How to make a sound on Tik Tok without My Sound

How to create a sound on Tik Tok, now that the My Sound function is no longer present in the application of the famous Chinese social network! ? Do not worry, because the possibilities are so many and all really simple and easy to perform.

After all, how would it ever have been possible to keep such a flaw by a social media as multimedia and interactive as Tik Tok. How could one have conceived that on the most agile and young social network of the moment, one could stay without ensuring that, with a smart and rapid approach, everyone had the possibility to insert sounds also on their own?

Tik Tok means freedom of expression. It means being actors who find themselves in a vast community of people who share through multimedia. And the multimedia that sees the video as protagonist cannot ignore the freedom to use sounds and music. So follow us and you will discover tricks and secrets to insert sound and music on your videos regardless of the proposals of the app to make the most of all the multimedia of Tik Tok!

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​​ How do you create a sound on Tik Tok? Why is it worth even without My Sound?

We like it for a moment, the time of a quick but interesting reading, to provide food for thought on the question of the questions, or rather Why. Why are we here to answer this question about Tik Tok, for example. Or maybe, a little step further upstream than this, because Tik Tok is the ultimate multimedia app.

As we have already anticipated, Tik Tok means freedom of expression in all senses. It means becoming no longer just users, but protagonists. Creators capable of originating contents that fill the entire daily feed in a preponderant way.

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To the point that l a Home by Tik Tok, best designed for mobile devices only, does not have an identifying layout but is completely occupied by videos . The functions are all present on a grid that overlays the videos themselves. Wanting to know how to make a sound on Tik Tok has to do with the very nature of the social network. Before finding out, and before understanding how to do it even without the My Sound function, inexplicably eliminated, let’s really begin to understand the close natural link that exists between Tik Tok, sounds and music.

How does everything start for this new social?

Let’s start with the most obvious consideration, as it is under the eyes of all of us. But be careful, the danger, when it comes to the obvious, is always around the corner. Yes, of course, because what is obvious over time is forgotten or identified as something obvious and negligible. But that’s where the most illuminating things lie.

Any Google search you’ve ever done on Tik Tok, whether it’s How To Make Sound On Tik Tok, or if you’ve downloaded the app from PlayStore, you have certainly noticed the logo. This is a musical note on a black background. Well, that musical note is already significant in itself of the deep bond that exists between Tik Tok and the world of music. But that’s not all.

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Have you ever heard of This was the name of the previous incarnation of Tik Tok, already widely used and famous by him outside the Asian borders. So what was the content proposal on Very short videos where we performed in ballets to be integrated with lip-sync using music and sounds, of course. Everything Tik Tok is famous for today.

Token counts as much as Tik Tok matters. The project behind the idea

Zhang’s financial project, beyond the great proposals on the freedom to express and share, was that there was an app capable of generating active user traffic not at six, but at nine zeros per day. This is because she was courted by large investors everywhere.

Here she is in fact today surviving the threats of a president’s ban that the polls now give as outgoing in the November elections for the handover in the White House. All this thanks to proposals for the acquisition of names like Microsoft. Thanks to such power now, in 2020, we are wondering how to make a sound on Tik Tok!

In short, thanks to the legacy of Douyin and, today Tik Tok above all it inherits the centrality of music. As the common denominator of all three social media is video as a reference media, it is not just a question of image, but also of the right musical accompaniment. This is the key to its becoming a traffic incubator and therefore of profits, and related market offers. And that’s always why it’s so important to know how to make a sound on Tik Tok.

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​​ Create sound on Tik Tok. Once upon a time there was My Sound

Yes, that’s right, this excerpt of the article should start with the classic fairytale Once upon a time. There was a time when you didn’t have to look anywhere other than Tik Tok how to make a sound on Tik Tok. There was a time when the full freedom to be seen and heard with the utmost imagination was declined in every single aspect of Tik Tok.

Thus, you could download Tik Tok from the PlayStore or, in the case of iOS devices, from the direct store of the Mac. Open, register, or log in from a third-party app, such as using your Facebook account, and you could start scrolling through the videos in the feed and also create your own.

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At that point, you could also upload an already made video by browsing your gallery and then embellishing it with Tik Tok editing. So far we have talked about things that are still very possible in the past. Up to here. Now, if you wanted to add sounds and music other than those available directly on the app, you still had the My Sound function within the Tik Tok menu that allowed you to do so.

Why this feature was eliminated and now we have to wonder how to create a sound on Tik Tok, remains a mystery! It is certain that at every limit or obstacle, almost always, there is the possibility of finding a new path. Sound and music are fundamental aspects for a video.

All importance of music in the 2019 social media Hit-List.

There is a way, speaking of the importance of how to create a sound on Tik Tok, with which we could technically define videos with a maximum duration of fifteen seconds combined with music. That is, Musical Memes. Exactly so, and for the obvious reason that everything that can be ascribed to the concept of the current catchphrase on social networks can be defined as memes. But there is more that concerns more exquisitely the definition of Musical.

Music, for Tik Tok videos, is by no means an accessory element. It must be chosen with great care and reflexivity when choosing to make a post on Tik Tok, because the soundtrack can completely change the perception that the public will have of the video. Since it is a short-term creative proposal, everything serves to make a difference. It then happens that often, the songs of the viral videos on Tik Tok are then successful in the charts… Rather than the other way around!

