How to make an editorial plan for social media

The question of the century: how to make an editorial plan for social media?

Yes, the “publish when I want” technique doesn’t work, and neither does the one behind the “I’ll always think of something to publish”.

Having a editorial plan for social networks allows you to never run out of ideas and to no longer fear white paper syndrome, also called writer’s block .

But what is an editorial plan and how do you make an editorial plan for social media? Surely you have heard about it, but let’s try to shed some light on the subject.

What is an editorial plan

To answer you, I borrow a definition from an article found on Ninja Marketing :

An editorial plan is a set of strategic actions , which aim to achieve a certain target and a certain objective, quantitatively and qualitatively measurable .

Too many words all at once. “Strategic actions”, “target” and “objective”. Let’s try to really understand what it means, one step at a time.

What is an Editorial Plan and why is it different from the Editorial Calendar? Here are the differences

Absolutely legitimate question, nothing to say, actually. At first glance, they may seem synonymous with each other, basically the word “editorial” appears in both and this already makes you understand that they are closely related.

The editorial plan is the guide that will accompany you in the management of your social profiles, the calendar is the list of appointments you have during the week. Basically, the editorial plan tells you what and how much to post, the calendar tells you when.

So … how to make an editorial plan for social media?

Start with the analysis and create your strategy

The first phase is that of analysis, which is essential if you want to do a good job and get real results. There is no escape, you have to study your brand, your audience, your competitors and the audience of your competitors. You have to gather as much information as possible about your target, their doubts and the interests they have in order to create tailor-made content that answers all of their questions.

In other words, thanks to market analysis you will be able to aim to become the reference point for your target with respect to that particular product or service, thanks to a targeted and previously planned strategy.

Find macro arguments

Analysis and social media strategy are now the two pillars to lean on in order to start thinking about what content to develop for your social media communication. Clearly, before going to define the contents in detail, it will be your concern to identify the macro-topics, the columns you will cover, the platforms and formats in which you will develop them.

And here we are at the creation of the Editorial Calendar

Now that you know the way to go, the objectives to be achieved and the content to be developed, all you have to do is get to work.

But which tool to use to create our Editorial Calendar? There are several:

  • you can rely on a very common excel sheet
  • you can rely on a Project Management Tool like Asana or Trello
  • you can use the calendar within the Facebook Creator Studio
  • you can use your paper diary (if you prefer to work with pen and paper)

Me personally I use a Google Drive sheet that I created specifically for my needs and that you too can download for free!

Calendario Editoriale 2021: il template in formato excel

Decide when to publish

The problem of “when” is always a sore point that follows that of “how”.

At first, of course, you won’t know when your audience is online or most active, you’ll have to guess. That’s right, you’ll have to try, try and try again, until the Insights from Facebook , Instagram or any other social network you are using, do not reveal the time and day your audience is online.

Piano editoriale per i social

It is not necessary to post every day on all social networks , you will soon notice, especially when you have to deal with budget and resources available!

Monitor and analyze

The next step after publishing the first contents of your editorial calendar is the analysis and monitoring of the results. Otherwise, how do you know if your strategy is working or not?

Within my template I have also inserted a space to monitor the results of each single post, so that making a report is easier and more immediate, moreover, you will be able to see at first sight which posts are working better and which ones do not bear fruit.


Now you have a clear idea of ​​the difference between the Editorial Plan and the Editorial Calendar, and you also understand how to make an editorial plan for social media and what are the steps to follow in order to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself in the strategic phase.

Anyway, if you have any doubts, you can always write me in the comments!

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