How to make posts on Facebook more visible?

If you use social networks very often and want to increase your visibility, you are almost certainly wondering how to make posts on Facebook more visible. On the other hand, we know, Facebook is one of the most used platforms worldwide, both in terms of number of users and in terms of number of interactions.

Created by Mark Zuckerberg , over the years it has achieved truly remarkable success, entertaining millions, if not billions, of users every day. Not surprisingly, it is the most used platform for sponsorships, advertising and online sales.

This is because, being packed with active users every day, it is possible to grab a big chunk of users if you use the contents in the right way. However, making facebook posts more visible, as simple as it may seem, is by no means trivial.

This is , in fact, to know certain internal mechanisms of the social network that can make a difference in terms of visibility. So, in this short article, we’ll show you in detail how to make Facebook posts more visible and how to find the correct method based on your goal.

Let’s get started !

What are the most visible posts on facebook?

You should know that Facebook has internal algorithms that are used to determine the visibility of a post. The main one, in our case, is called Edge Rank , and perhaps represents the key to any self-respecting content.

In fact, if your Edge Rank has a negative score, your visibility will drop accordingly, with a drop in interactions, followers, comments and likes. This is of fundamental importance, especially if you are a company that wants to position itself online and increase its clientele.

Come rendere più visibili i post su Facebook

Not surprisingly, I’m really company profiles are those that are often penalized. In fact, if a post from a private account can receive thousands of likes from friends, relatives and acquaintances, a company’s content can encounter many obstacles.

If, for example , you sell particular products in a very narrow niche, not everyone could interact with your content. In this sense, to make Facebook posts more visible , you will have to implement certain strategies that we will see later.

In general, the most visible posts on Facebook, as regards companies, are often those related to food.

Again, have you ever seen photos and videos of dream houses, perhaps in a seaside area, and fantasize about how nice it would be to be there? Here, this type of content represents the most visible posts on Facebook. This is possible as these are images that can immediately capture attention, stimulating interest.

Furthermore, you should know that the Facebook algorithm is constantly updated . So, to understand how to make Facebook posts more visible, you will always have to keep abreast and study all the new implementations that are added.

In fact, it is Facebook itself that updates its mechanisms, as the main goal is to satisfy the user experience. Not surprisingly, we are talking about the most famous social network in the world!

What are the latest updates?

We just said that the Facebook algorithm is updated to increase the quality of the experience user side. In this sense, all fake news and clickbaits promoted within the platform have been penalized.

rendere più visibili i post Facebook

What are fake news and clickbaits? Simple. The first ones are nothing more than fake news aimed at stimulating the curiosity of users, so as to make them interact with the post.

Clickbaits are very similar. The difference, however, lies in the fact that these are characterized by a title that really pushes you to click and open the news. However, once you read the article, you realize that the news has nothing to do with the title.

“XXX died from a gunshot” . Let’s open the news immediately. Reading, we notice that the phrase “Dead xxx from a gunshot” was a simple quote from a movie, when in reality we thought that our favorite character was really dead. This is a blatant example of clickbait.

So if you want to make Facebook posts more visible, avoid posting such content.

Also, you should know that the most visible posts on Facebook are purely informative ones, where everything is clear, limpid and transparent. If you advertise, and make sure you write “FREE, FREE, AT NO COST”, when in reality your product requires an investment.

This is a habit that many video course vendors have, who attract people by sponsoring a free product. In fact, users discover at the end of the classic Webinar, that they will have to pay big bucks for online lessons.

Even posts with words like “ old, black, breast, pubis ”and so on can be penalized or even canceled by the algorithm.

How to make posts on Facebook more visible

Since the algorithms within the social network are updated all the time, it is very useful to know how to make posts on Facebook more visible. In fact, you will not have to limit yourself to publishing content with a simple image or a random video.

The key, in fact, lies in implementing real marketing strategies, think with criterion and based on the study of your fans or followers. In this sense, the beginning can be very tortuous , so much so that many business owners use experienced digital marketers to overcome certain problems.

It is not possible to publish too many external links pointing to other platforms. Facebook, from this point of view, is very “patriotic”, if we can say so. Try, therefore, to post content in which there is a link that refers to another post within the platform.

At most, you may decide to reconnect your content to pages external, but always belonging to Facebook, such as Whatsapp or Instagram. In this way, you will have the possibility to also connect the other channels you have, creating a sort of solid network that will keep the followers active.