Here is a way to give you a quick rundown of those that have become big hits as songs that in 2019 were super used for Tik Tok videos. The first that comes to mind is definitely Stupid by Ashnikko and Yung Baby Tate, whose clip in use on Tik Tok is I Know You Think About Me In The Shower, PornHub in the browser, fantasize about the pussy power…

However, adding custom songs, those saved on your device is a little less immediate. If you want to add custom music to Tik Tok videos stored on your smartphone, you will need to follow a few simple steps .. .

How to create sound Tik Tok is Sounds Good! Examples of successful pieces

If this striking example were still not enough to understand that music is the real strength of the visuals of each video, and that even the simplest and most ordinary thing, shot perhaps in a home context, can change its face, we propose someone else. I Did A Bad Thing! Don’t worry, it’s just the translation of I Did A Bad Thing by Bill Wurtz, another big hit on Tik Tok of 2019.

The used part of this piece says I Just Did A Bad Thing, I Regret The Thing I Did, And You’re Wondering What It Is. I’ll Tell You What I Did. I Did A Bad Thing. How not to mention Runway by Stunna Girl. The piece as well as a smash then also became a challenge on Tik Tok. Challenge that at the same time has become the most famous and used transition, namely the change of clothes: from home to party!

Wait a minute! No, we are not angry with you, who are just trying to know how to make a sound on Tik Tok. Again, this is the title of a 2019 Tik Tok hit. Wait A Minute by Willow. In this case, the piece of song that is repeated in the videos is You Left Your Diary At My House, And I Read those Pages, You Really Love Me, Baby.

Creating a Tik Tok sound, what is lip sync?

Tik Tok is more than just a means of sharing your awesome lip synchronization videos also called lip synchronization. Previously it was called but with the latest updates it has moved on to the definitive Tik Tok .

Music memes have become an integral part of Tik Tok, more than in any other social network, to the point that (often) some music that went viral on the ByteDance platform then rose to the top of the world rankings. In short, music is the real heart of Tik Tok and more and more users decide to register on the platform to dance and create fun choreographies to a musical rhythm .

As you create a sound on Tik Tok, press the Upload button to add a video!

Then press the ‘Add audio icon so as to reach the Audio page where in this screen you will find all the songs and audio clips that Tik Tok makes available to its users.

Now press the Record button and start shooting. Once you have finished the video, you can add filters if you want, making it slower or faster and you are done. If everything has been done correctly, you will be able to add custom songs to Tik Tok videos.

In order to be successful on this social platform, it is not important to stand out just by managing to add songs. personalized music to Tik Tok videos.

First trick on c how do you make a sound on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok inherits the fundamental role of other people’s music social channels like YouTube or Spotify. By capturing the brilliant idea of ​​Instagram stories, it focuses on what is actually the mini-music video. And it does this not only with a built-in mini-editor for visual special effects. Inside, a real library of songs and sounds to add. But what if you want to do it yourself?

By now we have understood and metabolized it, My Sound has disappeared from the Tik Tok menu . And so you have to look for other ways to know how to create Tik Tok sound. There is a first, easy way to access this practice that can be followed by everyone. For starters we can download the video containing the sound we want for us. This can be a dialogue or a monologue, a sound effect or a song. Anything not available on Tik Tok.

In this case we should proceed with an external app to extract the audio file and put it back on the video we shot with the mobile phone. Of course, this operation will also require us to go through a third-party application. Having thus obtained the final video with the audio part as we wanted it, we will be able to return to From Winners on Tik Tok, tap the Add button with the symbol of the More and upload the video to which you can add filters or visual effects, an internal text, a short description – which is really very very short – and the hashtags. Here we are ready to publish!

A perfect example of using external app to create a sound in social

Very well, we are in Step Two to learn more about how to create a sound on Tik Tok. If My Sound is now to be erased from memory and expectations, let’s focus on what was mentioned above. We refer to the speech made earlier in this article, relating to the support of third-party applications. Let’s take for example a very good third app like KineMaster.

Downloaded, and performed access, you will be immediately asked whether to activate the subscription (then confirm with the Plus) or whether to stay in the free version and then refuse it (press the X button). However know that in the free version KineMaster will always keep a small overprinted logo, the so-called watermark. Let’s start then.

First of all, we authorize all accesses of this app to our folders and the use of the camera in order to communicate with it. So the video can be loaded on the timeline of the ‘application directly from your phone.

Everything, absolutely everything to say Sounds Good for create a sound on tik tok

To possibly remove an audio that was already present in the original cut, tap twice on the speaker icon, so as to turn it on. When it is crossed out then the old audio will be … silenced!

From here you have a world of opportunities to load audio and music, starting with the Audio command. Music Assets for KineMaster’s music library, Asstes FSX for sound effects, Log for recording vocal audio (such as voice over), Songs for uploading music from your mobile phone! With the Plus button load the audio, with your finger move it if you want it to start from a specific point, and finally with the Check button confirm the addition.

Finally, to use the Via Maestra on how to create a sound on Tik Tok… Here’s how to do it from the social network. From the Discover button, you go to the search bar, typing the word or words that identify the song or sound you want to use. Tap on a rotating video and then on a spinning disk symbol. Press Use Sound at the bottom of the screen and start video recording with your mobile phone by selecting the camera icon. Once finished, Stop, check to confirm, Next and … Publish!

At this point we have revealed every possible trick and why of how to create a sound on Tik Tok. But if you still have some curiosities to satisfy on this topic, then you can try reading more here.


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