How to increase likes on Instagram with and without bots

The question we all ask ourselves, especially after the advent of the Shadowban , is: how to increase likes on Instagram?

You will surely have noticed a change of course by the Instagram algorithm , which in the last year has penalized many profiles and banned as many hashtags, leading users’ photos to receive less interactions . I myself have registered a sharp decline in the likes of my photos, even though I was following a very specific strategy.

Increasing likes on Instagram is a common desire , both of normal users, but above all of brands, so much so that many people on the net have addressed this topic, suggesting different solutions. In this article, I’ll tell you about the actions I take every day to grow my Instagram profile and acquire new followers interested in my photos.

Why did I include bots? Because I did some tests and I would like to tell you my experience.

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How to increase likes on Instagram without spending a euro

Let’s start immediately with the techniques I use to increase the notoriety of my Instagram profile , which do not involve any expense.

Keep in mind, in any case, that increasing Instagram likes and followers with this series of tricks is the most honest and valid way ever.

Do a market study

Look around , see what the people you follow are doing, those who are closest to your style and your type of content. Take note of which types of photos work best in the audience and ask yourself why.

Do a little study work, learn by observing. This is the first step.

Choose a theme for your gallery

Instagram users have their own preferences. There are some trends that it is good to know, but which in my opinion you can choose to respect or not. After all, I think that, first of all, our profile should please us who take care of it, otherwise what’s the taste?

come aumentare like instagram - gallery tematica

The blue color seems to particularly attract the attention of users, especially when in contrast with colors such as white. The same photos with a white background or in any case with light and dazzling colors are preferred over those too rich in color and which risk not having a focus point.

The exaltation of a color on a homogeneous background attracts the user’s attention, leading him to click on the photo and browse our profile, where he expects to find other similar photos. Focusing on a color or a precise chromatic scale will help you stand out from the group, yes, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to tie yourself to a color or not.

You will notice, for example, that on my Instagram profile I don’t like a color, I just love beautiful photos.

Identify users who deal with the same topics as you and interact with them

Instagram is a social platform, where, by definition, users interact with each other. You have to do it too. It costs time and effort, I know it well, but it’s the only way you can get noticed and try to forge interesting relationships.

Comment, like other photos, make other users notice you, help you to grow and consequently to increase likes on Instagram.

Follow / unfollow technique

While everyone criticizes it, including me, it’s a foolproof technique. Following an indefinite number of users is a bit like shooting in the pile, something will come back to you.

In theory, you should only follow profiles that you have a healthy interest in and, therefore, there would be no reason to unfollow. However, since I’m not a hypocrite, I tell you that this follow / unfollow technique works, only that you will have to waste a lot of time, but we will delve into this topic when we talk about bots.

Search and selection of hashtags

You know well that through hashtags, photos are grouped into a page that offers two contents: the most popular posts and the most recent posts. Your goal is to become part of the section of the most popular posts, in this way, your photo will be under the eyes of many people and you can receive potential likes.

How do you appear in the most popular posts?

It’s not easy, you have to carefully choose the hashtags you want to rank for.

You have to make a selection, a careful selection after checking the number of posts already published for each hashtag chosen. The more generic or famous the hashatag, the more related posts it will have , the harder it will be to appear in popular posts. Conversely, the more precise a hashtag is, the fewer related posts it will have, the easier it will be to reach the top of popular posts.

Come aumentare i like su instagram - post popolari

But there is a though. If the hashtag for which your photo manages to rank among the popular posts is too little used, you risk that no one will notice your photo.

What you have to do is average, choose popular hashtags but not too much and focus on them, without depriving yourself of more popular and niche hashtags.

This job will take a long time.

I suggest you create an excel file with the hashtag groups already divided by type and popularity, to make it easier for you to choose when you go to post your content.

Dissemination of content through Instagram groups

A technique that can work, if organized, is sharing your newly published posts within a group of selected followers.

Why does this technique work?

I’ll tell you right away. The Instagram algorithm, when it records that a newly published photo receives a lot of likes in a very short time, does this kind of reasoning:

come aumentare like su instagram - algoritmo

When you share your photo on the group, your teammates will have to like them practically in real time , in this way, Instagram will perceive that your photo is quickly gaining appreciation and will show it to more people.

There are those who condemn this technique, but I honestly believe that if well organized it pays off, especially if the people you involve in the group are people you would follow in any case.

Geolocate the stories

For some time now there has been the possibility of including the location within the stories of Instagram. All the stories that report a specific location, then, will be grouped within a story of the place, with many others. You may be noticed by those who look at them … so why take this possibility out by forgetting the geotag?

How to increase likes on Instagram with bots

But let’s turn to the dark side and start talking about bots, so criticized and hated, but used by the majority. Here I am telling you about my concrete experience, after having tested two different platforms.

