How to make followers on Instagram

You just can’t get your Instagram page off the ground, you’re trying hard, you’re committed , but nothing these followers just do not arrive, so then you have come down to us to understand how it is possible to make followers on Instagram. On social media, now a mirror of real life, being able to have many followers becomes a real sign of admiration. If you have a lot of followers, someone will notice you and will likely aspire to become like you. So how to get followers on Instagram quickly?

Many services that even qualified companies offer to get more followers even very quickly, but these services are generally paid for and if you do not really want to invest money in a social network, you will have to act in an alternative way.

If this is exactly what you were looking for, a guide on how to get followers on Instagram for free, well you are in the right place, we are sure that from this short but intense guide you will get a lot of ideas. So what should we do now? Just tell you good reading.

How to follow on Instagram: profile and content

To offer you complete advice, we need to see your profile, because maybe has something that just does not make you take off. We should therefore intervene in a targeted manner, to solve your specific problem, but since this really cannot be done, we give you some advice to answer the question how to make a follower on Instagram.

Probably the modalities we will talk about at first will not bring you immediate results, indeed it will probably take you a very long time, but in the end you cannot expect to be successful if you are not willing to sacrifice yourself a little.

So to have more followers you must first have a nice profile, a name that is easy to remember, maybe your name and surname, without too many frills. Then you have to completely complete the profile, this means that it is not enough to enter a few data.

Do you know why? Because not infrequently, an incomplete account looks like a fake, set up just to attract some attention. So write everything down, a short bio of yourself that says who you are and your contacts, at least the ones you want to return visible.

Then get on with the contents that we explain how they should be.

The contents

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The contents must be constant so every single day you have to give yourself the commitment to publish a photo or a video and moreover they must be qualitatively perfect. Use the filters that your mobile phone or specific graphics programs put at your disposal.

Remember not to use the camera function of Instagram, because it does not allow you to use many tools that smartphone or camera have instead.

Even the best photographers take advantage of the post produzi one to make their work technically perfect, so why shouldn’t you?

How to make followers on Instagram: see who has already been successful

How to follow Instagram ? Many seem to have long ago found the answer to this question that has brought you to us right now. But if they did, why shouldn’t you?

But as you can learn from the great masters, you too could learn a lot of secrets from them, so look at the successful color profiles and get inspired to be able to take your account to its level or maybe even surpass it. .

How to make followers on Instagram if not taking inspiration from those who already have them? This certainly does not mean that you have to copy someone else because being original is as important as producing quality publications.

Trai inspiration from success profiles to choose topics to cover and how to set up your posts, but never look like their bad copy.

Social photo users are always on the hunt for brand new content to find and watch, they get bored very easily and need to keep their attention high to be successful.

How to make followers on Instagram: use the weapons that the social network puts at your disposal

How to get followers on Instagram for free? In reality, the same social network puts at your disposal many weapons to get you noticed by what your audience is and by those who have not yet known you, but when they do they will regret not having seen them before. What are you saying? Do you want to know what I’m referring to?

I’m talking about direct, which puts you in contact with your followers immediately. Anyone who will participate in your live broadcast will be able to send you messages because they are curious about some topic close to your themes.

Of course you also expose yourself to criticism, after all you can’t cut off the haters from direct, but remember that “ For better or for worse as long as you talk about it”. Sometimes haters are nothing more than a means to be loved even more.

And hashtags?


Don’t know what hashtags are? But what world do you live in? From the millions are the deleted # used every day and we are sure that you are a victim too, when you use them to recover a greater number of followers.

Of labels, that define the topic or content present in an image or video. Thanks to hashtags, specific results can be obtained when on the photography social network you search through them.

So what you will need to do is simply use the most popular hashtags, the ones most relevant to your content, in this way you will increase its visibility and this will allow you to increase the visibility of your posts and probably the number of your followers.

Do not use hashtags that have nothing to do with the content of a photo or video just because they are trendy, if you really don’t know which ones to use, access the following platforms for ideas:

  • top hashtag
  • websta
  • HashTags for Instagram
  • Top Tags

How to get more followers on Instagram for free: connect social profiles

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You not only have an Instagram profile, but also Facebook, Twitter and maybe even a YouTube channel. Well maybe it is the case to connect your social profiles, to create a network of contacts.

