How to live on Tik Tok as a true influencer!

How to do Live on Tik Tok as a true influencer? It’s not as difficult as you actually think! It is certainly one of the most important aspects of digital communication in general on social media. Today, video, of any format, is certainly the best medium ever to keep in touch with people.

Le clips are the best that can be done at the moment to be able to reach more people immediately and offer their content in a clear way. Making videos for social media today means combining technique and spontaneity. And from this point of view, knowing how to do Live on Tik Tok means making the video tool express to its fullest potential!

So, now that you’ve landed here, keep reading the article. You will discover everything you need to know to reach the level of those who manage to entertain live Tik Tok obtaining a high degree of interaction and a good number of participants. Are you ready to get started?

come fare le live su tik tok

How to do they live on Tik Tok? Why are they important?

As always, as we are now entering a new topic – no doubt it will be if you are reading this article – it is of course advisable to first understand the context. Don’t be in a hurry to get straight to how to do Live on Tik Tok. What are we actually talking about here and now?

The answer, in a sense, lies in the question. Exactly, for those who had ideally raised their hand, let’s talk about the Here and Now, or, as the Latins said, the Hic et Nunc!

come si fanno le live su tik tok

Because it is what it is. It is not just a matter of starting a live, and how it goes. This is the very essence of the discourse: to be there, and to be there now, while things are happening.

Nothing is more important and not just on social media. This has to do with what it means to communicate, on any media!

How to Live on Tik Tok comes without a shadow of a doubt from understanding all of this. In addition, not even the rest of the social world, as we know, is foreign to the tool. On the other hand, the live video equally concerns YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But let’s go in order!

What to know before starting a Live?

Getting to acquire the necessary and due mastery on how to do Live on Tik Tok cannot but pass for understanding fundamental of the context. The fact that today we can worry about a live on Tik Tok is only the last step in a longer evolutionary process.

come fare le live su tik tok1

Until the advent of the global network, one would never have dreamed of being protagonists in the first person of the facts and of the historical moment. All that any of us who were not journalists or communications professionals was to observe and listen. We only had the task of staying up to date and letting ourselves be entertained. Not anymore.

Now we are the chroniclers of our time, and it becomes easier and easier to be. Isn’t it incredible that now the potential of a radio and a television studio is condensed into an object that fits in the palm of a hand?

Live on Tik Tok. Why do live broadcasts matter?

To be even more clear and exhaustive on the topic How to Live on Tik Tok, we launch this reflection. Do you know how important a moment is? Here, while you have reflected on it … it has already passed! And time, how do we live it today when we are constantly connected, perhaps looking for a live broadcast on a social network?

Everything now evolves faster. To the point that traditional media find it extremely difficult to keep up with changes, both in facts and in language. This means knowing how to master digital well and be active protagonists. At this point it is much easier to understand what crucial role videos play.

come si fanno le live su tik tok1

Knowing how to do Live on Tik Tok is fundamental and decisive because if social networks are the place where things happen, and the video, concise and fresh in the format, serves to fix the present moment to give it to history, the live video even more.

Obviously, it represents the greatest attraction for the social audience because it means capturing the time all together, with those who have followed each other for a long time and therefore becoming equal protagonists! If you already have an active account, how many times have you already come across a live on Tik Tok like Follow Donation or something else?

Between Tik Tok, Live and Social Network, whose world is it today?

If we want to see it in social terms, the revolution of young people who raised their heads and defined their generation in a distinct way from adults, began in the 1950s – perhaps with us later – and continue today. At the moment, however, things are very different on several aspects. First of all the tools, so to rise up and share who you are and your thoughts are more effective and impactful with social networks.

In addition, between courses and appeals that have seen more frivolous and hedonistic generations alternate with others more responsible, sees the current phase dominated by the latter. Tik Tok, especially during the pandemic, made this very clear. The new social network, more than its Digital Uncles Facebook and Instagram, and better than traditional media, has become a place of expression of free thought and attention to information.

come si fanno le live su tik tok1

Today, with live streaming, all users can concretely become actors of change. Lo demonstrates the fact that movements like Me Too and the environmentalist one born around Greta Thumberg have exploded above all thanks to social media. And what about Trump’s convention sabotage? Tik T0k not only acts as a sounding board, but creates events!

Beyond the live broadcasts on Tik Tok. A world in streaming

First, just a moment before we begin to reveal tricks and secrets on how to do it Live on Tik Tok, we briefly tell this world. But like what, that of streaming! With the birth of the first sites related to the world of video and above all music, and the mp3 and mp4 formats, an unstoppable flow begins!

A continuous flow of data that has not yet they had to do with Big Data, the collection of personal information, which companies use – for a fee – to do marketing on social networks and move consents through influencers. What we are referring to is the free flow of audiovisuals, which gradually led to live broadcasts as well.

The real kick start, just to steal an end to football , gave it to the world of the web YouTube, the first real social. Since everyone was able to access the platform to upload content, there were those who immediately understood the value that was in their hands. So the exhibitions and tutorials have begun.

