How to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest

Gestire un ecommerce su Pinterest

I have already spoken several times about the usefulness of social networks to promote and sell a certain product or service, and for these reasons, even today I want to focus on this fundamental aspect for those who do business marketing.

In the past, I have described all the steps necessary to enhance an ecommerce on Instagram (see here) or how to create a virtual shop on Facebook (see here), while in this post I want to explain, step by step, how to manage a virtual shop on Pinterest.

Pinterest is certainly the most suitable social network for selling products and services as its structure allows you to integrate a proprietary ecommerce within the same platform.

To integrate and manage an ecommerce on Pinterest it is first of all necessary to develop a strategic plan that allows you to identify:

– The objectives to be achieved;

– The budget available for any advertising campaigns;

– The economic indicators to be used during statistical analyzes;

– The products and services to promote;

– The reference community to which to sell your goods or services;

These last two points are essential for those who decide to invest in the field of social media marketing.

In fact, Pinterest is a social network used mainly by married women and for these reasons it is possible to market within the platform only and exclusively certain products or services.

How to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest: create a business profile

The first step to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest is to create a business profile for your business.

Business profiles differ from private accounts for statistical analysis offered free of charge by the social network itself and by a series of essential services for developing paid advertising campaigns.

As regards the statistical data, Pinterest offers us the possibility to consult:
– The profiles reached;

– The impressions and clicks on each individual pin;

– The clicks obtained on your website;

On the other hand, as regards advertising campaigns, they can be designed and developed using an ad hoc tool on the Pinterest for Business platform.

However, during the creation of the company profile it is mandatory to indicate:

– Name of the business;

– Place where the head office is located;

– Web address;

– Information on commercial activity;

– Type of business (for example local);

– Username;

In addition, in the area dedicated to the profile image, it is advisable to insert the company logo.

Once the registration phase is complete, it is possible to create the boards and insert the products or services offered on the market.

How to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest: optimize boards

Once the company profile creation operation is complete, you need to start setting up your own virtual store.

The set-up passes through the management of one or more boards.

Each bulletin board must contain only one type of product in order to comply with the criterion of the breadth of the assortment.

Instead the criterion of the depth of assortment can be satisfied with a recent novelty introduced by Pinterest or the sections.

In fact, in each board you can create sub-categories that will include all the different shades of the same product.

So if for example we were selling women’s shoes, we could create a showcase dedicated to shoes with heels and within the same bulletin board of the sections based on the color of the product or the length of the heel.

The boards can be sorted through a logical criterion that will mainly enhance the most relevant products or through an alphabetical order that will facilitate navigation within the e-commerce managed on Pinterest.

How to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest: optimize each pin

Once the boards are created, we can finally upload the individual images.

Each image must be of very high resolution and must be linked, via link, to your ecommerce.

In addition, a detailed description of the product itself and any hashtags must be entered in order to facilitate the search process by the end user.

The hashtags and details of an image are essential to differentiate themselves from the competition since on this social network, each user will be able to search for a particular good not only with textual but also visual search.

How to manage an ecommerce on Pinterest: manage customer support

The management of an ecommerce on Pinterest also passes through the customer support service.

The customer care activity can be organized with the publication of a toll-free number within the description or by managing the comments and the tested function.

Comments are excellent feedbacks to analyze the wishes of potential customers, while the tried function represents a real digital review where the user will release his opinion about that particular product or service.

So every business must be able not only to manage customer support but also to create, at the same time, a reputation crisis plan if one or more users decide to leave negative opinions on an asset or service offered on the market.


Managing an ecommerce on Pinterest is a fairly complex operation that requires great analytical skills and excellent organizational skills.

On this social network you can create a company profile where you can place the products or services offered and organize them based on the criteria of the breadth and depth of the assortment.

Each product must be accompanied by a detailed description and any link that refers to the proprietary e-commerce.

Furthermore, always on this social network, it is possible to manage customer support by involving users in the release of feedback which can be a simple comment or a proven functionality.

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