How to increase Instagram post coverage?

Tell the truth. You are interested in knowing how to increase your Instagram post coverage but you absolutely don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry because you are not the only one. Especially in this period when social media is proving to be increasingly appreciated, crowded and useful for companies and professionals.

And knowing how to move to increase your visibility is important … and succeeding is not easy!

With these assumptions, let’s see what you should know and what you should do … How to increase Instagram post coverage?

Increase Instagram post coverage? It’s all the fault of the algorithm!

To decide your success or failure on Instagram is undoubtedly the algorithm. In fact, it is up to him whether your posts are seen by a few or many people. Fortunately, no one is helpless in the face of this: by learning about the algorithm, you can understand how to increase Instagram post coverage .

aumentare la copertura dei post su instagram

So you need to study at least a little ‘and get busy, but also keep updating … because the algorithm changes often! The algorithm is used by Instagram with the aim of improving the user experience of the user browsing the platform .

The processing of Instagram algorithms has become more and more specular to that of the other social media, Facebook. It therefore provides more space and visibility to those who spend in advertising and to those who manage to have a high number of interactions .

If a post was posted just before, but with bad results from the point of view of interactions (likes and comments), it is easy for it to disappear immediately from the feed.

Conversely, instead of the new and fresh content there will be a post published previously, but which has obtained a high response from instagrammers .

If the end user interacts more frequently with the posts of a given profile, Instagram will always show him the contents of that particular account. This will give it precedence over others in the feed.

That’s why, for example, we find more often the publications of our friends or our companions. A high level of interaction, engagement, allows you to be seen frequently. This, however, we will see below.

This phenomenon occurs because if the user has interacted with those posts, it means that he is passionate and that he likes them. So, Instagram will highlight content of his liking , checking that the user in question remains connected for a longer period of time.

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The algorithm was born , therefore, as a protocol that meets the needs of users , improving the quality of the stay on the social network. Reluctantly, many people who do not know its properties in depth end up hating it, calling themselves “victims of the algorithm” or the system.

When an influencer, even a small one, suffers a clear decline in impressions, engagement and the number of new followers, the fault will automatically fall on the algorithm.

copertura su instagram

This is true but only partially, however, because the fault is not always attributed to the algorithm. It may happen, in fact, that the influencer or content creator has posted a content of little value, of little interest and of poor quality.

Maybe he has also changed the order of the hashtags , selecting some that are too large or too small. Again, he could have wrong publication time, and so on.

Avoiding these problems allows you to significantly improve your coverage on Instagram, thus allowing your profile to find the approval of new users.

So you can be sure that you are publishing content that is certainly interesting.

The watchword, in any case, is and will always be quality . It seems a perhaps trivial concept, but it is not. Frequently on Instagram you see images, not only of private users and who use Instagram as a pastime, but also of important companies or freelancers, of a low quality.

Maybe because of the blur, maybe because it’s dark and without any logical sense. In sum, there are photos taken completely at random and placed on the platform just to fill a hole.

Quality is what is always, with merit, rewarded, and with a strategic analysis to the base you can understand what to do to amaze your followers .

Some suggestions to expand coverage social post

When it comes to understanding how to increase Instagram post reach, this is one of the things to do. Follow the advice of the experts and, as soon as necessary, rely on the professionals . Here are some tips not to be taken lightly.

1. Quality and not just quantity to expand the social post coverage

Being active on Instagram is important. However, choosing to propose quality is even more important. to users . Therefore, you should always publish qualitative photos and videos from every point of view.

copertura instagram

Furthermore, it is important to opt for content capable of capturing attention , chosen and made unique based on the type of followers you want to reach. Basically, you need beautiful and interesting content for the people you want to hook.

2. You comment, I comment to expand the social post coverage

Take the first step and interact with your followers and potential followers. Comment and like their posts… You will see that you will encourage them to do the same with you.

3. Increase Instagram post coverage with hashtags

If you want to understand how to increase Instagram post coverage and succeed, listen to this. When it comes to hashtags, better few but good , relevant to your posts and suitable for capturing your target audience.

Use not only the most used and sought after, but also those that are less successful. This way you will have less competition and you will gradually gain more visibility.

