How to log in to Instagram without a password

You have been using Instagram for some time and have managed to get a decent amount number of followers. Now, however, there is a thought that disturbs you: that of being unable to access your account if you lose your password (or change it following a profile violation).

Don’t worry. The famous photographic social network provides procedures for verifying the identity of users and allowing them to regain possession of their account in cases such as those described above. Let me talk about it in more detail and explain how to access Instagram without a password .

Going more specifically , in the next chapters of this guide I will explain how to access your account after you have forgotten your password. In addition, to make things more convenient for you, I will also provide you with the information to log in to Instagram via Facebook and to store your login credentials, so that you do not have to type your password each time to log in. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


How to access Instagram without password and email

You would like to know how to access Instagram without password but, beyond no longer remembering the access key needed to log in to your account, you have no idea what the email address associated with it is, or do you have no way to access it? In that case, don’t worry: follow the instructions below and you will see that, in no time at all, you will be able to fix the situation.

From smartphones and tablets

Come accedere a Instagram senza password e email

To be able to access your Instagram account from smartphone or tablet, in case you don’t remember the password and the email address (or if you are unable to access your email address), the first thing you need to do is to start the photo social network app on your Android device or iPhone .

Once this is done, on the login screen, press the word Password forgotten , type your phone number in the relevant text field and press OK .

Now, wait for the SMS with the access code to be received, type it in the text field that is shown to you in the Instagram app and press Next , so to be returned to your account.

After completing the l login to Instagram, you can trace the email address associated with your account through the Settings> Account> Personal Information section and possibly change the password, through the Settings> Security> Password , as explained in my tutorial dedicated more specifically to the topic.

Alternatively, you can recover your account via typing the username or using the email address . Just enter one of these data and then follow the instructions on the screen.

From computer

Accedere a Instagram senza password

You want to access Instagram from your computer, but you don’t remember the password of your account? You cannot access your email address for recovery and, therefore, are you afraid of not being able to regain possession of your profile? Don’t worry: you can log in even without this information, following the procedure I am about to illustrate.

To start, then, connect to the site Instagram official or start the Instagram application for Windows 10 and, on the login screen, click on the Have you forgotten your password? item.

Now, in the next text field that is shown to you, type the phone number or the username of your account (or even the ‘ email address , if you remember it and if you can access it), and then click on the Send the login link button.

Wait, then, for the receipt of a message from the Instagram team containing a link: then click on it to open it, in order to return in possession of your Instagram account for which it will be automatically carried out or login.

At this point, if you want to trace the email address associated with your account, click on your profile and then go to the Settings> Edit profile section: the email is indicated in correspondence with the wording of the same name. To change your password, instead, go to the Settings> Change password section, in order to choose a new one to use to access your account.

How to access Instagram via Facebook

You would like to access Instagram via Facebook, in order to speed up the login procedure and not have to create a new password for the photo social network? In this case, you will find below the steps to be carried out from smartphone / tablet and from computer.

From smartphone and tablet

Come accedere a Instagram tramite Facebook

If you used your account to register on Instagram Facebook , the two social networks will be automatically connected. Therefore, in this specific case, you can access Instagram through Facebook simply by logging in to the photographic social network using the appropriate button.

The first step is clearly to start the Instagram app . At this point, all you have to do is press the Continue as [your name] button, located on the home screen: by doing so, you will log into Instagram in no time, without having to type your email and / or password (provided you are logged in to Facebook, otherwise you will need to log in to Facebook first).

From computer

Come accedere a Instagram senza password

Do you want to know how to access Instagram via Facebook from a computer? In this case, if the two social networks are connected, the login procedure is really simple, as you just need to press the appropriate button, without having to type in the email address and password.

To start, connect to the official Instagram site and, on the login screen, press the Login with Facebook button, in order to immediately perform the login to your account. Of course, if you are not logged into Facebook in your browser, you need to do so.

How to log in to Instagram automatically without password

You must log out of your Instagram account and want to avoid having to retype your login details later? In this case, follow the instructions below and you can save the login credentials relating to your account.

From smartphones and tablets

Come accedere a Instagram automaticamente senza password

If you are using the Instagram app on your smartphone (or tablet), you can have your account login data automatically stored.

To do this, after logging in to Instagram, press on the thumbnail of your profile , then press the icon ☰ located at the top right, select the item Settings and, on the next screen, click on Disconnect [your username] . Finally, in the menu that is shown to you, press on the Remember item and then on the Exit button, to confirm the disconnection.

Then, to access your account again, start the Instagram app and press your username , in order to log in immediately.

From computer

Instagram login

Regarding the possibility of saving access to Instagram from the official website of the social network or through the application for Windows 10 , you must proceed after logging into your account.

In fact, once logged in, you will be shown a warning about the possibility of saving your account login information. To confirm this operation, click on the Save the information button, so that it will be stored by Instagram.

Once this is done, to log out of your account, click on the thumbnail of your profile , then click on the Exit button. At this point, the user used is automatically stored and, therefore, to access Instagram later without having to enter your login details, all you have to do is click on the Login button corresponding to of your username, in order to log in quickly.

Alternatively, if your browser is equipped with a built-in password manager, you can consider saving access to Instagram through the latter. For example, if you use the Chrome browser, click on the ⋮ button located at the top right, select the items Settings> Password , click on the eye icon mail to Instagram and, if requested, provide the password of the computer.

Finally, to save your access data to websites even more efficient and secure than that offered by browsers, remember to use a password management program, such as the ones I told you about in my dedicated guide to the topic.

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