What are bots?

Let’s start by explaining what bots are. The word “bot” is nothing more than the contracted form of “robot” , which perform actions, which in the specific case of Instagram can be the following:

  • follow (to follow profiles)
  • unfollow (to stop following profiles)
  • like (to like)
  • comments

You already realized that using bots saves a lot of time and speeds up the growth of your Instagram profile a lot … but at what price?

The risks of bot users

Like all things, if you don’t have a good modus operandi, you risk making a mess. The same goes for bots.

It sure is inviting and nice to see your personal profile gain more followers and more likes in the short time possible, but it can turn out to be a double-edged sword: you could get banned from Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm, in fact, knows your movements and your actions, if at some point it notices an anomalous increase in your daily behavior , it will become suspicious and penalize you.

The other risk you face is that of acquiring fans irrelevant to your target , thus creating a volume of followers that is pure appearance and little substance, because the number of likes and interactions with your posts will not improve at all. A bit like fake fans on Facebook pages a few years ago, remember?

Growing up on Instagram with bots: my experience and the tools I tested

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’m not someone who hides behind a finger and, although this technique is aberrated above all by those who actually use it without admitting it, here are my tips and my considerations, after having tested different tools, in the days of free trial available or due to collaborations with the platforms themselves.


Let’s start with the platform that I liked least of the two: Instawell.

When I first approached the bot talk, I was mainly curious to see how these platforms that promised seas and mountains worked. After reading several articles suggesting which tools to use for Instagram bots, I landed on Instawell and went for it.

What I liked

Using Instawell is foolproof. Just click play and the “collect followers” machine will start by itself. A point in its favor is certainly the simplicity and clean graphics.

Instawell - aumentare follower su instagram con i bot

What I didn’t like

Unfortunately, the targeting of the accounts to follow can only be done through the choice of some hashtags, a bit reductive to limit the possibility of receiving irrelevant followers for our business.

instawell - selezione target

Moral of the story, I ended up with a few more followers, no increase in likes, and a lot of junk users to delete.

If you want to increase likes on Instagram through the use of bots, I don’t recommend this tool at all.

For such a rough tool, the price is also quite high: $ 10.00 per month.


Dejected by the test results on the first platform, I threw myself on a second one: StimSocia l.

This platform is much more complex than the previous one and, therefore, also much more flexible and precise.

What I liked

I basically liked everything about StimSocial.

I find the dashboard clear and simple, even the graphics of the site in general are pleasant , but the thing I liked most of all is the careful selection of the target.

As you can see, there are three sections to choose from and combine:

  • Accounts
  • Hashtags
  • Locations

stimsocial - dashboard

By carefully choosing the hashtags to follow, profiles similar to your own and possibly the places used by users, you can get to have a well-defined targeting , which will bring you true and seriously interested followers. you publish.

We need some criteria here too , though. I’ll give you a concrete example.

If you are a travel blogger, among the accounts you will insert the profiles of all those bloggers who have a way of traveling similar to yours.

If you are a traveler or a backpacker traveler, adding a blogger who frequents luxury hotels to your accounts will not help you, because her followers have completely opposite interests to yours and your way of traveling. Do you understand why careful selection of profiles is important here too?

The same is true with hashtags.

What I didn’t like

After the trial period, if you intend to continue with StimSocial, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 9.95. Unfortunately, there is no discount on the price for an annual or a few months’ subscription. Too bad.


I decided to test this tool for two reasons: because it was suggested to me by a reader in the comments below, and also because the company itself contacted me to test it.

I must say that it was an interesting experience, because the tool has features that the bot programs I had tried so far did not have.

What I liked

The pSocial interface is intuitive and has a nice design, plus I have to say that the acquisition of fans is really precise, mainly due to the fact that you can customize the targeting by playing with hashtags, locations and interests according to your own goal.

Surely compared to Instawell too, pSocial is a more advanced and effective bot management tool.

What I didn’t like

Personally, I found the account configuration a bit cumbersome, also because the platform often asks you to reconnect. Furthermore, if on the one hand the possibility of always setting a different and precise target is certainly useful and effective, on the other hand there should also be the possibility of saving targets that have worked, so as not to have to create them again.

A tip

If you will or have already made use of these platforms, I advise you never to automate comments, rather keep it as an operation to be done daily and individually.

Follow / unfollow operations almost never bring real followers or who in any case remain active with you over time. It can be a technique to make yourself known, but try to mediate the automatic operations of a bot, with the real interaction.

Bots are not the solution to find new customers, but to make your profile known faster and make your photos get more likes in the shortest time.

Real interaction, however, remains the correct and most effective way to grow and increase likes on Instagram, the only downside is that it is a time-consuming job.

Have you ever used bots to increase likes on Instagram?

Tell me about your experience and the platform you used

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