How to make money on Instagram and become a real VIP

Who among you wants to know how to make money on Instagram? Well, you really do well to ask. If you can, you can always travel and escape to a tax haven, right? We are not kidding. There are people who, seriously, have earned a lot by exploiting the potential that instagram offers. Everything is in knowing how to grasp them!

Don’t you believe it? Yet we are speaking to you heart in hand. How do you think influencers did before you? If they have succeeded they can succeed too.

Yes, you, who are reading in disbelief right now , as they say “face to face on the screen”!

Are there any differences between them and you? It all lies in believing that your project is the right one, the strong one, able to live life as you have always dreamed of!

Very often you have the tools but you are not aware of them, that’s why you need to know these social networks well.

There is no wrong social network to get rich there are simply lazy people who do not want to apply themselves in the right way!

Just take as a reference some influencers, including Italians, who now work with important companies and have an amazing following, always full of followers ready to put a heart on photos and stories.

How to make money on Instagram

So, yes, you are right to ask yourself how to make money on Instagram, but you must also consider that it is not easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. Money does not rain from the sky as many think.

Working with social networks is possible, but you have to WORK hard if your dream is really to establish yourself on the web. It does not matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, the important thing is that you have a message to convey that is valid, original and unique in its kind . How much do you believe in what you want?

come fare soldi instagram

The numbers behind this social network are really huge. Just think, in fact, that Instagram has climbed the world ranking of internet sites, reaching the billion active users every month. Right now, it ranks fifth in the global ranking of existing platforms.

Social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn or pinterest, are still too far from this goal. Perhaps, they will never be able to reach it.

Currently, the only real competitor of instagram is TikTok, with a truly incredible growth rate.

So, you have to understand how to make money on Instagram, especially by focusing on the Italian territory. The growth of Instagram is frightening and demonstrates how much this will not end soon.

Even the daily stay time is always higher and, thanks to the direct Instagram and IGTV, everything has been amplified.

Great news for those who want to start working on how to make money on Instagram, especially for those already making profits. They are really many and they are not just influencers.

There are a few ways to answer the question of how to make money on Instagram. These are, for example:

Sponsored posts and stories

One of the most popular methods is to publish posts and sponsored stories.

To enter this, you will have to meet some requirements:

  • target
  • number of followers
  • percentage of interaction.

Of course, even if you don’t have all the requirements, you could participate likewise to some campaigns, based on the need and purpose of the company. Numerous platforms put you in contact with companies….

come fare soldi su instagram

How to make money and sell shoutouts

For non-English speakers, the shoutout can be translated into an applause or acknowledgment. In the specific case of instagram, it’s different.

Usually shoutouts are requested from users with many followers, who are added to messages with requests for paid collaborations.

come fare i soldi su instagram

It takes patience, time and dedication. From the series… “whoever lasts it wins!”.

You should immediately consider it a real job and you should also be able to not stop having fun and put your personality and your passion into everything you do and post on social.

With this, we clearly don’t want to scare you. But if you should be scared, then maybe this is not for you. If, on the other hand, nothing you have read scares you, then you are in the right place.

How to earn money on Instagram easily and safely

You just have to accept the challenge and start getting busy… NOW! But what exactly should you do?

You have to do what famous instagrammers have done … but you have to do it your way!

As in any success story, we always start from an idol, an example or a point of reference from which to draw inspiration and inspiration. What does this mean?

It’s simple: you need to find your mentor .

Who is the influencer you like?

Who is the person who has been successful on Instagram, whose photos, path, personality …?

Is there anyone who makes you think you want to be in his place?

If you have an example to follow, you are already halfway there and you will soon understand how to make money on Instagram, through collaborations with companies and quality affiliations:

  • Study its history,
  • Analyze your profile ,
  • Put a list of things he does,
  • Mark the characteristics of his photos and stories,
  • Read the descriptions and follow this character also on other social networks.

From here, you can come up with a plan, which is a list of steps that even you could do to achieve the same success.

And if that’s not enough? Do you want to know how to make money on Instagram? Well, you have to do this…

Take what you have learned from that point of reference and make it yours. That plan and that strategy, which came out of your observations and analysis, must become personal, that is, mirror who you are.

You must take a cue, but don’t copy … or else you will stop being yourself, that “yourself” that pleases people who follow you for what you do and for your personal interests.

Not only philosophy, but also practice.

What we have said so far is real. However, we need to see if and how you will implement it. Many have done it, and many of them have given themselves a push. What does that mean?