4. The caption is important for expanding the social post coverage

It can be a touching quote, a thought that conveys emotions, a question or a call to action. It can even be an opinion that triggers a cycle of comments and interactions …

Whatever you choose, don’t forget that the caption is important. In fact, even if we see it after the photo, if it is a catchy phrase , it leads us to appreciate the whole post more!

5. The perfect time to expand your social post coverage

If you want to know how to increase your Instagram post coverage, don’t forget to publish your posts at various times of the day and observe interactions.

What is the time you attract more comments and likes? That will be the time to make the most of, which will lead you to increase more your visibility quickly.

A high level of Engagement favors the growth of coverage

The Instagram algorithm prefers posts with a high level of interest. Thus, your task will be to do everything possible to get it! There are several techniques you can use to quickly raise the interest rate. The first thing to keep in mind is the variety of content to post .

Posting the same type of content over and over again can become tedious for your followers and this is the worst thing that could happen. Using different types of content is a great strategy to make your profile different.

Use photos as a basis, and videos to stimulate your fans more. Publishing videos “behind the scenes”, perhaps in which show the process of creating posts in detail, among other things, could be a good idea to increase engagement.

Increase interaction called Engagement on Instagram

Having said that, let’s immediately see some small tricks to quickly increase the interaction (also called “engagement”) of your posts on Instagram:

Contests : Brands often organize giveaways on Instagram. What are the necessary requirements? Nobody. Just comment, tag your friends, like and share a post to participate and have the chance to win a prize in cash, services or products.

This strategy is very useful , as it helps both to spread your profile virally, and because posts increase the level of interaction. This allows them to be read better by the Instagram algorithm and to be seen more often.

Now you understand what is the advantage of running a contest and why most brands do it every bit of time? Useful for increasing your instagram post coverage, right?

– Question / Choice: asking your followers a question in the post requires users to comment with an answer, increasing, once again, the interest rate.

The calls -to-action are a constant of social platforms , and everyone has a self-evident example on Youtube. How many vo lte you happened to hear the influencer on duty shouting this motto in a loud voice:

All this to expand the post coverage of the social network

A lot, right? This is because Youtube, as well as Instagram, rewards videos with a high level of engagement, not just views.

For Instagram, after a follower has interacted with your content , your next content is likely to be shown within their newsfeed. This is because the Instagram algorithm believes that your posts are interesting for him.

Today we focus on a topic that appeals to all those involved in promoting social media and to people who they want to become influencers.

Especially at the beginning, and when we are beginners, it is not easy to be able to increase the Instagram post coverage . However, we’re here to give you some useful advice on this. Let’s get started right away.

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We know it sounds trivial, and we also know that this thing has been said over and over again.

Ad however, when it comes to Instagram and social networks in general, this is even more true: there are so many people who publish and share posts, that to increase coverage on IG you need to know how to do more! It is necessary to get noticed and conquer the public.

To increase instagram post coverage you need originality and creativity, but also and above all with quality. You need captions that convey value, in one way or another, and images with optimal resolution, always with good light. The same goes for videos, which must also have valid audio.

When these quality factors are lacking, unfortunately the more you get more coverage on IG you risk decreasing it. In fact, if the posts don’t catch the eye, they don’t catch the likes. Consequently, the visibility does not increase .

Raise fast?

It has been found time and again that social media in general like very active users. This, however, does not mean exaggerating: even posting a couple of photos a day can make a difference in terms of visibility and coverage .

In addition to this, for increase Instagram coverage we also recommend that you like and comment on the posts of others. By doing this you will be even more active and you will encourage many users to interact with you and your posts. Plus, you’ll even get noticed by new followers.

This is a rule that you should always follow, even when it comes to increasing Instagram reach . In fact, the social algorithms are updated often and it is advisable to know them to understand what to do to constantly obtain optimal visibility, growing day by day.

Increase Instagram post coverage with a little help?

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This means taking advantage of greater visibility with less effort , and significantly increasing Instagram coverage.

Of course, though, you won’t have to put aside the tips we’ve given you in this article. By taking every step right and with commitment, you will be able to achieve all the results you deserve!

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Come aumentare la copertura post Instagram?

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