How to leave a Facebook Group

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used social network in the world. With over 2 billion registered users, it allows us to get in touch with the people we care about. It can be defined as the precursor of this type of site, since it made its appearance in Italy back in 2008.

In a short time it was able to establish itself and completely revolutionize our “virtual” lives. Friends, pages and posts are certainly the most used terms when it comes to Facebook, but not only. There is, in fact, a very important concept: that of groups.

Groups allow us to share interests with other members of the community and are vital for encouraging interaction and discussion between users. Sometimes, however, you are tired of being part of one of these, which is why I have decided to write this guide to explain how to leave a Facebook Group .

We will see together how to do it both from PC and through the use of the official Android and iOS apps.

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What are Facebook Groups

Groups on Facebook represent one of the pillars on which the Social is based. They provide a space to discuss shared interests with certain people.

You can create a group for anything: a family reunion, the after-work soccer team or the soccer club. reading. These are people who share the same passions and therefore decide to meet in a sort of virtual “room” in which to discuss certain topics.

We could define them as a sort of “private circle” in which you enter by request, approval, or by invitation. Clearly not all groups are so exclusive, there are public or private Facebook groups.

It all depends on the settings set by the group administrator being created. For more information on groups, you can consult the Facebook FAQ.

How to leave a Facebook Group

Although, as we have seen, Groups are very useful for development of the community and allow to encourage comparison between users , it often happens that we find ourselves inside them by mistake. Sometimes we follow a friend’s invitation without giving too much weight to the thing and, in a short time, we find the home full of uninteresting content.

The Facebook algorithm, in fact, strongly favors the groups. Mark Zuckerberg, (Founder of Facebook ed.) in one of the latest press conferences, announced that he wanted to give greater visibility to groups, thus placing the user. at the center of platform.

If you are subscribed to a group, therefore, you will receive by default (you can change these settings) a fairly high number of notifications and you will often see the posts of that particular group in your main feed .

You may be fed up with all this and decide to leave the group forever. Fortunately, doing this is really a breeze and, below, we will see how to do this through the use of a PC, through the Facebook app for Android and iOS.

Before proceeding, keep Please note that if you leave a group:

  • The members of the group will not receive any notification of your leaving
  • The group will be removed from list of your groups
  • You will no longer receive notifications from the group
  • You will no longer see posts of the group in your main Feed

Leaving a Facebook Group from PC

Here are the steps you will need to take to leave a Facebook group from PC :

  • Open the Browser
  • Go to the Facebook site at
  • From the News section click on the Groups button in the menu on the left
  • If you do not see the Groups Tab, click on More
  • Select the group you wish to leave
  • Click on the three dots found at the top right
  • Select Leave Group
Abbandonare un Gruppo Facebook da PC
Leave a Facebook Group from PC

Leaving a Facebook Group from the Android App

Now let’s see the procedure you need to perform to Leave a Facebook Group from the Android App :

  • Open the Facebook app by tapping on its icon
  • Tap on the second icon at the top left
  • Tap on Your groups
  • Select the g group you want to leave
  • Tap on the Three dots at the top right
  • Tap on Leave group
abbandonare gruppo facwebook android app
Leaving a Facebook Group from the Android App

Leaving a Facebook Group from the iOS App

Finally, let’s see the steps to take to Leave a Facebook Group from the iOS App :

  • Open the Facebook app by tapping on its icon
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines icon (Hamburger Menu)
  • Tap on Groups
  • Select the group you want to leave
  • Tap the Three dots at the top right
  • Tap on Leave group


As we have seen, unfollowing a Facebook group is a very simple operation. Easy to do from both PC and official Facebook apps.

When you decide to leave a group, members will not receive any notification, however, if it is a group with few members, someone may still know of your abandonment by consulting the list of members.

Be careful, therefore, because you could hurt the feelings of those who have decided to invite you. Sometimes the best solution is to unfollow, but not completely abandon the group. If you want to know how to remove the follow from friends and groups, you can read my guide about it.

This is certainly a less invasive operation, which will allow you not to damage feelings in any way of your friends 🙂

If you have not been able to complete the process, or have encountered other problems, I recommend that you contact facebook support.

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