How to invite someone to TikTok

After hearing about it on various social networks and seeing what it was about from some friends, the unstoppable desire not to be left behind and always keep up with the latest trend of the moment prompted you to download the TikTok app on your smartphone.

It soon became super popular among young people all over the world and after having depopulated in recent years here in Italy, embracing an ever-increasing slice large population – know that even politicians and famous faces of the entertainment world using it by launching into funny video clips – has reached your curiosity. So, smartphone in hand, you have decided to throw yourself headlong into ballets, challenges , POV and viral choreographies made on the latest hits have become your daily plan.

I would say that you are on the right way to become a real tiktoker . However, there is still something that you may not know or that you may not be able to put into practice. Like any other social network, think of Facebook or Instagram, even on TikTok it is important to be noticed to be successful.

How to do it? Simple, by taking care of the video content you create so as to aim to end up in the coveted section of For you until the community you follow grows day by day. Creativity, flair, curiosity and quality: these are the watchwords that you must keep in mind when thinking about content to publish on your TikTok feed. This way you will attract the attention of new users and be able to collect more reactions to your posts.

Here I come into play with this article. In this guide, in fact, I will explain step by step how to invite someone on TikTok so as to have a wider follower base and to increase the reactions to your posts. Keep reading this guide to learn more, I’ll give you all the information you need to invite your friends on the well-known social platform with the music note icon.

Ready to get to the heart of this tutorial? Evidently the world of TikTok is not yet without secrets for you and there is something you would like to learn more about. No problem, carefully follow my tips and the steps I’m about to show you. You will see the operation in question is really very simple, relax and try to dedicate some of your free time to me. Let’s begin? Well, I just have to wish you good reading!

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How to invite friends to TikTok

Using the app TikTok, available for both iOS and Android devices, you can make short video clips lasting between 15 and 60 seconds to share with the world – and with your followers – any type of content you have created.

Ballets, challenges, duets, videos with interesting polls and those in which you show your ability to lip sync in order to reproduce the songs of your favorite singers by “simulating” their voice (a trick I loved to play as a child by pretending to be a famous artist during the holidays with relatives, what a laugh!).

To invite friends to Tiktok to join you in this fascinating world and start following you, just put in practice these simple steps using your Android or iOS mobile device.

  • Open the TikTok app from your mobile device
  • Tap the icon with the black music note
  • Go to your profile by tapping Me in the lower right corner
  • After entering your profile, tap the Find friends option (the icon with the little man in the upper left corner)
  • Tap the Contacts button – in this way the platform will help you find friends who also use the TikTok application
  • Alternatively, tap on Invite friends to invite your contacts who they are not using TikTok
  • Tap the Invite button next to the name of the contact you want to invite

You can invite your friends using several available options such as Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Twitter and so on . Besides, you can also send emails to invite your friends. Inviting someone to TikTok is really very easy and as you have seen it is possible to do so by acting directly from the application.


As an aspiring tiktoker you want to know all the tricks needed to boost your community and get noticed on the popular social network. The colorful and fun world of TikTok is not a complete stranger to you but there was still something you wanted to deepen.

In other articles I have explained to you how to make videos in reverse, I have given you all the indications to save videos to your device without posting them and put text. I then gave you all the information to create video playlists and to make slow motion videos. This time, however, I wanted to dedicate an article to how to invite someone on TikTok .

As you have read, this is a very simple operation that will allow you to reach more contacts and above all to increase the interactions to the posts you share in your profile. This way, you can definitely count on a stronger and larger fan base that will help you get more likes.

I hope you found all the information you were looking for when you landed on this page of my site. For any questions or if you need further explanation on some unclear steps, contact me and I will answer all your questions. Good luck!

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