How to make slow motion videos on TikTok

Between various ballets, challenges , POV and fun choreographies learned with friends on the notes of the latest catchphrases, in a short time TikTok has become a indispensable app that you open daily and without which you would not be able to live. If that’s the case, my friend, you’ve officially joined the tiktoker team. By now you’re in it!

As I told you some time ago in another article, this popular social platform that in recent years has won the hearts of many young people (and not only) is a mine of always different features . Don’t worry if the world of TikTok seems like a microcosm of news that chase each other and that is difficult to keep up with, with my suggestions you will have all the information you are looking for just a click away.

However, there is still something you would like to learn more about and for this reason you have now come to my site. You’ve been seeing slow motion videos on the TikTok wall for days and you’re wondering how you can make them. You’ve tried them all but you really can’t, I guessed it? Don’t worry, you don’t need magic tricks or who knows what post production operation.

Follow my instructions and you will learn in a practical, easy and fast way how to make slow motion videos on TikTok . All you have to do is just sit back and spend some of your free time reading this guide.

In the past, I’ve already told you how to end up in For You, how to make duets and videos. on the contrary, I have also given you all the instructions to save the videos on your device without publishing them and putting the text. More recently I told you about video playlists and I explained how to create one to better organize all your content and make it easily available for your followers.

You’ll see, you’ll be amazed at how easy the operation I’m about to explain is. Furthermore, in this article I will also explain how to apply the particular slow motion effect to an already made video that you keep in your mobile phone gallery and then upload it directly to your TikTok profile.

Well, I would say that now that I have captured your attention – and certainly your curiosity too – we can get to the heart of this tutorial dedicated to the world of TikTok and its slow motion videos. Come on, let’s not get lost in more chat and let’s get to work immediately. Happy reading!

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How to make slow motion videos on TikTok

They intrigue you and you want to make them too, so you have did a quick search on the Internet on how to make this type of video and did you land on this page? Don’t get down, nobody has all the answers in their pocket!

In this tutorial I will explain, step by step, how to record a video with slow motion effect to post on TikTok . Some time ago I showed you some tricks on how to change the speed in the videos to post on the well-known social platform with the music note icon, remember?

Well, the operation to record a video in slow motion is not all that different. Have your Android or iOS device handy and practice the following steps I’m about to show you:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Tap the + symbol at the bottom center of the main screen
  • Now tap the speed icon at the top right
  • View the various speeds available and choose the option you want
  • To make a slow motion video you will need to select a speed lower than 1x
  • Then choose to set the speed of your video to 0.3x or 0.5x
  • Set the speed you can start recording the video

For record your video in slow motion just follow these steps:

  • Touch the red round button in the center to start recording the video
  • If you prefer add effects and filters by clicking on the buttons on the right
  • Once finished, press the red check
  • Now write the caption

  • Insert hashtag and any tags
  • Finally tap the Next button

How to apply the slow motion effect to a video to upload to TikTok

If you want to upload a video to TikTok that you had already made previously and you want to publish it with the slow motion effect, the procedure to follow is also very simple in this case. Here’s what to do:

  • Open the TikTok app from your mobile device
  • Tap the + symbol at the bottom center of the main screen
  • Now tap on Upload at the bottom right
  • Select the video you want to import in the app
  • Now press on Next
  • Tap the Effects button at the bottom
  • Select Time
  • Now select the Slow-mo effect
  • Press on Save at the top of right
  • Now you can publish your video
  • Now write the caption , insert hahstag and any tags
  • Finally, tap the Next button, the effect will be applied automatically


In this article you I explained how to make slow motion videos on TikTok, a very simple procedure that will allow you to collect nice content to share with your followers on the popular social platform with the music note icon.

After having set the speed to slow motion you will notice that the movements will be recorded at a normal speed, it is normal not to worry. In fact, you will see the slow motion effect only after you have finished recording.

With TikTok, even those who do not have great video editing skills can be able to create interesting and creative content. Test yourself now and start recording your video in slow motion, I’m sure that once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to do without it!

We have reached the end of this tutorial, I hope you have found all the information you were looking for. For any questions or if you need further explanation on some unclear steps, contact me and I will answer all your questions. Good luck with your videos and see you next time!

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