How to join Clubhouse

What’s the social of the moment? Without a doubt the infamous and talked about Clubhouse . It appeared in Italy at the beginning of 2021, as if it were a gift for the new year and this sort of Clubhouse mania continues to take hold. Even if, compared to its launch, now the obsession towards this new portal is starting to get quieter.
But if for Instagram or Facebook, just to give two examples, the registration procedures are simple and immediate, for this reason new social network is all a bit more complicated. That’s why today let’s see together how to join Clubhouse .


Membership… elite

We assume that the phrase “how to join Clubhouse” is not entirely correct. Whether for technology problems, or for a marketing choice, Clubhouse is not for everyone. At least, it’s not for everyone yet. To enter this social of chatter and rumors, in fact, you need to have a fundamental characteristic, which is to own an iPhone. Only iOs devices can access this new and special world . In itself this is a character that makes Clubhouse elitist and unique, like everything that revolves around the creations of the Steve Jobs family. It must be said, however, that other social networks were originally native to iOs as well. Even Instagram, for example. Then they were also made available for other operating systems. And hence the global success we all know.

Returning to Clubhouse, the registration method all starts with the download of the application on your smartphone. At this point, your data is requested and there is also the possibility to connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts and also to synchronize the phone book. That’s all, you say? Of course not. We have said that Clubhouse is an elite social, so in order to use it you will need an invitation code from someone who already has a working account for the platform. An invitation that comes to you via message, the dear and old sms: do not wait for it via Whatsapp. Once you receive the link, that’s it: you have your incredible Clubhouse membership and from now on you can indulge yourself in entering your favorite room.

Registration without invitation

But if you don’t know anyone who can invite you to the social of the voice, don’t despair. You know when we said that upon registration you are asked to synchronize the phone book? Here, your contacts will then see that you have downloaded the application and you will enter a sort of waiting list , thanks to which some “good soul” can still decide to let you in. You now have everything you need to use Clubhouse, but always remember that there will be someone out there who will be in the same situation as you. So be good and hand out your invitation codes. Sparingly, though. Know that in the history there is a trace of who you have entered into Clubhouse and this means that if a user has the account he does not behave according to the netiquette of the platform, then he can be banned and you will also be banned. you! So be careful who you let in Clubhouse!

Giulia Salis

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