What better showcase to express Thoughts And Words – Sorry Baptists! – if not a tool with global visibility? Hence the brilliant idea of ​​setting up the live broadcast tool. And here are the characters already followed appear in their rooms to talk about something, even for hours, reading and immediately replying to the comments of connected users. Does the generation Tik Tok remember anything?

Live broadcasts on Tik Tok, for many … but not for all!

Yes, you will have understood – perhaps – from this paraphrase in the title above that, if Facebook and Instagram are the digital uncles of Tik Tok… The writer is perhaps the uncle of the uncle’s uncle… If you didn’t know, For Many but Not for All takes up the slogan of the TV commercial of a well-known brand of sparkling wine broadcast in the 1980s. But that’s the way it is, live streams on Tik Tok are for many but not everyone. But why?

The whole thing becomes quite understandable, in light of what we have explained so far. Do you remember? When did we so insist in the first part of our article on how to do Live on Tik Tok on the importance of the Direct instrument? Of course, this is the heart of the whole thing!

Therefore, reaching many followers, or potential ones, generating very high interaction as only a direct can do, it is also right to be considered a step. You are rightly wondering according to which parameter to reach this step.

Well, if you have exceeded a thousand followers, only then will you be entitled to access the live broadcast functionality. In a liquid reality in which anyone can freely be and express anything, it is a good thing that social networks, which are so important, are increasingly setting reasonable and always useful limits.

Tik Tok for beginners. Let’s start with Download D!

Getting to how to do Live on Tik Tok, beyond the limit expected to date of more than a thousand followers acquired, implies that upstream we know how to use the application. But the real Question One is: do we have the application? If this is not the case yet, let’s open a brief but essential parenthesis.

It seems that for some of you there is, doesn’t it? But there are no problems, everything related to social media is now truly within reach of smartphones. All you need is a stable connection to hook up to, preferably Wi Fi, and you can finally have access to everything.

So, the time has come to open your mobile phone and tap on the digital store, the one for the iPhone or the Google Play-Store. Are we all here? Perfect, now type Tik Tok in the search bar of the Play Store. You will recognize it by the white music note icon on a black background. So run the download and wait for the upload to reach 100%. Once finished, tap on the Open command … et voilà, welcome to Tik Tok too!

How to get to how to do Live on Tik Tok. Tips

Well, if your primary interest right now is how to do Live on Tik Tok, it means that the important thing is to first make sure that you are within the follower parameter. So if you haven’t reached the required number of more than a thousand followers, then let’s stop and gather together the right ideas to grow your feed.

All that which is engagement, reach, in general increased interactions, is synonymous with some simple things that need to be done. If you want, this is a mentality to acquire if you want to stay on Tik Tok like any other social network. First of all, you need to be present with a certain constancy , which by no means means slavish everyday life.

Which brings us to the next point, which is the fundamental one. We refer to the search for quality and originality. You have a real editor on the app to insert music, create playbacks with songs or monologues, and add special effects. Make the most of it starting from a fresh idea that is really worth sharing. And never forget to interact to arouse interest!

Live on Tik Tok. Other tips to move better on social networks

To be able to create a solid and broad base of consensus and success on Tik Tok so that you can access the live stream tool must be cultivated in the right way. The role of video remains primary for this. Its duration must never be more than fifteen seconds, as it already happens in Instagram stories. But time is certainly not the only factor that helps you in visibility.

As we have already said just now, it is crucial to find the right idea that is worth sharing. Sometimes it can simply be something frivolous but that could have the numbers to get into people’s heads. After all, born as, Tik Tok exists precisely for this.

Maybe instead of a ballet it could be a whole new point of view on something. Everything is up to creativity and the desire to do. And then there is the music, which is decisive for infusing your short video with tone and atmosphere to win followers! Finally, without forgetting fun special effects, such as the transition.

How to do Live on Tik Tok … But first let’s increase engagement with hashtags!

As soon as you register, when you log in on Tik Tok you will have a long series of videos in front of you that will follow one another as in an incessant flow. So how can you carry out an organized and thematic research to move better? Very simple, just move on the appropriate search bar, and type a hashtag. And this is precisely the most indispensable tool that Tik Tok today inherits from Instagram.

The difference in this case there is. The keyword, or the set of keywords, preceded by the hash symbol, play an even more important practical role. A use very reminiscent of Pinterest, which categorizes images by category. Similarly, Tik Tok uses the hashtag with respect to the organization of the uploaded videos. Search with the hashtag, and find the videos.

Do you think this is ultimately just about cataloging functionality? Oh no, there’s more instead! The now famous and almost mythical hashtags are also extremely useful for all strategies . Starting simply from the fact that, just like on Instagram, they identify a post by promoting its search. Basically, if you use popular hashtags you are in a certain way indexed, and therefore, as an obvious consequence, you go up in visibility.

