How to make a live on Instagram?

Advertise Instagram Live

Don’t throw yourself in Live without having prepared your audience , don’t forget to advertise yourself, not only through Instagram, but also through other social networks that you can connect to your social photo profile.

Then upload videos in which you invite your followers to participate, choosing a day and an hour that are those in which most of your followers will be able to connect and follow you.

And if someone really can’t be there, don’t do anything, your live stream will be saved 24 hours in the stories.

A nice way to do all this is to set a countdown sticker, one of those that allow other users to click on it and save the moment of your live in turn.

Ancient pa without spoiling, try to grab the attention of your audience.

Go live when your audience is more active

In case you have a business profile, you will have the possibility to use the Statistical Data screen that will show you the interactions your followers have had with your publications. It doesn’t matter if they are posts or stories, but if that’s not enough, you can also see the days of the week and the time slots in which they were most active.

You will have to take advantage of this data to go live when your followers are most active. In this way you will ensure the possibility of having a large audience at your direct, reaching a large number of people who are already or want to become your customers.

Use audio, video, lighting and connection that are of quality

The advice we can give you is to equip yourself with a device that has excellent cameras, otherwise this goal will be practically impossible to achieve.

Try it to give the camera a good clean before even starting. In this way, the quality of the video will be at the top, and you will not have blurry images or frames when conducting the live .

Most content creators or influencers, for example , use the so-called selfie lamps, specially designed for online shots and recordings.

White walls are therefore prohibited, better a colored background that is in contrast with the your clothing, always without exaggerating.

Don’t forget that you can also use a specific filter, or create a hardcover panel with your logo, in order to attract all the attention of the public.

Consider using an external microphone for best results. Finally in these cases an optimal connection, which does not jump is remarkably important.

Choose a playlist

To go live you have to prepare yourself on the subject, you can’t throw yourself in live and risk appearing naive. Only in this way can you show yourself as a true professional in your sector.

Of course you have to leave room for spontaneity, leave some moments dictated by the progress of the live itself. The important thing is to have a common thread, to avoid confusion in those who are following the live.

The suggestion in this case is to do an offline test. Maybe in front of a mirror, improvise the live completely by yourself, jot down on a sheet the passages that seem most interesting to you and based on those build your lineup.

Business goals come first

The task of live must always be to represent the company objectives, indeed it must be a valid means to achieve them; by connecting with those who are already your customers and those who will become one.

This is not something parallel to the company’s diktat, rather a weapon to be used to get in touch with all customers or all those who are interested in knowing the brand.

Of course, every person who jumps into a live stream has a specific purpose, from simply sharing information to selling products. So, never lose focus while talking and try to always keep yourself on the same wavelength.

How to make a live on Instagram: how to reuse Live

How already mentioned above, your Live stream can be shared for 24 hours in the stories, thus making it visible to everyone for an even longer time, involving even those who could not connect live. What is saved is the video and not the comments or likes.

You can also decide to save the video of your live just finished. To reuse it at any time and perhaps by making changes such as adding captions that allow anyone to see it even with the microphone disabled.


Now that you know to perfection how to do a live on Instagram, you just have to plan a well-designed one and drive all your followers crazy!

If, on the other hand, you want to know more on social media, try visiting the rest of our blog!

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