But the real question is: how to make Facebook posts more visible? Well, you’ll have to use a lot of patience and try to publish engaging and connected content. In general, the statistics say that the most visible posts on Facebook are video content.

rendere più visibili i post su Facebook

If you notice, when you see a audiovisual content, especially if it is short, it is very likely that you will stop and watch it. Think about Tiktok: 15-30 second videos that beat the competition worldwide!

What is the reasoning to follow?

To make Facebook posts more visible it is crucial not only to have good strategies, but also to think in a certain way. In fact, the trick is to think how you would react to a certain content.

Let’s pretend that you have just posted a 2 and a half minute video on your page. Now, enter your personal profile, go to the page and scroll until you find the content.

The moment you shake, would you stop and watch your video? Probably yes, but only because you created it and, therefore, you are biased. Now, do the same thing, but have your friend or acquaintance do it.

Surely they will be more sincere, objective and critical. An average user would most likely stop and watch the video, but noticing that it lasts over 2 minutes would end up exiting after just 2 seconds.

Not surprisingly, the statistics say that the most viewed videos of all are the short, concise and captivating ones, just like the TikTok ones we talked about earlier.

Also, if you are used to launch sponsored campaigns, you are surely wondering how to make Facebook posts more visible. In this sense, the only advice we can give you is to test multiple versions of the same advertisement.

Try, for example, a sponsored one with a long video, one with a short video, one with an image, one with a short text and so on. Based on the results obtained, you will not only have a lot of data to rely on, but you will also find out what is the best approach for a particular product!

How to make posts on Facebook more visible: the stories

As with Instagram, stories also play a important role on the most used social platform in the world. Making Facebook posts more visible through stories is possible, and now we will see how.

In a nutshell, when you publish new content, be it a video or a photo, try sharing a story too. Within it, try to link your new post, so as to send users back there by increasing the number of potential interactions.

This very subtle approach is particularly used by everyone those wondering how to make posts on Facebook more visible. In fact, since the stories are very short, if done in the right way, they can bring a lot of traffic.

Being direct, on the other hand, is the key to any social network. The average user is now fed up with the usual kilometer-long messages, or the usual stories that last several minutes. The first impact is what strikes the most, especially if you are a company that has to sell a product.

Furthermore, through the stories it is possible to stimulate the classic impulsive purchase. This is a situation in which the user, driven by the curiosity generated by a post, clicks on the content and, without even reading , buys within a few minutes.

If you manage to make Faceboo posts more visible by approaching this way, your sales “risk” to skyrocket!

Consistency is the real key

Know exactly how to make posts on Facebook more visible it’s not that simple. There are infinite variables that can change from profile to profile, based on your target niche.

The audience, the age of your followers, the type of products you sell, the very name of the company is a wide range of things that cannot all be listed.

Anyway, we can tell you for sure that consistency, when it comes to making Facebook posts more visible, is the real key.

Imagine you have a profile in which you post once a month, or once every two weeks. The user, during the time you don’t post anything, may even forget about your existence.

Meanwhile, another company may have reached its feed, and within a few days, she managed to sell him a product or service. The reason? You have not been constant, and you have lost a valuable customer that you could have retained.

Now, try to multiply this by the millions of users that circulate within the platform every day. The number of unsold products is truly indefinable.

Precisely for this reason, the general suggestion is to post constantly, at least 1 post every 2 days. In this way, people will remember you, will see that you are constant and will understand how much time you are dedicating to your business.

Not only that, the algorithm will also see that you are constant , making posts more visible on Facebook. Consequently, if you also connect other social networks, the potential growth will be truly remarkable.


We have briefly seen how to make posts on Facebook more visible and how not to be penalized by the platform algorithms. In case you are unable to implement the strategies you have just discovered, you should know that there are other alternative methods that not everyone uses.

For example, there are numerous Facebook groups in where interactions are exchanged, such as likes, comments and follows. These can be very useful, although you should always be careful to get engagement only from profiles in target with your niche.

Going out of your market, on the other hand, does not it would only make the climb to success even more difficult. Furthermore, if you want to make Facebook posts more visible , you can also take advantage of interaction buying and selling services.

This way, you won’t have to waste time exchanging likes with other users , being able to dedicate yourself more to your business.

If you want to find out even more about these topics, try visiting the other sections of our blog. By following all the suggestions that you will also find on our social networks, you will grow exponentially without even realizing it!


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