Who have created their own social media marketing strategy based on what works, what has already been done by others and what works for them.

However, those who know how to make money on Instagram also know that it takes followers. Lots of followers . The shots are not enough, the videos are not enough.

Not even when they are beautiful! But if you combine your talent and passion for social media with a steady increase in followers, your journey will immediately become easier.

Visibility Reseller can help you in this: you tell us how many followers you want and we move on to the facts. No bad surprises… but only great satisfactions. Seeing is believing. We are waiting for you!

Tactics to follow to make money on Instagram like a real vip

We are now surrounded from influencers of all kinds: who are real , who are fake, who earn more, who earn less and who do not earn at all and pretend to explain how to become like him.

But what needs to be done to make money on Instagram like a real VIP in a serious and constant way?

The tactics to follow are more or less always the same and we talked about it also in the first part of the article , but there is something that has not been said yet.

First of all, rule number one in any type of business :

get it into your head that doing the i nfluencer or working on Instagram is a REAL JOB.

Erase from your mind and thoughts the idea that, if you are successful on Instagram , all you have to do is make some stories and a few posts to bring you a substantial salary at home: whoever tells you this is lying to you, whoever tells you this does not have the faintest idea of ​​what it means to work on social networks (or work in general).

First of all, take care of his profile, take care of his brand and implement all possible strategies to reach a large audience and make him become attached.

Because the secret is right here (even if a secret is not) : the number of followers does not count, but the relationship they have with you counts, it counts if they interact, if they comment, if you can involve them in what you talk about.

And if not?

If not, there is something wrong and, trust me, you will not earn a single euro (or at least you will not earn continuously) on Instagram.

Imagine that a brand contacts an influencer asking them to sponsor a certain product .

Now: this influencer has 100k followers, but very few interactions: what do you think happens when he asks his followers to buy or visit the brand’s website? trong>


So, a good influencer who wants to earn money on Instagram must first of all think to always be engaging with your audience.

Secondly, it would always be optimal not to rely on any kind of strange agency but only to competent professionals (like us) both to manage their profile and their commercial relations.

Yes, because an influencer must also think about this , not only to their followers , but also to manage relationships with business partners, to sign contracts to understand contracts and not to make serious mistakes (in this case you may need a consultancy or a lawyer / accountant).

How to keep a business partner and make money on Instagram

After finding the right business partners, the most important thing is KEEP THEM .

This is the real way to make money on Instagram like a Vip, starting long collaborations and keeping them over time.

You can agree with a brand for a collaboration of several months (therefore spread over time) more than for a simple swipe up or for a post.

As in TV commercials, an influencer who wants to make real money on Instagram, should be able to associate your image to a product or service that obviously suits the interests of your target audience.

Making money on Instagram means knowing well who you are targeting starting from assuming you already have a lot of followers or people who love what you propose, getting to sell in fact we have seen how it can be a process as fruitful as it is slow.

If you want to live by popularity by associating it with sales you must become professional and competent but this requires time and experience.

Do you want to make money on Instagram?

In summary, here’s what you need to do:

  • Create your audience and that it is quality
  • Use eye-catching images that attract attention when posting
  • Be competitive with others
  • Don’t stare if something doesn’t come up sold now, wait
  • Choose carefully the message you want to convey
  • Try to build empathy with your followers

Remember you can always:

  • Sharing sponsored posts, there are always brands interested in this
  • You can participate in affiliate programs that allow you a possible entry

Being an influencer it helps because in this way it is likely that brands are looking for you! But.

If you are looking for the company, I recommend that they are close to your reality! In fact, it is very important to appreciate the products being promoted, or more simply to safeguard the relationship of trust with your audience is priceless!

Is everything clear or are you uncertain? Jump now, now you have a nice parachute!

Try using these applications that will surely help: I’m talking about Fohr Card, a tool able to evaluate the performance and characteristics of your subscribers’ channels by creating rankings to work on, then there are Grapevine, Indahash, Ifluenz, Virality, Upstory ,arella, Tribe, Exposely, Famebit, FlytrendY, LovBy. / strong>

In short, it would take a separate article for each application I just told you about … But returning to us and the content of this article, what can I say?

Making money on Instagram is no easier than making it in any other job, the important thing is to understand this and understand what you want to become when you grow up!

In q his article we talked about how to make money on Instagram, or visit our blog.


Come fare soldi su Instagram e diventare un vero VIP

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Do you want to know how to make money on Instagram? Well, you really do well to ask yourself. If you succeed, you could really think about escaping to the Maldives for the good life… and we’re not kidding.


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