How to manage a business Facebook page: costs and rules to follow

When I started writing for the web and dealing with social media marketing, I too wondered how to manage a company Facebook page , since my travel blog had led me to find a job at a company, just as a social media manager and copywriter.

Guess what? I found the answer thanks to a lot of apprenticeship and a lot of study, I know that maybe you were hoping for a different answer, but nothing teaches you more than practice, constant.

Managing a company Facebook page is a responsibility , which is why it cannot be given to the first available intern, but to a professional or in any case to a trained employee and competent in the matter.

A company’s Facebook page is a showcase and at the same time a powerful communication channel , where a small misstep could cost you your reputation. I’m not here to commit terrorism, I’m just telling you the truth, just take a look at the most famous epic fail in Italy and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

How to manage a company Facebook page: the first steps

Let’s start with the basics, from a company’s first approach to the blue giant.

Ask yourself why you want to open a company Facebook page?

First, ask yourself why should your company be on Facebook , are your potential customers there, or are you doing it because now “everyone is there?”

It sounds like a silly question, but it’s not. If you sell walking sticks and your target is over the age of 70, Facebook is likely not the right way to go.

Not all social media are made for all companies, everyone must choose their own path based on their goals and needs. Of course, it must be said that Facebook is, perhaps, the most versatile social network of all, but it is always better to ask yourself one more question than one less.

What goals do you want to achieve?


The second question to ask is about goals, you can’t think of opening a business Facebook page without having the slightest idea why you do it. Do you want to reach customers that you would not reach through other channels? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to communicate in a different way than you did before?

Are your competitors on Facebook?

There are only two answers to this question: yes or no. In the first case, you will be able to read up and study how your competitors use Facebook , see what kind of interactions they have with their audience, take a cue from their winning tactics to build yours.

If your competitors aren’t on Facebook yet, you have the chance to be the first and only one present and use this advantage in your favor.

Obviously there are the pros and cons of both cases, in the first case you must surely work harder to stand out and stand out from the others, in the second case, you will have to be the first to invent a strategy and apply it, without being able to have any comparison .

It’s the risks of the trade.

How to manage a business Facebook page in practice

The editorial plan for social media

The editorial plan is a set of strategic actions that lead you to achieve the goals you set for yourself from the start. In other words, it represents the content you are going to post on your company Facebook page.

You may have already figured out that the first step is definitely figuring out what to post on the page and why. Cats are now out of fashion, as well as a symptom of little imagination and a lot of ignorance, with the exception of those who have a blog about cats or those who have a pet shop. I mean, you understand what I mean.

Anyway, you’ll need to juggle three main content types:

each of which involves a different engagement and coverage. The images, in particular, also include infographics, GIFs and cinemagraphs.

Don’t underestimate the look of live videos. Facebook is focusing heavily on videos, but again, you need to see if videos are an element that could be interesting and useful for your consumers, or not.

It balances the publication of commercial content well (about 30%) compared to the informative and / or emotional content (70%).

When to post on Facebook

Once you’ve decided what, you’ll also need to decide when. You cannot publish at random , risking not to intercept users interested in your product, but you must try to be present in the world in which they are present.


That’s why there are the Insights of the Facebook page, always monitor them.

Invest an ad budget

Facebook for companies has now become a paid platform, I think you will have noticed by now. The Facebook algorithm ensures that only 10% of the people who actually “like” your page are constantly updated on the contents.

Identify a budget to invest in your campaigns and apply it according to the goal you have set for yourself. If you need help, I’m here.

Reply to comments

Never underestimate the interactions that users have with your content and therefore with your company. Writing a comment, rather than putting a “like”, is an action that the user does and in which he invests time, albeit short. Enhance it. Try to make the user feel satisfied, if they leave a comment, they inevitably expect a response or a reaction, don’t keep them waiting.

The same goes for private messages, in fact, I invite you to deepen the subject in the article I wrote on how to manage customer service on social networks .

Set the Facebook Pixel

A new feature of Facebook, for some time now, is the Pixel, a tracking code that helps you target your sponsored posts even more. For this reason, I recommend that you read the article by Veronica Gentili , which explains all its functions and the advantages you can derive from it.

How much does it cost to manage a Facebook page?

I know you would like a clear and immediate answer, but unfortunately you will have to settle for “it depends” with explanation. Let’s say that more or less management costs are around 100 and 600 euros. A big gap huh?

Why does the cost of running a Facebook page vary?

The elements that involve the price change in the management of a Facebook page by a professional outside the company are the following:

  • number of posts
  • creating an editorial plan
  • duration of collaboration
  • creation of content to post
  • analysis and performance monitoring
  • creation and monitoring of advertising campaigns

Depending on the service you request and the person you rely on, the price varies.

If you want to keep the management of the company Facebook page within your business, then you will only have to evaluate the training costs for a person who will dedicate his time to this and the budget to invest in any sponsorships.

If you need help, feel free to write me!

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