over time.

Come aumentare follower su Instagram
Create a clear identity on Instagram.

See as an example the profile of Andrea Antoni (@stailuan) with the pantone project. Anyone who simply replicates a work already seen, in an attempt to replicate the formula that works, is doomed to fail miserably.

Because visual content – the photos, graphics and videos but also the stories you post on Instagram – work if they have an interesting base .

There must be a message, content to convey . Otherwise your account is destined to remain a dead letter in this social network.

2. Enter the right hashtags on Instagram

These labels characterize your posts with clickable keywords anticipated by a hashtag . What happens if you enter a hashtag on your Instagram post? Simple, that content will be present on the page that collects all the content that made the same decision.

This means that entering the right Instagram hashtags allows you to be present in the searches and interests of people looking for certain topics. How to use these labels ? Just putting random words between the hashtags? Or maybe insert the most used ones?

No, the best way is also to insert 10 or 20 hashtags: you can put a maximum of 30 but they are almost always useless. Use these elements to describe in simple words the topic of a topic . Escaping from those terms so widely used but so generic as to represent nothing.

Inserisci gli hashtag giusti su Instagram
Good use of hashtags by @nicolacarmignani.

See, for example, how Nicola Carmignani uses the right hashtags on Instagram (here you can also find his interview on the Studio Samo blog).

3. Geolocate your photos on Instagram

An interesting tip: when posting a photo always add the tag to geolocate the photo . So whoever is interested in that location can look for it and find your contribution. So you have more opportunities to increase the number of followers and followers on this social network.

4. Collaborate with other Instagrammers

This is a decisive point. Do they call you to attend an event or presentation? You must participate , prepare the slides and enter your Instagram username on each screen. Do they ask you for an interview?

Add the link to your account. You participate in a blog tour? There you are, the budget is little. At least in the beginning it is like this: you have to collaborate a lot and with the right people to get more visibility and bring new followers .

5. Use badges and widgets on WordPress blog

The profile must always be with you. You ask me how to increase followers on Instagram? Start adding an icon in the footer or in the blog header.

Also you can embed , when needed, your photos in the pages of the online diary or website. Why is it so important to follow this solution?

This way, in addition to showing the visual, you also highlight the follow button. But if you want to improve the result you can even insert your Instagram feed on the WordPress blog , perhaps in the sidebar. Or anywhere else you find it useful for your editorial project.

The reason is simple: this way people who come to your blog or website see your work and decide whether to follow you or not . This leads to a continuous and controlled increase in followers interested in your shots.

People who appreciate your work decide whether or not to follow you. What are the best WordPress plugins to insert the image feed on the blog? You can definitely use Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed.

The advantages of this add-on? Simple, you can work as easily as possible. You don’t need HTML to add the feed, just a shortcode to insert where it is needed to bring up the photos you posted on Instagram. And attract the interest of potential followers.

6. Create a bio that fits your profile

Why do you decide to follow an Instagram account? Often the action of adding a user to your follower feed involves the bio.

That text accompanying the username and the official link, in fact, can act as an attractor and get more people to follow one person. What should this caption look like? Simple and informative. But above all, capable of making the reader understand what you intend to share.

7. Create a mix of content

When influencers and entrepreneurs ask how to increase followers on Instagram, the advice is always the same: publish quality content . But where? On your profile, it’s clear. But you can do it in different ways. For example, you can use the official feed with the publication of photos and collages.

Then there are the mini-videos that work well. But what gives great visibility to your profile , with relative increase in followers, is the work on Instagram Stories. Without forgetting the possibility of working with the video content marketing of IGTV, the Instagram television.

All of this helps create a variety of content to increase the potential audience you want to add to your profile’s potential followers .

8. Use the signature and bio with Instagram account

How to increase followers on Instagram in a systematic and continuous way? Get in the habit of always using the link to your profile in HTML signatures . This applies, for example, to the email or posts you leave on forums or Q / A sites. Without forgetting the possibility of leaving the link in the bio of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social network that allows it.

9. Join the world of the community

How to increase followers on Instagram? This is one of the most effective tips: try to give more value to the community. For example by replying to comments and leaving your opinion or appreciation elsewhere. Like on photos of people who follow your same interests.

You can’t open an Instagram account, post two photos and wait for people to come to your profile by clicking on the button to follow what you do. It doesn’t work like that . You must be an active part of the community.

And you have to do it every single day, making yourself stand out. How? For example with relevant comments on photos in which the virtuous discussion is fueled. The power of the community is strong, be there where you need it.

10. Create advertisements

The good old ad that always works in the end . The mechanism that allows you to create sponsors is perfect for bringing visits to the site or blog through Instagram, but at the same time it can be a good way to bring new followers to your account. So you can be followed and find out by those who still don’t know your brand on this social network.

Obviously, to invest in advertising on Instagram you need two elements: budget and skills. Otherwise also the ADV is useless.

Methods for not-increasing-followers in 2020

The line to follow: You must put aside everything that allows you to increase followers without using shortcuts , tricks and alternative means.

This means you need to set aside services to buy Instagram followers, use bots and fake accounts for you to comment, like and interact for you. The penalties on Instagram exist and if you are looking for ways to increase followers in the long run, without risking to find yourself without a profile, you should follow the rules.

So, work on increasing your followers without rushing. Always evaluating the potential audience and the real interests of the people who follow you. And constantly analyzing your true followers and followers.

How to discover fake-followers on Instagram

If you want to increase followers in a structured and virtuous way, you must understand if there is an abundance of fake accounts in your profile, that is, inadequate for your work that aims at creating a qualitatively audience quantitatively virtuous. How to solve this problem?

Come scoprire fake follower su Instagram
Let’s analyze the Instagram profiles of the accounts.

You can use an application like Enter the username and analyze the profile discovering important details such as the percentage of engagement and that of the fake profiles. Which, in any case, are part of every Instagram profile : it is practically obvious that each of us has a part of a bot or fake account to delete.

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How to increase followers on Instagram

This is a brief analysis of the combinations needed to improve and increase the number of followers on Instagram in 2020 . The clarification is important because the techniques are not mentioned at random.

Today, more and more than yesterday, it’s important to play by the rules. And respect the quality of your daily work on this social network.

Do you agree on this point? How to increase followers on Instagram in your opinion? Leave your opinion in the comments, as always.

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