How to make YouTube videos go viral: the Michelle Phan case

From our own Cliomakeup onwards, the beauty gurus of the web have multiplied over the years, building a consistent and loyal fan following. Thousands and sometimes millions of followers eagerly awaiting the release of the new video on YouTube to learn other tricks or simply to relax during a break. We could mention many names of web stars who have created video tutorials that have gone viral but one influencer above all is Michelle Phan .

Michelle Phan

Who is Michelle Phan

American born in Boston in 1987, Michelle Phan started her makeup blog in 2005 while she was a waitress while studying in college. You started by posting videos as a pastime on the Xanga platform and then moved to YouTube in 2007 with increasingly structured content. To date, her channel has almost 9 million subscribers and her bank account has become very substantial: she is in fact one of the richest YouTubers in the world with a millionaire assets. But how did it come to these figures? How did the videos of her gather so much audience?

From Lady Gaga’s make-up to over 400 videos published

Her first video tutorial was about natural makeup but the real boom came with two video tutorials inspired by Lady Gaga’s look . The videos on how to have Lady Gaga’s eyes go back a decade and are videos in which Michelle illustrates with extreme precision how to put on make-up and hair to get the same big eyes and the same expression as Lady Gaga in Poker Face and in Bad Romance .

The videos are very popular. The Bad Romance look video has been viewed 55 million times, consecrating it to make up guru of the web! The other tutorial dedicated to Lady Gaga, Poker face tutorial, also got a pretty good number of views: over 34 million. Spectacular numbers. Michelle then continued making video tutorials to transform herself into many characters: from Barbie , to Sailor Moon , to Daenerys Targaryen of the Throne of Swords passing through Angelina Jolie and many other stars getting video after video and shots of exorbitant views a huge success.

A full-fledged star

Michelle’s fame didn’t stop with You Tube. After reviewing some of their products in her videos, in 2010 she became the official video make-up artist of Lancome . In August 2013 L’Oreal launched a line of cosmetics called Em created by Michelle Phan, with great success. Michelle also created her own e-commerce company called Ipsy , with a turnover of over $ 80 million.

With the idea of ​​her, thousands of people every month receive the “Glam Bags” or packages containing samples of luxury makeup for $ 10 a month. From youtuber to successful entrepreneur therefore, in a well-established career that does not seem to stop. A phenomenon that – albeit with lower numbers – now concerns many boys and girls who launch themselves on YouTube and with commitment and perseverance sometimes manage to build a small empire thanks to videos that go viral.

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