But there is still some ‘more about it. Yes, because a rewarding marketing strategy on Tik Tok are the so-called challenges. All this happens through the use of a hashtag that contains an idea. Starting from this flywheel, the challenge is launched.

At this point, any user can make this idea their own by sharing his interpretation in a video that brings with it the same hashtag. As you have well guessed, yes it is a smart technique that costs absolutely nothing. A system to be able to grow and thus make it necessary to know how to do Live on Tik Tok!

Video, direct and the channel algorithm. Why it is important to be original

To be able to give us the necessary momentum now, so as to allow us to and above all good to get to the core, let’s take a step back. You know when we explained the whole question of videos in detail? A question that, by now you will have acquired this awareness, represents the crux of the whole matter. Well, there is a point about it that we want to zoom in on.

We are not referring to the mandatory duration of fifteen seconds maximum. Nor to the technique of using filters, texts and special effects. And no, not even the music you can choose, which also, as already pointed out, is in itself a decisive element for the success of your short clip.

No, what we’re talking about is the real pivot that leads to these other elements. A factor that for the Tik Tok algorithm is rightly fundamental: the originality of the content.

A video considered original will then be much more followed and will be entitled to enter the special section of recommended, that is For You. And it is from this suite of recommended videos that users can find out who is about to start a live stream on Tik Tok!

Once you will have made and posted short videos made with a balance between dryness, immediacy, originality and technique, here they are entering Per Te. From here on, everything will be simpler. First of all, this will decisively mark your popularity index.

This is why it will be easier to reach the first thousand followers. Secondly, because you will be immediately found by as many users as possible as you prepare to hold a live stream. And now let’s go headlong to discover the secrets on how to do Live on Tik Tok!

Let’s find out how Live on Tik Tok is done

Here we are, the time has finally come to find out how. We have a thousand followers, we have reached a good level of original content production and we are followed with high interactions. Yes, now is the time to leverage and channel popularity and engagement properly to start directing. Well, let’s get started!

But watch out for another fundamental rule imposed by the social network’s policies. A rule that, given the age of belonging of the most of its frequenters and regular protagonists, can in some cases be really limiting. However, if you think that this prohibition consists in the impossibility of making direct for those under thirteen, perhaps you will find it right and responsible too.

Now, go ahead and take your smartphone and tap to open the Tik Tok application. How do you say? Do you meet the requirements so far but it seems that something continues to prevent you from making a live? The causes can then be only two: either there are already too many users doing live at the same time, or you should simply try to update the ‘app, perhaps by clearing the cache or uninstalling and reinstalling.

Let’s start preparing our live stream on social

We have finally reached the climax. Having learned the basic information, the context and overcome the obstacles and limitations, we have arrived, hurray hurray, how to do Live on Tik Tok! Come on!

But the race for success and visibility on social networks must first of all be a moment of joy, of triumph of the imagination and also of a certain self-irony to be able to put into videos. So let’s live it in an imaginative and fresh way, a bit like when you approach some particular cooking recipe with curiosity. Let’s collect the ingredients then!

Ok, let’s get a thousand followers, add good engagement, a full-bodied feed of followed videos and a lot of creativity. So let’s get started! Open your phone and, without hesitation, tap to open the Tik Tok app. You are starting to notice something.

If you look at the For You section at the top of the screen, scrolling the list of recommendations to the left, you can see who is already live. You realize this because the word Live appears under the profile picture. But now your time has come!

How to live on Tik Tok. Let’s go live!

Get ready now to be in that special section with the inscription Live under your name and lots of followers ready to join you! Always looking at your screen on the Tik Tok application, but this time in the lower part, you will notice a symbol. It is a rectangle with a plus sign inside, which in social and digital language always means Add, Add. Press it then.

That magic button, which you can finally access, is the command that allows you to activate your live stream. Its being reserved for certain requirements makes it look like the Holy Grail compared to even the Music for Instagram Stories sticker…

And whoever has an active IG profile or perhaps also manages others as a social media manager knows what we are talking about! Returning to Tik Tok, here we are in the command that gives us access to Live! From the key with the plus you will have two options …

Once you have selected the command with the Plus symbol, you will find yourself faced with two options: Video and Live. Of course you choose the Live function. Very well, now we are in the place of the coveted conquest, the live broadcast suite! Well, but what to do now?

We should answer that this is practically up to you and, as stated a million times so far, to your imagination and creativity in expressing yourself. Of course, doing it on the spot knowing that you are being followed by an audience invisible to you will cause anxiety, but it can also be an additional spur.

First, then, make sure to have something interesting to say and share, then give a corresponding and attractive title to your Live. And so, prepared an adequate presentation, you are ready to Go Live to finally become protagonists!

Now we have really explained everything about what Tik Tok represents as a revolution in the social revolution. As now the importance, limits and steps to follow on how to do Live on Tik Tok have no more secrets for you.

If the topic has intrigued you , you can find out something interesting here.


Come fare le Live su Tik Tok da vero influencer!

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