If you connect the your Instagram profile with the Facebook one, everything you publish on the photographic social network will then also be posted on Facebook. This will allow you to save a lot of time and above all to win a large number of followers.

Maybe your friends on Facebook , they will become passionate about your publications and therefore perhaps decide to be your followers.

Of course this means that you will have to pay even more attention to the quality of the content you are going to publish, you will also have to consider that they will reach 2 different channels, one from the photographic social network and the other from Facebook.

But anyway, if you don’t know how you can connect these two accounts then proceed as follows: start the Instagram application and proceed by entering your login data in case you are asked. Now from the Instagram home page, tap on the little man icon or the thumbnail of your profile photo> suspension points> Options> Connected accounts> Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Simple right? In this way your accounts will be connected and it will be extremely simple and fast for you to proceed with the use of all your social profiles.

But in case you don’t want all your Instagram contents to go to Facebook, you can also choose from time to time whether to proceed with publication on both accounts or not.

How to make followers on Instagram: yes always active

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Previously I have said that you have to publish every day constantly, but this does not mean being active, rather being present on your social profile. When we talk about being active we refer to something else, you have to be involved in social life. After all, the world of the web is nothing more than the mirror of real life and if to count among people you need to make yourself known, it is valid the same on Instagram.

Also in this case the platform grants you all the means to get in touch with your followers. We’ve already told you about live streaming, but it’s not the only way.

Stories, for example, are another really powerful medium to get in touch with your followers. Many use them to advertise products, remember that many followers look at them to peek into your life.

So don’t forget to share image with your children, while doing something absolutely normal, in short, show yourself exactly what any of your followers would look like.

In Stories, then use questions and polls to engage your audience even more. There are not a few Influencers who, for example, dedicate one day a week to exchange some messages with their followers.

Start doing it you, too, will probably enjoy it too, because you can enter the lives of many people and be their special confidant to some degree. Social users like this a lot.

Don’t forget to be active. Always respond to comments, whether they are positive or negative. You will have to do the same with Direct, not infrequently you receive private messages and you must not let them go unnoticed.

Finally don’t forget to propose, how do you say? “If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, it is Mohammed who goes from the mountain”, get noticed, comment on the posts of your followers and especially those who are not yet, in this way your profile will not go unnoticed.

How to follow Instagram app

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You followed us up here and we still haven’t convinced you, right? You want to know how to get followers on Instagram quickly and the path we have proposed is extremely slow, long and also challenging. But don’t despair, we have a solution for you right here.

So if your question is how to make followers on Instagram app then you have come to the right point, even if we would like to make you a recommendation anyway. Do not use apps to increase your followers if you don’t intend to take care of your profile, otherwise it will all be wasted time. And if you are wondering, yes, the solutions we propose answer all to how to make followers on Instagram for free.


Application compatible with iOS devices that allows you to increase the number of followers simply by basing your actions on what are the cornerstones of social photography.

His strategy is to quickly follow as many users as possible and wait for what is called the follow back. An extremely simple mechanism that can be effective.

Followers Assistant

How to free Instagram followers? The answer is: Follower Assistant, one of the best applications to increase followers on Instagram, too bad it can only be used by those who own Android devices.

What convinces us? The reviews are all positive. The app is appreciated for its automatic operation that allows you to grow followers.

You will therefore be able to:

  • see who is not following you more
  • who has not returned your follower
  • which users follow you even if not reciprocated

Basically a real virtual manager. The alternative for those with iPhones is: InsFollowers , downloadable for free from the App store, which works in a very similar way to Follower Assistant.

Neutrino +

Neutrino + application, well known by those who constantly use social media. Unfortunately it is only possible to have it using the APK for Android.

How does it work? you can buy the follow using a virtual currency that you earn simply by following and being followed by other users. With constant and daily use you will achieve excellent results and grow your audience.


Iconosquare is the last of the apps we would like to tell you about. Accessible from both the Android and iOS stores and is perfect for all those who want to increase the popularity of their company profile. It will be your social media manager.

If you want to build your life as an influencer, well you have to use this application that will make your joining of followers grow dramatically. But not only that, you will be able to check the statistics relating to the most successful posts and have control over the best hashtags to use within your posts.


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